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Unarguably, ballpoints are the most common type of pens used in the world. And with ballpoints comes the constant need for pen refills.

Ballpoints are loved for they are easier to use with a twist-action system or a click-clack top. This system makes the ink easily accessible with a one-handed operation. Plus, these pens need no caps or additional care to use for a longer time or avoid the pen refills from drying out. The type of ink used in these pens usually comes in a paste-like viscous shape that is sheared off by a rotating tungsten carbide ball that lies in the pen’s tip. These pens are highly appreciated for their convenience of use, longer shelf life, and lesser adaptation to drying out when left open. Plus, they can be used for years just by replacing the pen refills once the ink ends.

Best ink refills for daily use cross ballpoint pens

From best-selling parker pen refills to pentel pocket brushes, the market has much to offer in fountain pen ink cartridges. Besides the construction of the refill that includes the style and diameter of the tip and the type of container, these refills have many other features to consider. The refills offer a whole new versatility to your pens, from the classic simplicity of black and blues to thrilling forest greens and coppers. With the right type of refill for your pen, you can make any card or letter vibrant and add an amazing personal touch to every message you deliver. Here are some common types you will need to know before heading to buy one.

Ballpoint refills

If you have an old-style pen to sign the receipts or check in the doctor’s office, there are chances that you are holding a ballpoint. These are the most common type of pens used put there and all for good reasons. The cartridge of these pens contains thick, oil-based inks which are not fussy about the quality of the paper and is smooth to write with. Besides, there is a wide range of ballpoint refills that you can find on the market. However, these cartridges have certain pros and cons. For instance, they are versatile and can write anywhere with a variety of options available online. But the ink will blob often and usually do not leave the darkest line.

The gel in refills

These are the slickest refills that offer the smoothest writing experience ever. Plus, they always leave the dark link of ink behind and look amazing on any paper. Gel inks come in different hues and tip sizes from different brands. This variety makes it easier to find an option that suits any individual’ style or needs. However, while they work best on copy papers, pocket notebooks or any other type of high-quality paper, they are useless on receipt papers. So, if you are carrying a pen to sign a receipt, avoid gel ink refills.

The rollerball ink refills

These refills offer a writing experience close to a fountain pen. Most people love them, for these refills offer smooth and crisp lines. Plus, it shines well on high-quality paper when the liquid ink tends to go through the page on cheap and low-quality paper. It is important to note that the rollerball refills are not always a direct fit. So, when buying, it is essential to check if your pen is compatible with the refill you are about to purchase or not. But if you succeed in buying the right type, you will enjoy smooth writing with lesser pressure on your arm and hand.

Tips on how to buy Fountain Pen Refills online in the UAE

When it comes to buying supplies like cheap fountain pen refill, choices in colour, tip, quality, material, and brands can be unlimited. It does not matter if you are about to buy them in bulk for your staff or want them for personal use; a wrong choice can cause mayhem. And with so many brands and options, finding a reliable pen is always a difficult task. But you can deal with the process by paying attention to the necessary details, and we are sure that you will end up buying a lasting and dependable option for your specific needs. So, when it comes to buying the best ballpoint pen refill in the UAE, here are some basic tips you will need to consider.

  • Focus on the tip – The ballpoint refills are available in options of fine, medium, and broad points. And the rule to pick one is simpler. Just focus on your writing style. If you write broader, choose a thicker tip to deliver broader and darker lines and vice versa.
  • The colour of the pen – Times are gone when we had to pick from blue or black. Today you can find them in almost all primary colours of the palette. You can choose from commonly used colours (black, blue, red, and green) based on your needs.
  • The size – Make sure the size of the refill is adjustable in the pen you are planning to use. A pen refill is nothing that you can push into the pen. If you try to do so, you will either lose the pen body or the refill.
  • Brand – No matter if you are buying it for your kids or you need it for your staff and office use, a high-quality branded product will deal with all the pressure and test of time. So, look for reliable and economical options available on different brands.
  • Price – When it comes to brands, price does make a difference. But at, you can take the help of a price comparison tool to make a smart buying decision. Still, it is always better to pay a little more attention to the quality over price.

Luckily, online shopping allows you to explore, study and know your products before paying for them. Once you have decided to pick any products, look into the product description section to know about sizes, material, and other product specifications. For more satisfaction, you can dig into the customer review section to find the real-time performance of the notepads you are about to buy for your office or home.

Question & Answer

What pen refill do I need?

There are different types of pen refills depending on the type, size, make, and pen model. However, your choices will be from any possible options, namely, pencil erasers, pencil leads, space pen refills, fibre tip refills, or fine liner refills. Otherwise, you can also look for gel pen refills, mini ballpoint pen refills, ballpoint pen refills, rollerball pen refills, ink cartridges, and bottled ink, depending on the type of pen you own and want to refill and use.

What is the best pen refill I can buy?

No matter if you prefer the convenience of disposable pens or like to invest in high quality, lasting writing tools that you can refill, here are some of the best selling pens that can match all of your needs. The first one on the list is Bic cristal extra bold, followed by Schneider pulse pro and Muji gel ink which is best for drawing. Other items include Montblanc PIX petrol, Uni-ball Jetstream and the pentel RSVP mini.

Which parker pen refill is best to buy for daily use?

The most suitable refill depends on the type of pen you own and that of your personal needs. However, some of the bestselling items you can find online are Parker Ball Point Pen Refills with medium point, available in black and blue hues. Parker quink-flow Ball-pen Medium Point Blue Ink Refill Pack, Parker Jotter 3 Colours – 1 Black + 1 Blue + 1 Red Ballpoint Pen refill packs and the Parker quink-flow Ink Refill for Ballpoint Pens, Medium Point, Black Pack of 6 Refills. You can also look for Parker JOTTER Stainless Steel set, Ballpoint pen and Mechanical Pencil (1741243) and Parker quink-flow Ballpoint Pen Ink Refills, Medium Tip, Black, 6 Count Value Pack (2025154)

Where to buy cross pen refill online in the UAE?

Explore any product search engine to find the most variety of pen refills for all types of pens. This is where you can find top brands like Pilot, Parker, Cross Pen, UNI, Pentel, and Lamy. All these brands are known for offering the best quality or reliable and eco-friendly products at cheaper rates. At, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of products and make a smart and economical purchase.

At, you can also find the best office supplies from brands like Waterman, Sheaffer, Montblanc, and Schneider.