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Calligraphy – an ancient form of art, celebrates the written word, symbols and cultures in many different styles. However, good calligraphy requires precision, and for that, you’re going to need the right tools. And we all know that calligraphy is void without the right calligraphy pens. This is primarily because, they decide how the individual letters, the rhythm and flow between the letters. In this article, we shall discuss this time-honoured form of art, including the types of pens and how to use them. We’ll also give you a few best pen recommendations to buy. So why wait, let’s get started! 

We cannot disagree with the fact that calligraphy has beautifully aged. Despite its age, this form of art hasn’t lost its cultural importance. Where people used to use them only to decorate scriptures painstakingly, you can now see them used on wedding cards, typography, hand-lettered logo design and much more. Moreover, thousands of videos have been dedicated to the slow, therapeutic practice of calligraphy. If you haven’t spent any time at all on this form of art and wish to try your hand at it, you’re in the right place! Below we’ve compiled the various types of calligraphy pens and a few trending models to choose from.

The various types of calligraphy pens and their trending models to choose from 

When it comes to calligraphy pens, you’ll find them in two major types – dip pens and fountain pens. As the name suggests, dips pens require you to dip the pens in ink well periodically to continue writing. On the other hand, fountain pens get their ink supply from cartridges inserted into the pen. Apart from that, fountains are a little messy when compared to the dip pens. Moreover, you can choose the dip pens among the standard straight style and easier to use oblique style. Remember, you do not need a fancy calligraphy pen to be a great artist. All you need is a bit of imagination and the right information about the trending pens to own. Check out the models below.

The best overall Pilot parallel pen

This highly popular Pilot pen set comes with four pens. All of them come in different sizes. They include pens of sizes 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm, and 6.0mm. Each of them comes with two ink cartridges as well—one black and one red. You can create some interesting effects by touching the nibs together and blending the colours. Apart from that, the parallel plate technology incorporated in the pen allows you to create sharp and precise lettering. Additionally, you also get a nib cleaner with the set. This enables you to keep your calligraphy pens in top shape.

The best all-purpose calligraphy pen set from Staedtler

The calligraphy set from Staedtler isn’t just a simple calligraphy pen set. With 33-pieces, this includes everything that you need to create excellent calligraphy. The kit includes four pens with interchangeable nibs to 20 ink cartridges in seven colours. Additionally, the nibs include five shapes and sizes. They range from extra fine to extra broad variety. Moreover, the set also comes with an instruction book and a practice pad to help you get started with this art form. Above all, everything comes in a neatly organised storage tin.

The most exquisite 8-piece brush pen calligraphy of best colour selection 

If you wish to introduce a little colour in your calligraphy work, then go ahead and invest in Sakura’s eight-pack of Pigma brush markers calligraphy set. These pens come with bold and intense inks. In addition to regular black, you also get vibrant colours like purple, green, blue, orange, rose, brown, and red. Better yet, the pens also offer a superior ink flow from both tips and sides. Moreover, the ink used in pens is ink resistant, chemical-proof, and water-proof. Apart from that, you can use these pens with any type of paper to prevent bleeding and smears.

The Tombow calligraphy pen; the best calligraphy pens for beginners

Tombow calligraphy pens for beginners come in a pack of two or three. Among these, at least one pen has a soft nib while the other has a hard nib. This gives you the ability to accommodate distinct forms of writing by using fine or medium strokes. In fact, this is a boon for beginners as you can experiment with various styles of writing and explore different techniques. What’s more, you find the pen to be extremely lightweight. This adds to their benefits. Apart from this, the black ink used in the pens is water-based. Hence, you can easily remove their stains from the fabric.

The best for comfortable oblique Speedball pen set

The oblique set from Speedball comes with a special oblique handle. Its unique design allows you to position your wrists in a unique way of writing. Moreover, both left-hand and right-hand users can use them with great comfort. Their unique construction also enables you to create those flourishes and curves without strain or discomfort. All this makes the pen an excellent choice for both beginners and accomplished artists alike. Furthermore, this set comes with six different nibs. Also, the price of their models is reasonable. However, you have to buy the ink separately.

Tips on how to buy Calligraphy Pens online

Remember, if you’re up for creating the most beautiful calligraphy arts, then you’d certainly need the right pen. Pairing the right pen, even with a beginner, can bring amazing results. However, purchasing calligraphy pens isn’t as easy as it seems. You might need to consider several factors for this. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a few important tips and factors that you need to look for when you set out to buy a calligraphy pen online in UAE.

