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About Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are special nib pens containing an internal liquid ink reservoir. This special construction makes them different from their predecessors – dip pens. A fountain pen draws ink from the reservoirs through the feed to the nib and transfers it in a paper or any surface you want to write on. Both gravity and capillary actions support this transfer.  

These pens are no longer a primary writing instrument today but still used for important official processing- including signing official documents. These pens are often treated as luxury goods and a status symbol at times. However, in any case, these pens are ideal instruments for all daily writing needs. And you can easily find high–quality gold and steel options at cheaper rates. People use these pens because the ink it contains can easily be removed using an ink eraser. There is a wide range of fountain pens used for different purposes. Here is what you need to know about this writing tool before you head to buy one. 

A beginner’s guide to fountain pens  

There is the time we all want to take a break from those annoying click-clacking and keyboard hitting to write something artistically with a pure personal touch – a journal entry, a thank you note or a birthday wish. A fine quality fountain pen can be the best replacement for all the fancy pens you can have in your drawer. Ditching your ballpoint and picking up a fountain pen is similar to making the switch from a shaving razor to an advanced quality machine for fine cuts. However, the nature of this writing tool demands some skills and attention on the user‘s part as well. But the rich experience and sharper results make the efforts worthy. 

Reasons to use a fountain pen.  

There is a long list of reasons you must use a fountain pen to write all those particular notes and sign relevant documents. First of all, these pens go smooth on all types of papers and make you feel better and well connected to your thoughts, emotions and words while writing. This is because, with a fountain pen, you do not need to press it against the surface to write. Besides being nicer to you, these pens are also eco-friendly, and you can use them for years by just adding ink. For the same reason, they are an economical option to run compared to the ball or roller pens.  

Anatomy of fountain pens 

These pens have a sophisticated design with simple construction. Typically, these pens consist of three parts: feed, nib, and filling system. Nibs are the pen that touched the paper and are responsible for delivering ink from pen to paper. Modern nibs come in materials like gold alloys and stainless steel. These elements are stronger, stainless, and durable; hence last longer. Here the feed is the black plastic that hugs the bottom of the nib and EnRoute the ink from the container to the nib’s tip. The filling system in these pens hold ink and can be in the shape of a cartridge, piton or converter, depending on the style of pen you own. 

About writing with a fountain pen 

Writing with a fountain pen demands some personal ethics and skills to master. To start with, you can take off the cap and post it on the back of the pen. It will help your pen become more balanced while you write. When writing with a fountain pen, always hold it at the angle of 40 to 55 degrees with the writing surface. Remember that you do not need to put too much pressure when writing with a fountain pen. Too much pressure will cause an improper flow of ink, and you will also end up with a broken nib. Also, here you need to move your arms rather than use fingers to write something. 

About care of your fountain pen 

Using a fountain pen for high demands a little more attention. First, you need to keep the cap on when the pen is not in use. It will prevent the ink on the nib from drying up and protect the nib from damage. If the ink dries in the nib, it will block the ink flow while you try to write. Another important tip to enjoy the best of your pen is never to let others borrow your fountain pen. This is because your pen nib will adapt to your unique writing style. So, if someone else uses it for long, the nib will adapt to their writing style and get out of whack. It is also important to give your pen a regular flush to ensure the proper flow of ink.  

Tips on how to buy Fountain Pens online in the UAE

When it comes to buying office supplies like the best budget fountain pen, choices can be unlimited. As the best flex nib fountain pen will stay with you for years, it is important to pay a little more attention to certain elements during the purchase process. And for many, finding a reliable option is always a difficult task. But you can deal with the process by paying attention to the necessary details, and we are sure that you will end up buying a lasting and dependable option for your specific needs. So, when it comes to looking for a fountain pen for sale online in the UAE, here are some basic tips you will need to consider.

  • The size of the pen – Make sure you are picking a pen that is comfortable to hold, specifically if you are going to write a lot. Your pen should be according to the size of your hand. At the same time, buying read the product description section to know the detailed dimensions.
  • The filling mechanism – It is important to many users. For instance, if you are a writer who will be using the pen for hours, choose a piston or vacuum filler to enjoy long hours between refills. Otherwise, you can opt for a converter or cartridge system that come with disposable cartridges.
  • The width of nib – The choice is nib is based on your handwriting style. If you want to write fast and juicy, pick a Japanese pen. The rule is simple, larger the handwriting, broader to medium the nib should be. Whereas if you write small, choose a fine to extra fine nib instead.
  • The material of nib – Stainless steel nibs are the best and most economical option you can find in the market today. These are smooth and consistent, delivering results far better than their gold equivalent. However, in luxury pens, you might feel restricted with gold or palladium nibs.
  • The cut of nib – Here, you will have three options. Choose standard cut for consistent line thickness and pick italic for thing vertical lines and variations in calligraphy. Simultaneously, oblique nibs will help the writer hold the pen from below and make perfect oblique strokes without smudging.
  • Brand – No matter if you are buying it for your kids or you need it for your staff and office use, a high-quality branded product will deal with all the pressure and test of time. So, look for reliable and economical options available on different brands.
  • Price – When it comes to brands, price does make a difference. But at, you can take the help of a price comparison tool to make a smart buying decision. Still, it is always better to pay a little more attention to the quality over price.

Luckily, online shopping allows you to explore, study and know your products before paying for them. Once you have decided to pick any products, look into the product description section to know about sizes, material, and other product specifications. For more satisfaction, you can dig into the customer review section to find the real-time performance of the notepads you are about to buy for your office or home.

Question & Answer

Why fountain pen leak in an aeroplane?

The leak of fountain pens in aeroplanes is one of the major concerns of users. This is mainly due to the extreme changes in the cabin pressure. As the ink within the fountain pen flows with the capillary actions and gravity, the pressure in place cabin will cause the ink to release from the container. However, the majority of modern fountain pens are designed in a way to tackle this pressure without creating a leak.

Which fountain pen is best for sketching?

Surprisingly the fountain pens do an amazing job in drawing precise and fluid line works. Moreover, they are far easier to transport as compared to dip pens. These pens also promote confidence in parties for drawing fine lines and delivering a particular piece of art. Some of the best fountain pens you can buy for sketching include a Rotring fountain pen with an extra-fine nib perfect for lettering, drawing and writing. The duke ruby feud pen is ideal for calligraphy and for the fin to board size signature or art drawing.

How long will fountain pen ink last?

Luckily, these inks are the longest lasting items on any desk. If kept properly, these fountain pens can last up to 6 months. It is important to note that these inks dry faster if exposed to air. So, if you are keeping it properly stored in an airtight container, the ink can last up to a year and a half more. If the pen has an additional cap (that generally lies in the bigger cap), it lasts for up to 2 years or more.  You can also extend the life of ink by storing it in dark and cooler places and airtight containers.

Where to buy a fountain pen online in the UAE?

Explore any product search engine to find the most variety of fountain pens for your office use or even if you wish to use them personally. This is where you can find top brands like Lamy, Pilot, Parker, Montblanc, Pelikan, Kaweco and many more. All these brands are known for offering the best quality or reliable and eco-friendly products at cheaper rates. At, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of products and make a smart and economical purchase.

At, you can also find products from brands like Sheaffer, Waterman’s, and Jinhao.