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About Paper Cutting Machines

No matter what kind of paper cutter you are looking for, it is always the specifications that are vital to read and understand. These specs make all the difference starting from making the machine suitable for the handler and bringing profit to your business. So, stop searching by the machine and start looking for apt features.

A paper cutting machine, as the name suggests, is one that can cut bundles of pages into two or more units, as required. You can also trim or cut graphics only if the machine is suitable for that. Coming to the purchase, you must look for three factors when buying: power, precision, and ease of operation. If the machine is engineered with these parameters, you can be assured of the quality. Then, it won’t matter if you are buying a large industry machine or a cheap paper cutting machine for hobby use.

Types of paper cutting machines

You can divide the machine by your purpose, size, or handling. By handling, we meant the machine could be manual or automatic. You should understand that one machine with similar specifications can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. This way, you can purchase depending on your requirements. Yes, the budget will vary as automation cost is a bit higher than manual work. To get an idea of the budget of some best electronic paper cutting machines, you can visit our shopping platform, Also, based on the division, we have segregated a few types of cutters in the rest of the sections of this page that you shall find useful.

Paper cutting machine for crafts

Craftwork does not always want the machine to cut the paper straight. Instead, you will see that craft machines fulfil the creative requirements of the work as well. For example, rotary trimmers, preferred by photographers and graphic designers, uses a round cutting blade for accurate designs. Not just for cutting and trimming, these machines are available for perforating, scoring, and more. A few craft machine along with stencils let you cut the desired shape of a business card, invitation card, or whatever your preference is. If you are too looking for such products, we recommend looking at the paper cutting machine for sale online in UAE, and you will definitely find something worth buying.

Guillotine paper cutter

The guillotine is an old design, but precision and quality are equally competent with the modern paper cutting machine for office use. With a Guillotine model by your side, you can cut thick sheets, and that’s what this machine is uniquely capable of. Just like a guillotine, this machine also has a sturdy manual knife that you need to pull down after setting up the paper and clamp. The features sound raw, but they are functional with all the safety features intact in the product. But yes, you need to be careful when buying one. One must-have feature is the safety gauge of the knife without which the knife can slide on its own leading to a small or big accident.

Automatic paper cutter

The automation in any machine is expensive and used for the bulk outcome because manual effort for bulk work would take lots of time. Also, that would result in low productivity and efficiency. On the other hand, automatic machines can cut bundle after bundle without any fatigue unless there is a power outage or any other breakdown in the machine. In automation also, you will find semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. In semi-automatic, you have to handle the blade or clamp manually, whereas a full-automatic machine only wants you to put your requirements using a digital display. You can check out our shopping search engine, wherein you can also see some of the best laser paper cutting machines.

Tips on how to buy Paper cutting machines

From schools, institutions, office supplies, and various other industries, the paper cutting machine has got numerous configurations. Thus, when you start exploring, it is imperative that you sort your priorities. Even if you have a large office, your requirement may be of hobby use Dahle brand guillotine. Likewise, you can sort out other configurations based on your needs. Here, we have compiled a few major specifications that will help to narrow down your purchase further.

  • