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From making confetti to destroying confidential information, the applications of paper shredders have been intense. The features, buttons, and extra detailing in every product are available for a particular purpose. So, it is imperative that you make the right choice that fits best in your budget.

If you turn some history pages about paper shredders, you will find their usage in only government organisations. They have been used to destroy documents that might create nuisance if found by someone. Even after shredding, some of the documents with confidential information were reconstructed, leading to a few more chapters of history. We are not discussing the further mishap in detail, but incidents like these have updated these shredders with safety levels. And now even home use has risen due to identity theft concerns. If you are too looking for the best home or office paper shredder, look at its types first.

Overview of paper shredders

You, as an individual or organisation, wants to buy paper shredder online in UAE to get rid of unnecessary documents piling up everywhere. Some of you have security concerns and buy the product accordingly. Despite these reasons, paper shredding is also beneficial for the environment. There have been many recycling techniques adapted to preserve our resources. In this regards, even paper shredders have been made more advanced than ever. You now do not have to remove staples or paper clips on the document before sliding them through the blades. Also, you can shred almost all kind of papers, be it magazines, receipts, thick sheets, labels, notepads, and many others. This is one of the de-cluttering processes that everyone should follow at home or office.

Choosing small or heavy-duty paper shredders

Depending on the purpose, paper shredders can be a part of the home and office supplies. However, the specifications of the product to be used at home will be different from office use. Talking of basic structure, you can observe two components of a single product: blades and bins. The quality of these two components is primary, no matter what and where the application will be. Then comes the detailing like the capacity of the bin and type of blade, which differs in every product. Thus, if you are going to shred a bulk quantity of papers, the capacity of the bin will be larger. Likewise, the type of blades concerns the type of cut you want. To visibly check one of the cuts, explore some of the best cross-cut paper shredders.

Strip, cross, and micro-cut shredders

Strip-cut shredders will cut your papers into long vertical strips. If your document doesn’t contain sensitive information, you can buy these shredders. Some DIYers even use them to recreate decorative items. The next type is cross-cut shredders that cut the papers into tiny strips and are hard to reassemble. The third one is for shredding confidential information because it cuts the papers into molecules. So, you do not have to worry about the document falling into cruel hands. If you feel ready to explore the product online, we have paper shredders for sale online in UAE. You can check here and see if you find relevant products.

Fellowes shredder or more brands

Fellowes is one of the prominent brands for buying paper shredders. You can find a range of products here divided in terms of shred time. Personal use products have a shred time of ten minutes, small office product has 10-30min, and commercial machine shred continuously. The range does not stop here as this brand also has a hands-free shredder and government-approved machines. Let’s talk about one that is auto-feed hands-free shredding. In these products, you only have to place the papers into the pull-out drawer. The process involves closing the door and pushing the button, and that is it. You can do your other work while this pile shreds. Likewise, you can explore other products of this or more brands at our product search engine.

Tips on how to buy Paper shredders online

When you are buying a paper shredder, you cannot simply look at features, brands, and deals and think this is it. There are many other details that are equally important to consider. You need to forecast future usage also so as to make your product long-lasting. Thinking about maintenance and buying the relevant product is another aspect of buying not just paper shredder, but any product. Here, we have compiled primary things to note and narrow down your purchase accordingly.

  • Frequency and volume – One way to divide the paper shredders is by the amount of paper they can shred. If you typically run the machine daily and that too for more than 40min, then you will need a heavy-duty product. Hence, you need to check the continuous run time of the machine and the type of paper it can shred because papers can be thick, glossy, credit cards, stapled, and others.
  • Paper bins and maintenance products – A drawer style and bucket style are the most popular two types of bins you can buy, depending on your choice. Other than that, lubricating oil and sharpening sheet are the maintenance products. It would be better if you buy them along with the product to lessen the pain of ordering again.
  • Type of cuts based on security levels – If yours are highly sensitive documents, consider having micro-cuts as these have the highest level of security. They cannot be pieced back together to know the details. If you have customer data or government documents, you must consider micro-cuts in place of cross-cuts and long strips.
  • Research, compare, and then shop – You can list your priorities first, and then have an approximate budget range. If you are not sure of your priorities, do explore the variants first at For example, if your need is infrequent home use, your priorities might include average speed, low capacity, and cross-cuts. This one may be the most affordable product, but if you are not aware, you may end up paying more. So, research, compare and then shop.
  • Additional features you may consider – If you have an extra budget left after finding the best product, you may look at some interesting features. For example, indicating lights when the bin is full may seem important to some. A safety sensor is another relevant feature along with reverse feeds, power-saving modes, noise reduction, and many more.

That’s all about buying a paper shredder! We hope the tips will prove helpful to you. But no tips is complete without a few brand recommendations, which will help you while exploring the products. Some of our suggestions include Swingline, Dahle, Intimus, Acco, and Compucessory. You will find them all at our shopping platform, It is Dubai’s one of the best product finders to grab the best quality and the best deal.

Question & Answer

Which paper shredder is the best to buy?

Telling the best paper shredder can have a broad answer as your preferences might be different. You might like Rexel brands’ under desk shredder with seven sheet capacity and 4by23mm confetti cut. Or you may all Fellowes heavy-duty shredders the best product, which is engineered to deliver secure shredding for businesses. Likewise, there are many other brands that can fulfil your requirements the way you want. We suggest exploring them all at our shopping platform,, so you can find the best for you.

What are paper shredders used for?

The primary purpose of using paper shredders is to destroy confidential, private, or sensitive documents for security reasons. They are often used by government organisations, businesses, and private individuals. Other than that, this product is also a mechanical device for creating confetti for parties. Well, these are the two objectives of buying paper shredders. The different types available do not differentiate a product as a confetti maker or document cutter, but the latter one needs more security features.

Can paper shredder blades be sharpened?

Yes! It is not a feasible solution to buy another shredder when the blades get dull. So, whenever it happens, you can sharpen the blades by using lubricating oil and a sharpening sheet. First, you need to lubricate the blades and turn on the shredder for about ten seconds and repeat the process in the reverse setting as well. Then, take the sharpening sheet and let it slide through the blades. Repeat the process again with the reverse setting of the shredder. If you do this, you will get the sharp shredder back.

Where to buy paper shredder online in UAE?

What’s the point of saying that you have grabbed the best deal when you haven’t even explored it all? Products like paper shredder need you to contemplate every tiny feature and compare them with different brands. Visiting every brand store and checking out every single product is a waste of time. Instead, it would be best if you consider going to a platform like wherein you can find reputed brands with every product listed under one roof. You can easily research, compare, and shop here.

Ready to buy the best product suited for your purpose? You can start scrolling the products list at our shopping search engine. Here, you can expect brands of flexible budget range so you can filter and save your time. Also, consists of authentic online shops to grab the best of deals. It seems like everything you need for a seamless shopping drive is here. Check it out now!