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Apple Pencil, MK0C2
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About Pencils

Whether you are a student, artist or a regular office goer who likes to plan things on paper, a pencil must be an indispensable tool for you. However, all pencils are not created equally. Some are apt for sketching, whereas others work well while scribbling or working on a technical thing, machine drawing. Read on to explore the varieties and find out which one works best in your case.

When we were in school, shopping for us used to mean loading up the pencil box. Because of their erasable nature, pencils have been an integral part of our studies. Not just studies, they let you quickly scribble down anything like a to-do list, grocery list, meeting notes etc. They are an essential part of every artist who works on visual arts like drawing, sketching, and painting. Architects, designers and engineers use them to ensure all dimensions related to their projects are laid down correctly. However, all pencils are not created equally. There is a different type for different uses. So, on this page, we will explore everything you need to know about them to choose an appropriate one.

Exploring popular varieties of pencils

Pencils come in a wide assortment of options based on their core, material, length, colour and more factors. They usually comprise of two components- one is the solid pigment core, and another is the protective casing. Most of the cores are made up of graphite power mixed with a clay binder. However, nowadays, you can find a wide variety of cores to achieve different results. For example, Charcoal core is popular among sketching artists, whereas coloured crayon-like pencils work well for drawing projects at schools and even professional spaces. Speaking of the casing, it can be of wood, glass, plastic and even paper. You can even find the pencils in which the core is not bonding the case. Let us explore more about popular varieties.

Graphite or lead pencil

A graphite or lead pencil is the best pencil for drawing and writing. It contains a thin graphite core that is embedded in some other material, mostly wood. We have been using it since our childhood. It produces black or grey marks that you can also erase easily. However, they are resistant to most of the chemicals, moisture, and even ultraviolet radiation. Graphite is produced in various grades, which is why you get different marks from different pencils. Your choice depends upon the type of work you are doing, the type of paper you use and the pressure you apply while writing. For example, if you apply much pressure, 4B can be dark for you, but 6B or 8B may work.

Charcoal pencil

As the name suggests, it contains compressed Charcoal enclosed in a wooden case. If you are looking for a clean, fine, and crisp drawing, it should be your choice. It lets you develop black matte shades that do not have a shiny appearance. Like graphite, Charcoal also comes in light, moderate and hard consistencies; even the medium one will be darker than the darkest type of graphite. So, it is an apt choice for both white and a bit of dark shade paper. You can find them in both sticks as well as pencil form. However, artists prefer sticks since they can turn them around or lay them down to cover a large area at once.

Coloured pencils

A coloured pencil is an art medium that contains a pigmented core enclosed in a wooden case. These pencils are different from the above two types. Their core is wax or oil-based and contains a variety of pigments, binding agents, and additives. They come in a wide range of colours, so the possibilities are just endless with them. Artist-grade, student grade, watercolour pencils and pastel pencils are some of the popular types you can find in the market. These pencils can also be used with another drawing medium for the best results. You can do layering, roughening, scoring, and more techniques with them.

 BIC pencils, Staedtler pencils & other popular varieties

BIC is a well-known name for its basic and best mechanical pencils. They come with break-resistant and ultra-solid leads. You can erase the marks with latex-free erases easily. Staedtler is another brand that comes up with high-quality pencils of different grades. You can even get your hands on mechanical ones for better and ceaseless writing and drawing experience. If you are looking for the best pencils for your workplace, they can be your choice as they are also pocket safe. You can easily carry them in your bag wherever you go. If you are looking for colourful options, Crayola coloured pencils are a popular art medium that comes with decent colour application. There are many more brands you can find here with the best ever collection.

Tips on how to buy Pencils in Dubai

By now, you must have guessed that there is a wide variety of pencils you can find in the market. Whether you are a sketching artist, a student, or an office goer, it is essential to choose the appropriate variety for the best results. It is natural to get a bit confused. But if you keep some factors in mind. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Know your requirements – You may require it to write, sketch, colour or scribble anything. However, different types suit different needs. For example, to prepare the to-do list or take quick notes at the office, you will need a pencil that runs smooth and does not need constant sharpening, whereas, for sketching, you will require a variety that can give you multiple stroke possibilities. To include colours in your project, you will have to go for colourful options. So, it is necessary to consider your requirements.
  • Consider core material – The pencil’s core can be made of Graphite, charcoal, and even pigmented one. Your choice here depends upon your requirements. If you need a pencil to draw or sketch, you should go for Graphite or Charcoal. Charcoal gives clean, fine, and crisp drawings but darker shades. For the projects, the required colours, go for colourful cores.
  • Consider the case type – The case can be attached to the core, but you can also find the options to remove and replace the lead. You will have to sharpen the connected cores, whereas you can just replace the lead if you get a mechanical pencil.
  • Consider the shade – The shades you get out of a pencil depend upon the core’s grade. For example, in Graphite ones, H leads are smudge-resistant and offer cleaner lines, apt for outlines & technical drawings, whereas HB is the lead grade used for writing mostly.

Now that you have explored many details about pencils, are you ready to explore the best collection? Well, you can start right here. On, you can find various pencils ranging from Graphite to charcoal and even coloured variations. Also, you can find popular brands here, such as Prismacolor, Faber-Castell, and Derwent. So, look no further and grab the best options while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Which pencil is the best for shading?

In general, B pencils are good for light to medium shading. 2B even work on dark shading well. However, if you think you need ultra-dark shading, B and 2B cannot work. Then, you can go for 4B. If you are looking for fine, even, and light shading, then the HB and H are good choices too. Speaking of the brands, you can find the best brands here that sell high-quality pencils for shading. So, embark on your searching right here on our product search engine.

 What pencil to use for drawing?

There is a wide range of shades to choose from when it comes to drawing. H, B, and HB pencils are popular ones. Out of them, H pencils do not leave much graphite on the paper. Hence, this does not make the best choice for drawing. However, you can use them for specific requirements like drawing light parts during machine drawing. On the other hand, B pencils are dark and make a popular choice for drawing and sketching. HB pencils are the best for school and office uses. They sit in the mid-way when compared to H and B pencils.

 Which pencil is the lightest?

H pencils are hard and leave less graphite on the paper. Thus, they are light. However, in the H variety also, you will get many shades. The more H’s means the pencil is harder. For example, a 4H is harder and lighter than a 2H. B, on the other hand, leave more graphite on the paper. A 5B pencil is softer and darker than a 2B. If you are in search of the best light pencils, you are in the right place.

Where to buy a pencil in bulk online in the UAE?

If you search for the best pencils for sale online in the UAE, then you have arrived at your destination. On, you can find more than 500 online stores that sell the best pencils and other office supplies at affordable prices. Moreover, you can find the best brands like Uni Pencil, Rotring, Paper Mate, and Stabilo. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, you can use filters for price, brand, seller, and colours. This way, you will be able to narrow down your options and make your browsing quick.

After collecting the crucial information on pencils, are you ready to find the best collection? On, you can find a range of options here offered by the best brands in the industry. Moreover, we have brought together hundreds of online stores here so that you can have many options at your fingertips. So, make no delay and grab the best ones while stock lasts.