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If fine, crisp and neat lines are what you crave, then nothing beats the fine gel pens. Of course, rollerballs and ballpoints do have their place, but for pen fanatics, their writing arsenal isn’t complete without the best gel pens. As much as they’re essential for everyone, there are high chances you’d be overwhelmed by their vast array of options out there in the market. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together this guide to enlighten you about the various aspects of this pen. So, read on.

Gel pens in general, use ink that’s suspended in a water-based gel. And since the ink is dark and opaque, it shows up clearly on dark and slick surfaces. But, remember these pens aren’t famous for just the good looks. They have several other benefits too. For instance, it comes with non-toxic ink that you can easily wash off the skin or fabrics. Moreover, despite their high level of water content, these pens aren’t transparent like conventional inks. Above all, you can find several variations of their model, such as the white gel pen, glitter pens, and many more as such. Next up, you can find a list of the few best gel pens that you can consider buying.

The different types of gel pens for your various needs

Nobody can deny the fact that your handwriting looks a thousand times better when using the right gel pen. The smart tip of these pens and unique ink formulation allows smooth ink flow. This way, you can write, sketch, draw and colour with little to no pressure over long periods. Besides, they come in a variety of vibrant colours too. But, you always have the choice to go with the classic black or blue models. But, which one is the best? The title of the ‘best pen’ is a mighty one. Besides, not everyone wants the same thing from their pens. Here are a few gel pens that you can consider including in your writing arsenal.

The best overall Muji pens

Whether you want to utilise the gels for taking notes in business meetings or for just drawing, Muji’s Gel Ink pen is a well-designed, functional model. Moreover, their clear plastic barrel allows you to monitor the ink levels instantly. This feature ensures that there’s minimal risk of the pen dying out when you’re in the middle of working on something. Better yet, you’ll find them in a pack of ten. Moreover, the pen comes with a tip size of 0.5mm. This size seems to be universally comfortable for most people to write with. However, note that the Muji pens are available to you only in black ink.

The best retractable Pilot G2 refills and gel pens

The retractable pen is far more comfortable and functional when compared to the traditional pen with a cap. They’re less likely to leak or stain your belongings. Moreover, the clip on the pen allows you to easily attach them to a spiral notebook or leave them inside a planner. If you’re in search of a retractable pen of such sort, then consider investing in the G2 from Pilot. You can not only refill these pens but also choose them from a wide range of colours. Some of the popular colours include black, red, pink, green, and turquoise. Moreover, you can also find them in singles and combination packs of various quantities.

The Uni-ball pen, best for security

Signing a cheque, legal documents, or any other essential papers has to be done with care. For such situations, it’s best to consider gel pens with archival quality ink, like the Uniball. The pen is not only good for working, but also ensures that the ink wouldn’t get ruined from water damage, fading, or even fraud. Additionally, the pen comes with a comfortable grip over the metallic barrel. This makes signing pages and taking long-form notes as pain-free as possible. What’s more, the 0.7mm tip size helps you create simple edits as well as draw complex charts.

The fast-drying Pentel EnerGel pens

There’s nothing as satisfying as having a pen that dries out fast after writing. If you wish to purchase such a model, then go for the Pentel EnerGel RTX. These fast-drying gel pens are great, quick-drying ink pens. This means you will not get smears or smudges on pages or on your hands. Plus, you can find these pens in retractable models as well. Moreover, you’ll also find them in many different vibrant colours like black, blue, violet, red, pink, and orange. So basically, anyone who wants to do a colour-coded to-do list system, will certainly like this model.

Tips on how to buy Gel Pens online

The above types were just a few among the many different types of gel pens out there in the market. Of course, having such a variety of pens to choose from is a boon to any buyer. However, many a time, it may also put you in a dilemma when you have to select one among the two perfect models. Below, are a few tips that’ll help you get through this perplexity. Moreover, it will help you weigh the pros and cons of the product quickly.

