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About Staplers

No matter what your business is, there are a few essential tools you will always require. One of those is a stapler. It seems to be a straightforward device, but understanding its numerous types will help you choose an appropriate variety as per your office setting. Let us explore more!

As we all know, a stapler is a mechanical device that connects papers or other materials with a thin metal staple. It is an essential tool for not just homes and schools but also offices. However, you might require different types based on your business needs. For example, a basic stapler can work on a few sheets. But, if you pick an electric one, the operation becomes effortless, and sheet capacity increases to around 80, lesser or more depending upon the model. On the other hand, heavy-duty staplers have the greatest sheet capacity. But portable ones should be your choice if you want to carry them all the time in your bag or briefcase. So, shopping for it be an overwhelming experience for you. If you are in search of the best office stapler, then go through the below guide.

Understanding various mini to big staplers & their uses

If you plan to buy staplers online in the UAE, you must know a few things about them. They come in a wide assortment based on individual requirements, technologies, sheet capacity, and the type of material you are working on. The most common type is a desktop or office stapler that can usually compile around 20 pages at one go. If you want a small stapler that can fit into your bag for instant use anywhere, then you can go for a mini stapler. It is small in size and proves to be the best variety for on the go uses. Furthermore, you can invest in a plier type that makes sealing and putting packing labels on shipping boxes easy. Furniture, fabric, industrial, automatic staplers are some of the other common varieties with excellent uses. Read on to know more!

Electric staplers

An electric stapler is an ideal choice for offices that involve a lot of paperwork. It comes with a power-driven staple head that makes the stapling process effortless and quick. You can find them in freestanding, hand-held and saddle models with different sheet capacities. The best part is that these devices use the motor to insert the staple into the material. So, you do not have to put in any effort. Some of them will come with a button for high volume stapling, whereas others may use a foot paddle or microswitch to staple. Moreover, if you go for the best heavy-duty stapler, you do not have to reload them often because each cartridge holds thousands of staples.

Heavy-duty & industrial staplers

When it comes to joining hundreds of pages or sheets, you will require a strong and heavy hitter. You will often find them at construction projects, publication houses and copy rooms. They can be found in both manuals as well as electric varieties. The manual models generally come with a large handle offering you great leverage with minimum or no effort. On the other hand, the electric version would come with an automatic operation, better capacity, and convenience. The best heavy-duty staplers are designed to hold high volume and last longer than other common types of staplers.

Wood stapler

A wood stapler or staple gun is a machine that drives metal staples into the wood, upholstery, and other such materials. You can find them in the manual as well as electric or pneumatic varieties. If you want to protect yourself from hand fatigue for high volume jobs, then you can go for this stapler. The good part is that you can load them easily, which makes the operation even faster. Wood staplers are mostly spring-loaded. When you squeeze the handle of a manual device, it compresses a spring which recoils to release tension bars. Then, it drives the metal staples into your surface. Electric varieties rely on power outlets, but you can also find them in trigger operated versions. On the other hand, Pneumatic staplers are used in the construction industry and are powered by compressed air.

Upholstery and fabric stapler

It takes a lot of time to achieve the best and professional results when it comes to upholstery. However, having a set of essential tools can make it easy for you. Upholstery stapler or staple gun is one of those devices that does the binding work in a snap of fingers. It is a bit different from the usual staple gun in terms of features. For example, many quality guns will come with a one-inch nose extension for a precise staple placement over the fabric. Some guns can even drive brad nails, crown staples, u-type staples, and more types of pins according to the type of fastener you require at the job. Moreover, you can find them in both manual and electrically-powered versions.

Tips on shopping for Staplers in Dubai

By now, you must have guessed that staplers come in a wide variety. From the best desk stapler to heavy-duty, upholstery, and staple-less staplers, you can get your hands on any depending upon your work. Moreover, there are further classifications based on their sheet capacity, price, brands, industrial application and more. So, it is going to be a confusing ride for you. However, if you keep certain factors in mind, you will be able to choose the right variety. Here are some tips for that.

  • Consider your purpose – You might require this device for binding a few sheets of paper at work or for your large upholstery project. Well, all the staplers do the same work of binding, but they come in different types to suit a different purpose. For example, for upholstery work, you need to go for an upholstery or fabric stapler whereas, for normal office work or home, you can go for a regular stapler.
  • Consider sheet capacity – Some devices can bind up to 15 to 20 sheets, whereas others can bind hundreds of sheets at one go. So, choose the one that has the sheet capacity required at your end.
  • Go for anti-jamming technology – Jamming is a common problem in most staplers, especially when you are stapling frequently and continuously. So, make sure the selected model does not jam.
  • Understand manual vs electric operation – Staplers come in both manual as well as electric versions. With manual staplers, you have to manually press the handle to staple, whereas the electric ones are electrically powered devices. You just have to offer them a direction, and they start working.

Are you confident enough to find the model now? If yes, you can embark on your journey from right here. On, you can find a wide collection of staplers ranging from manual to electric models. Find products offered by brands like Swingline, Deli, and PaperPro. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best ones as per your requirements.

Question & Answer

How does a stapler work?

A stapler works by forcing the thin staples through the paper or any other sheet. It can be used to lock pages together or to connect any sheet to a flat surface. However, its functioning depends upon the type of stapler you have. In a manual stapler, the user has to push the handle to release the staple and join things, whereas, with electric models, the user can just put the head of the stapler over the surface, and it does the work. You can also invest in a plier type that makes sealing and putting packing labels on shipping boxes easy.

What stapler to use in office space?

If your office does not have a lot of paperwork and you need to bind 10 to 15 pages together at a time, then you can go for the regular stapler. However, if you have a business that requires mass binding regularly, like for binding books, registers, etc., you might have to go for a heavy-duty stapler. For the fabric or upholstery manufacturing units, you can go for upholstery staplers. Moreover, if you go for the best heavy-duty stapler, you do not have to reload them often because each cartridge holds thousands of staples.

Where to buy staplers online in the UAE?

If you want to buy a stapler online in the UAE, then look no further as you have already arrived at the right place. On, you can access a vast collection of staplers offered by over 500 trusted online stores in the industry. Moreover, you can compare the features and prices of different products to find the ones fitting your budget and requirements. So, go ahead before you miss the latest collection. You can find many good brands here. So, you will have a lot to choose from.

Which stapler is the best?

If you search for the best staplers, you can go for brands like Rapid, Bostich, Maxi, and Kangaro. They offer high-quality devices ranging from basic models to heavy-duty varieties. The best part is that you can find all of them right here. You can browse their collection on our product search engine and compare prices to find the staplers and other office supplies that suit your budget. Moreover, for quick shopping, you can filter products. You can set your brands preferences, budget and more to find exact products.

Now that you have explored different types of staplers and their uses, are you eager to bring one to your office? Well, you do not have to go anywhere. Right here on our website, you can find numerous options as per your requirements. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, you can set preferences like price and brands to narrow down the searches. So, go ahead and grab the best ones now.