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About Coloured Papers

Construction paper, often referred to as coloured paper, is a crucial part of many craft projects for school, office, or home. They come with endless possibilities to inspire creations beyond basics. Are you planning to buy some for your future projects? The below guide will help you choose the best ones.

 As the name suggests, coloured papers are colourful papers used in various crafts projects such as making paper flowers, bouquets, cubes, baskets, journals, home décor items and more. However, their use is not just confined to crafts. They have a rich use at other places, like creating a backdrop for a photograph, using them at the office desk or walls to take notes or highlight important details etc. The texture of these papers is a bit rough, and the surface will often come unfinished. Because of the source material, mostly wood pulp, some tiny particles may be observed on their surface. Construction paper seems a straightforward thing, but it has got a rich history behind it. If you plan to buy colour paper online in the UAE, then go through the guide below.

Details to know about coloured papers.

The process of its creation started in the late nineteenth century when manufacturers combined paper production with synthetic dye technology. However, the term construction paper came to light in the early twentieth century. Back then, construction paper was just promoted to support drawing purposes in classroom settings. Paper creation was a machine-oriented process in which the papers were exposed to a range of dyes while they were still pulp.  That helped in attaining brilliance over the sheet and thorough distribution of colours. Today, there is a vast range of papers we can get our hands-on. From red construction papers to blue papers and pastels varieties, you can use many. Continue reading to explore more details about them.

Construction paper & coloured cardstock craft ideas for kids

When you search for the things that can be made through coloured papers, you will get thousands of ideas and even more YouTube tutorials. The possibilities are just endless with these coloured papers. Some popular craft ideas include Christmas cards, birthday cards, zoo animals, travel folio, paper bouquet, gift tags etc. Some creative projects include paper mosaics, pretty paper fans, wall handing, collages and more. If you or your kid is working on something like a scrapbook or catalogue, then cardstock stands second to none.

 Qualities of Astrobrights & Crayola construction papers

Astrobrights is a popular name for its construction papers sold in sets of 100 to 500 sheets containing similar or assorted papers. You can find them in a variety of colours like orange paper, purple paper, and green construction paper. These papers bleed free and are about 20% thicker than the general papers. They are even apt for double-side printing. You can use them in school projects, coupons, crafts and more. Crayola is another brand that offers high quality coloured papers for artistic projects, crafts and quiet time activities at home. You can find them in bundles of hundreds of sheets. If you want to produce the best results, then pair them with other Crayola stationery like markers, pencils, and crayons for kids.   

Uses of A4 sized coloured papers

You can use A4 coloured papers for drawing, handicraft, paper cutouts, school displays, posters, catalogues and more. The printer compatible sheets can even go in the printers, making it easy for you to work on professional projects. You can use them for the projects and documentation that demand attention. If you buy construction papers in bulk or set, you will be able to colourize school projects, documents, catalogues, magazines etc. Moreover, you do not have to invest in expensive colour printing when you have colourful sheets in hand. You can include a variety of colours in your projects and use just black printing. This way, you will not have to compromise on colours and the work completes at a low cost.  

About black construction paper, metallic foil paper & more

Many of us love colours, but that does not fade our love for bold black. When it comes to drawing night scenes or crafting dark settings, you have to buy black construction papers. A black paper may appear to be an odd artistic choice, but it is the colour that will make your art stand out. Another popular choice for projects includes metallic foil papers. It can be a go-to thing for you if you want to add a little pizzazz to your project. White construction paper is another popular choice when the artists need complete freedom to reflect every detail and colour through their art.

Tips on how to buy Coloured Papers in Dubai

After understanding the usability of construction papers, would you like to buy a set for your next project? Well, coloured papers seem to be a straightforward purchase to all of us. All the sets appear the same at first sight. However, they differ based on several sheets, colours, quality, features, brands, and more factors. It can be an overwhelming experience for you to select one. So, here are some tips that will make your buying journey effortless.

  • Know your requirements – Construction papers can be used for drawing, crafts, and even printing purposes. So, before you shop for it, you must know what your requirements are. For drawing, you can go for a normal sheet, but for crafts, you must look for thick sheets that do not fold and crush while you include them in any project. If you want to use them for printing, then bring printer compatible sheets.
  • Consider colours – Coloured papers for kids can come in a set of vibrant, fluorescent, pastel and also glittery colours. Your choice depends upon the requirements of your project. So, go for a set that best suits the type of project you are working on.
  • Consider weight – Paperweight is generally a measure of paper’s quality and thickness. If you bring thick paper, it will be durable. However, a certain project may demand thin papers. So, again, you have to keep the project requirements in mind.
  • Pick from good brands – When purchasing something like paper, you should go for trusted brands only. One wrong choice can affect the quality and life of your project. Mohawk, FIS, and Rainbow are popular brands that offer the best quality construction papers.

Keep these tips in mind while you shop for construction paper online. If you are wondering where to get the best options, then the good news is that you do not have to go anywhere. On, we have a wide assortment of coloured paper for crafts offered by popular brands of the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick from the best collection!

Question & Answer

Where to buy coloured paper online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the best-coloured paper online in the UAE, then you are in the right place. Here you can find over 500 online stores that offer high-quality papers. These are the best places to buy construction papers from. Through, you can browse the collections of all these stores in one place. Moreover, you can compare prices and features of different products to find the one suiting your project requirements and budget. Also, you can find other office supplies right here.

Can construction paper go in a printer?

It depends upon the type of paper and printer you have. If the pack of paper or the seller says that the papers are printer compatible, you can use them in the printer. It also depends a bit upon the printer you have. Laser printers may work well on the sheets, allowing printing without bending the paper through the paper path. However, you still have to check it with the seller to be sure. You should check with the seller whether the paper would go in printer or not.

Is construction paper the same as cardstock?

Construction papers and cardstock are different. Construction papers are easy to fold and cut. The paper is rough and usually unfinished. On the other hand, cardstock is smoother and thicker. They may come in a textured, patterned, or glossy finish. As it is a sturdy variety of paper, you will easily use hot glue and other heavy items on it. However, both varieties of paper are used in a variety of art & craft projects. You may also see some people using these terms interchangeably. However, these are different.

What is construction paper used for?

These papers are used in a variety of art & craft projects. The possibilities are just endless with coloured papers. Kids use them to make Christmas cards, birthday cards, paper zoo animals, travel folio, paper bouquets, gift tags and many more such items. Some of the creative projects include paper mosaics, pretty paper fans, wall handing, collages etc. Some papers are even printer compatible, so it becomes easy for you to work on catalogues, magazines etc.

We hope that the above details will take you to the right set of papers. If you think about where to start, then look no further as you are in the correct place. On, a wide collection of construction papers awaits your presence. You can find the best brands here on our product search engine like Rainbow, Tru-Ray, Art Street, and SunWorks. So, make no delay and grab the best ones while stock lasts.