  • Check out the tip size – Gel pens usually come in a variety of tip sizes. Those experienced with buying these pens typically prefer to choose a size of about 0.5mm to 1.0mm. Anything larger than 1.0mm can make the pen more prone to smudging. The right tip size is essential as anything that doesn’t suit you will cause discomfort in your wrist.
  • Go for smooth pens – Remember, the best pens will offer you a smooth and comfortable writing experience. Picking out the smooth model is essential to avoid scratchy and laboured feelings. Besides, the smoothness in writing helps you maintain a consistent pace of writing. This, in turn, results in neat and clean writing.
  • Check out the appearance of the line – The thickness of the line is one of the most important things you must consider when buying these pens. Decide on a particular thickness you want to work with before browsing for various gel pen models. While some can help you write and sketch fine lines, others are naturally bold.
  • Look out for the drying time – There’s nothing worse than smudging your ink after you’ve completed your work. Considering that you use the pens for creative, academic, or recreational activities, it’s vital to pick a model that comes with ink that dries fast. This way, you’ll not spoil your work after you’re done with it.
  • Choose between capped or retractable – Gel pens come in two different types – the retractable and capped. Capped one is more reliable than the retractable one. That’s because it protects the ink in the pen from drying out. Moreover, it also gives you that ‘click’ sound that’s satisfying and gives you much more security in terms of the longevity of the pen.
  • Pick one among conical or needlepoint – The prime decision driver between the conical and needle is the strength of the pen. In general, conical pens portray higher durability and strength when compared to the needlepoints. That’s because the conical models have a wider ‘base’. Pick the conical model if you frequently use these pens.
  • Keep an eye on the colours – The type of colour you need depends on the work you intend to do with the pens. For instance, if you’re an elementary school student, then you can go for funky colours such as pink, green, and purple. However, you might want to stick to the classic blue, black and red when it comes to utilising them for corporate works.
  • Select a comfortable model– One of the most important factors to look for is ease and comfort while using the pens. You must select a product that allows you to write comfortably without making it difficult for you to grip the pen. You could also pick a model that comes with strong rubber grips. They ensure you steady, clean and neat handwriting.

Many pen enthusiasts would like to achieve a certain aesthetic style while writing. Remember, there are several types of gel writing tools that you can choose from for achieving various writing styles. For instance, there’s a separate gel pen for mandala art and even a different gel pen for colouring and writing. Therefore, make sure you pick a model that best suits your requirements. However, do not overlook the quality and budget of the model you pick. Consider the above tips while weighing your pens and pick the finest model and buy gel pens online in the UAE effortlessly.

Question & Answer

Are gel pens better than ballpoints?

There are several reasons why many people prefer gels over traditional ballpoints. One of the obvious reasons is that it makes your writing a lot thinner, neater and elegant. Apart from this, they’re versatile and a lot more practical in nature. This helps you to save a lot more space while writing in a notepad. Having said that, let’s also point out that not all gel pens are better than the ballpoints. Especially the ones with reputable manufacturers of a long tradition in the business. However, for the most part, a top-quality gel provides more benefits than most of the ballpoints.

Can you use gel pens on canvas?

Certainly, you can use gel on any type of canvases. That’s because any pen with water-based ink works best on canvases. With gels, you can experiment with various colours. Moreover, you can also choose glitter versions of these pens. In short, gels are great for sketching on canvases. But, you certainly need to choose something that fits your deal and not just go for anything. Also, make sure you pick the best ones for creating a great piece. For example, the best white gel pen for artists are perfect for working on canvases.

Can you use gel pens on wood?

Generally, it’s best to use a ballpoint pen or a pencil when working on wooden materials. One of the main reasons for this is the porous nature of the wood material. Of course, gels work too. But, that’s only if you let the ink dry for a minute after writing. Once you make sure of this factor, you can go ahead use gels from the classic black and blue to glitter, erasable and white. Just, make sure that the models you pick work best with woods.

What are the best gel writing devices?

Labelling a gel pen as ‘best’ isn’t an easy task. Several factors like style, thickness, colour, comfort, price and size, come into play. Above all, the quality and brand of the pen play a crucial role in determining the best one for yourself. It’s always best to look out for the branded model to make sure you secure a long-lasting pen. Some of the brands that you can consider buying gel pens from include Visconti, S.T. Dupont, Pilot, Pentel, Uni, Rorito, Bic, Faber-Castell, and Parker.

Where to buy gel pens online in UAE?

Several online stores and brands offer you a wide range of gel pens. However, if you wish to experience hassle-free and smart shopping then go ahead and check out This superfast product search engine brings you an extensive collection of gel pens from popular brands. Moreover, the site offers you the convenience of purchasing the best model from your favourite online stores. What’s more, you can also get cheap erasable gel pens, the best fine point gel pens, and even buy gel pens in bulk from various stores.

When it comes to choosing your best model gel pens for any purpose, it all comes down to your preference and functionality. But, regardless of which model you choose, you should never comprise on quality. We hope this guide has filled you up with adequate information for buying a set of great gel pens without any hassles. So, start your shopping spree and explore the collection at Do also, check out the other office supplies various other products from over 500 online stores right here.