  • Know your needs first – You should always consider what you intend to do, once you have the calligraphy pens. Remember, your use primarily affects your choice of pen set. Depending on the specific type of calligraphy you wish to do, you can choose a brush pen or a regular tip model. For instance, Chinese and Western calligraphy requires brush pens. Besides, the brush pen comes with thicker tips with natural hairs.
  • Figure out the pen style – Typically, you can find two main types of calligraphy pens – the cartridge filled and dip pens. Most of the modern calligraphy writing tools come with cartridges. They’re easy to use and do not cause a mess. Moreover, it helps you produce fine writing and drawing. On the other hand, you can use different inks and nibs with traditional dip pens. However, they can be very messy and thick when it comes to writing.
  • Keep an eye on the nibs – You’ll find calligraphy writing tools with two nib types – the italic and flexible nibs. Flexible nibs come in rounded shapes with two tines. These tines split to make different lines. The pressure you apply on the pen and nib usually determines the tine split. Generally, the more the tine split, the wider the lines. On the other hand, the italic nibs are rigid. Moreover, it’s best to use them for writing in Gothic or italic styles only.
  • Select a model with a good grip – This is one of the most overlooked factors when buying calligraphy pens. Make sure you pick a pen that comes with an ergonomically designed pen that gives you maximum comfort. Remember, calligraphy is a detailed and exciting form of art. It requires long hours of work. Hence, you should have a model that has a good grip and avoids putting a strain on both your hands and wrists.
  • Consider the ink quality – Ink quality is a prime factor to consider when it comes to buying any kind of pen. The calligraphy tools aren’t any different. Remember, it’s best to use only the manufacturer recommended ink for best results. This is because, using the ink of our choice will clog your pens, thereby damaging them. You could also use viscous ink instead of common ink. Viscose inks offer more flexibility and diversity for writing and drawing.
  • Choose between markers or felt tips – If you’re someone who’s on the move, then you must consider investing in calligraphy markers or felt tips. One of the main reasons for this is that they’re cheaper, easier to pack, plus they do not leak. Moreover, moving around with fountain calligraphy pens can become a bit overwhelming, considering the fact they aren’t leak-proof. Apart from that, you incur less loss when you misplace the markers when compared to the expensive fountain pens.

You see, calligraphy is a form of art that requires the right set of tools. We’re confident that the tips above have given you the confidence to pick the right calligraphy pens for drawing and writing. We hope you’d consider this and carefully assess your pick before you make the final call. After all, you do not want to end up with something that doesn’t fit your bill.

Question & Answer

What is an oblique calligraphy pen?

Oblique calligraphy pens are typically dipped pens. The best oblique calligraphy pens prevent smudging entirely by letting you write with your hand out of the way. In fact, these pens have the biggest learning curve of calligraphy writing tools. Moreover, they’re most suitable for right-handed people. Apart from that, they’re an excellent choice of pens when you want to complete projects that need heavily slanted calligraphy.

How much does a calligraphy pen cost?

You can find cheap calligraphy pens as well as expensive ones too. Generally, the dip pens are cheap, while the fountain pen models are costly. The price range hovers anywhere between AED 30 to AED 200, depending on the brand and platform from where you buy. That’s why it’s better to set aside a budget for yourself before you buy them online. You’ll want to purchase a pen set that’s comfortably within your price range. If you’re a penny-pincher, then you could purchase calligraphy pens for sale online in UAE. The deals, discounts and offers help you secure the best model while spending less.

What is the best calligraphy pen?

Best calligraphy writing tools are those that portray excellent quality and ones that comfortably fit within your budget. One of the best ways to make sure you secure such models of calligraphy pens is by purchasing them from the top calligraphy brands. Some of the popular brands that you can consider buying from include Pilot, Lamy, Sheaffer, Artline, Faber-Castell, Parker, and Pentel.

Which calligraphy pen should I buy?

You can practice lettering with any type of calligraphy pen. Some of the popular models that you can buy include brush pens, standard pens, straight dip pens, cartridge pens, and oblique pens. Each comes with distinct features and benefits. However, the model you choose must depend on your expertise. But, regardless, of your expertise, the pen you buy must be most comfortable while holding and writing.

Where to buy a glass calligraphy pen?

It is vital to invest in high-quality calligraphy pens with both longevity and durability, regardless of their types. While you can buy glass calligraphy tools nearly anywhere, browsing the numerous sites for their options might become a hassle. In such cases, check out This product search engine is at the forefront of providing you with comprehensive calligraphy gear, including the best glass pens, the best gold calligraphy pens, and much more. Better yet, you can purchase them from your favourite online stores!

Phew! Isn’t it enough of calligraphy talk for one day? Now, go ahead and grab your pen, paper, and start making beautiful letters. But, do not forget to explore your pen options on And yes, do check out various other office supplies and other products from over 500+ brands and online stores right here on