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About Cardboard Paper

If you want to add thickness and durability to your craft project, product packaging, or anything else, you cannot rely on general papers. So, are you searching for a permanent solution here? If yes, then you should know about cardboard papers. They are sturdy, impact-resistant, durable and everything you must be looking for. Read on to explore more.

Cardboard paper is thicker, durable, and rigid than standard papers. It may range from cardstock used for making business cards, scrapbooking, and playing cards to corrugated fiberboard, apt for building shipping boxes. Due to their sturdiness, they find their uses in many industries, from container manufacturing units to crafts, packaging, shipping and more. They come in various colours but are commonly found in brown and black shades. If you plan to buy cardboard paper online in the UAE, you must invest some time in research. So, go through the below that will help you understand their various types and uses.

Exploring popular varieties of cardboard papers

If you are looking for cardboard papers for sale online in the UAE, you must know the popular varieties they come in. They come in a wide assortment based on their thickness, colour, strength, usability, brands and many more factors. Some will be a bit on the thinner side so that you can make things like cards, business cards, scrapbooks, whereas others may be sturdy enough to make shipping boxes for delicate glass items or electronics. Cardboard papers even find their use in the art & craft industry, where the artist can make paint, create graphics on them and even make albums or catalogues. Due to their wide variety available in the market, it becomes necessary to choose the correct one. So, let us explore the commonly used types in detail.

Cardstock cardboard papers

The specific term for this type of hard paper is cardstock, but they are usually referred to as cardboard paper. This is a bit thicker and hard from regular papers, and softer than standard cardboard. You can find people referring to it as thin cardboard paper. It is a popular raw material in creating things like business cards, postcards, scrapbooks, playing cards etc. Unlike normal paper, they would not fold and damage by normal wear and tear. The things made up of cardstock will last for a long. The surface will be usually smooth, but you can also find it a glossy and textured finish. You can find them in a variety of colours as per your project requirements.

Black, white & brown cardboard papers

When you shop for cardboard papers, you will often find them in the form of not so thick and not so thin sheets. The colour is usually white, black or brown but you can also find their colourful counterparts. The thickness of these sheets will generally be more than 0.010 inches or 0.25 mm. However, it can be more or less depending upon the variety you pick. When it comes to manufacturing and shipping units, cardboard papers becomes a must. People use it for folding cartons, bookbinding, hardcovers etc. However, you can also find sheets like Grafix chipboard sheets that come empty. Artists can dress them the way they want like painting them, covering them with fancy papers, and even making an album or scrapbook.

Corrugated cardboard paper

Whenever you have noticed cardboard papers anywhere, you must have seen plain sheets and wider sheets and have corrugation across the width. Well, we have already explored the first variety in the above section. The second one is the corrugated board. It is a combination of paperboards, generally two smooth boards and one fluted corrugation layer. People use this type for making storage and shipping boxes. The best part is that they are hard but easy to cut and fold. The inner arches in these boards are so strong that they offer durability and strength to the boxes.

Tips on how to buy Cardboard Papers in Dubai

You must have seen and used them at many places, but when it comes to purchasing one, you have to be aware of the inner details. Even after knowing the details, it can be an overwhelming experience to choose the best variety. It happens due to many options available in the market ranging from cheap recycled cardboard paper to corrugated options. Well, take it easy; if you keep certain factors in mind, you will choose the best and appropriate sheet. So, here are some tips that will help you get through this effortlessly.

  • Consider your purpose– You might need it for invitations, making office stationery, backing your artwork, painting, or building shipping boxes. However, any random cardboard paper might not suit your needs. For making business cards or scrapbooks, you will require cardstock, whereas, for shipping boxes, you may require corrugated varieties.
  • Understand its types– Cardboard papers come in many types like paper boards, corrugated boards and thick corrugated boards. Paperboard is good for art & crafts projects, carded packaging, folding cartons, whereas corrugated ones are sturdy. They are good for making shipping boxes and storages boxes.
  • Consider the size requirements-They come in the form of small and large sheets based on individual requirements. Like, for painting or artwork, you can go for normal A4 sheets, whereas for making a shipping box, you have to go for large sizes.
  • Pay attention to quality– When it comes to cardboard papers, paying attention to sturdiness and quality becomes important. So, go for trusted brands only. If you are unsure where to find them, you can find them right here on our product search engine.
  • Order online– You can find this type of paper in both local stationery stores and online office supplies or marketplace. However, if you go with an online store, you will be able to find more varieties. Moreover, you can get it at your doorstep.

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Question & Answer

What is cardboard corrugated paper?

A corrugated form of cardboard paper is a type that is made up of a combination of paperboards, generally two smooth boards and one fluted corrugation layer. These boards are tougher than normal paperboards. The arches between the two layers of boards give them the required strength and make them impact resistant. Corrugated boards are used to make boxes for storage and shipping. They are also perfect for creating inexpensive display boards at schools. You can even lay them down on the floor to protect the floor from messy materials when your children are doing some artwork.

What to make with cardboard paper?

The possibilities with cardboard papers are just endless. You can use them as a standalone board to back your drawing or craftwork. You can make a range of things out of them like boxes, storage tote, photo frame, accessories tray, dog house, paper Christmas trees, and many home décor items. It is one of the crucial items in many DIY projects and art places.

Where to buy A4 cardboard paper online in Dubai?

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What is cardboard paper made of?

It is made up of a combination of papers which are in turn made up by processing cellulose fibres derived from wood, grasses, or other such materials. Hardwood trees produce weak but smooth and opaque paper generally. However, softwood trees like pines and firs have stronger fibres that produce a hard surface for corrugated packaging.

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