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We bet, as an artist, you all want to capture the vividness of life on paper. Besides, perfectly capturing the shades of everyday life highlights the skill of an artist. But, no matter how skilled you’re, achieving an ideal portrait remains impossible without the right tools. If you’re one such soul in search of the right tool to bring out the vividness in your sketches, then go ahead and invest in the fineliners. But, then not all fineliners might fit your deal. In this guide, we shall take you through the collection of popular models. Besides, you’ll also get to find out a few smart hacks that’ll help you buy your perfect fineliner pens online without any hassle.

That said, as an artist, you should always know what you’re getting into before you explore your options. So, let’s begin by defining fineliners. Fineliner pens are writing or sketching tools that come in plastic or fine fibre needle-point tips. Most of these fineliner models use water-based ink. However, sometimes, you might also find a few versions that use oil-based inks. Now this means that there are undoubtedly different types of fineliners out there on the market. Moreover, each of these types is ideal for different purposes. Let’s look at a few trending models of the fineliner pens and the various purposes of the pens.

The best fineliners to consider investing in

Fineliner pens are popular for a variety of applications. For instance, many people enjoy writing with these pens. That’s mainly because it offers a crisp and thin line of cursive and a unique feel. Besides, it suits all types of handwriting too. Similarly, most artist use them to sketch comic books. Apart from that, they work best in the field of graphic designing and architecture. That’s because they work wonderfully along with the rulers. Additionally, they also work well for all types of journaling. They enable you to create neat lines, layouts, illustrations, colour-coding, and precise handwriting. Let’s have a look at the few trending models of fineliner pens that you can consider investing in.

The Staedtler pigment liner set

If you’re on the lookout for pens of assorted colours perfect for charts, graphs and maps, then go ahead and buy Staedtler Triplus fineliner. These pens are not just for adults but are also great colouring pens for children. The product’s versatility lies within its 0.3 mm fine point tip. En cased in a metal lid that claps onto the pen makes sure that it doesn’t dry out the pen. Each pen in the set comes in a triangular-shaped body, quite like your standard wooden pencils. This unique design makes them ergonomic while giving you the best grip for all your colouring endeavours.

The Arteza fineliner pens

Smudge-free, acid-free ink at an affordable price, isn’t that what all artists need? Well, if you’re in search of such a pen, then you can never go wrong with the fineliners from Arteza. Besides, they do not emit any smell and dry up pretty quickly. The triangular barrels of the pen fit in perfectly onto your fingers while writing or drawing. Their unique structure helps the pen stay erect even if you’re working on a slanted surface. This, in turn, helps in protecting the pen tips from fall damage. Also, this eliminates the fear of misplacing your pens. Further, the pen comes with a 0.4mm tip.

The Stabilo point 88 fineliner pens

With the famous hexagonal body shape and o.4mm line width offered, the fineliners from Stabilo are every artist favourite. Their unique structure allows you to gain exceptional control and precision. Besides, they’re perfect for those who strive to include the minutest details into their works. Further, with their 0.4mm tips, you can jot down notes, revise, and mind–map easily. Apart from that, the encased tip make sure that the pens stay highly durable and prevent breakage from accidental fall damage. Also, the ink in the pen makes it appealing to all left-handers.

The Montblanc fineliner pens

Originated from the StarWalker and Marc Newson M collections, Montblanc fineliner pens come in a variety of luxurious materials. This includes Montblanc’s precious resin. These pens come with platinum-coated trims, ruthenium-coated trims or PVD-coated trims. Besides, each of the fineliner pens has its own serial number. They’re engraved onto the metal ring above the pen clip. Additionally, you’ll also receive a 2-year international guarantee booklet. This booklet has been filled out with your new fineliner pens serial number, identification code and date of purchase.

Tips on how to buy Fineliners online

Now that you know their various types, it’s time to shop for the best fineliner pen set online. But which one do you buy? Should you buy a complete set? Or will a single pen be sufficient? Even if you buy a set, which brand should you go for? We know, you’re struggling to find out the right answers to these questions. Fret not, as we’ve compiled below a few tips that’ll get to your right fineliners without any hassle.

  • Figure out what you need – It is vital to get your requirements in line even before you start online browsing or shopping. For instance, many of you might want a very stylish model and would prefer functionality over style. Similarly, many others would prefer otherwise. Therefore, know what you want, as this helps narrow down your choices.
  • Explore the available options – Once you know what you want, you can go ahead and explore the various options available to you. Look out for their different manufacturers and retailers. Also, study the various features and characteristics of the fineliner sets. Analysing the product in detail helps you segregate your perfect one from the lot, easily.
  • Consider the purpose – Do not ever ignore the purpose of the fineliners. That’s because each type has a specific use to it. For instance, you might need a different pen for doodling when compared to writing. The thickness of the fineliner pens plays a crucial role in this. In short, it’s better to know the purpose before buying any product.
  • Look out for the pen style – Several people, overlook the style of the fineliners. However, this is a critical feature to look out for, especially when you plan on gifting them to your loved ones. One of the best ways to make sure that you have the best-styled pen is to go for the branded models. Most of the fineliners from popular brands have stylish finishes.
  • Have a look at the thickness – The tips of the fineliner pens come in different thicknesses. But, most of the time they’re all thin, and hence the name fineliner. You can find tip sizes from 0.2mm up to 0.8mm. Make sure you choose one that fits perfectly your requirements. It’s best to choose a pen with a slightly higher tip thickness for sketching.
  • Keep an eye on the pigments – From jet black to pure white, you can find the fineliner sets in different colour spectrums. Many a time you’ll also find a few similar shades. Make sure you pick a set with the most variety of colours, particularly if you’re an artist. Having a range of pigments in your fineliners is a boon when drawing or sketching something.

Remember, each fineliner can contend for the spot of the best fineliner pens. This is why, it’s imperative to carefully observe, study and assess the model that you intend to buy. Make sure that the one you pick fulfils your requirements and stays within your budget. We hope the above tips have helped you understand what you need to look for when you buy fineliner pens online in UAE.

Question & Answer

What is a fineliner pen used for?

You generally use the fineliner pens for drawing and sketching. For instance, you can use them to create line boxes and fill them in with shapes. And the best part is that you can choose your favourite shades to do this. Similarly, you can go ahead and use them for drawing patterns inside shapes too. Apart from that, you can also watercolour the lines and create a fantastic shading effect with the fineliners. And yes, you can certainly use them for simple writing too.

How to revive a fineliner pen?

Fineliners are amazing inventions. They have all the boldness and smudge-proof colours. But, they have a significant drawback – they dry out easily. But, of course, you can revive them with a few simple steps. However, remember that re-moisturising the pen takes more than just dipping in the water. To revive them, you need to use rubbing alcohol. Also, if you’ve left them too long in the water, you can try injecting back the water into the pen depending upon the pigment shade.

What is the best fineliner pen?

The best fineliner set for drawing and sketching are the ones that help you do the quickly and smoothly. That is, the ink from the pen must flow smoothly. Besides, they must be affordable and should be of the best quality. In short, they must be cost-effective. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a cost-effective model is to pick your fineliners from popular brands. Some of the big names in the field of fineliners include Stabilo, Staedtler, Montblanc, Artline, Pilot, Faber-Castell, Rotring, Bic, and Maped.

Where to buy fineliners online in UAE?

With the fineliners being a highly sought art arsenal nowadays, purchasing them isn’t much of a hurdle. You can jump on to any store, and you’ll find an excellent set of fineliners. You can also find them online in many known stores. Plus, we recommend buying them online. While most of you would want to check out the numerous options on different web portals, we ask you to look at the collection on It is this the best product search engine that brings you a wide range of fineliner pens for writing, best fineliner pens for bullet journal, fine liner pen for mandala art, and much more. What’s more, you can get them all from your favourite stores too.

We hope it has been an excellent experience for you, looking at these various options of fineliner pens in detail. Where one boasts of superior ink variations, the other gives you a more pleasant grip. But, remember your final decision ultimately boils down to your specific needs. We hope this guide has offered you enough colourful information to make the right decision on your own. So, get started and pick your favourite model from popular brands and stores online. Also, do not miss to check out various other office supplies from over 500+ online brands and online stores right here on!

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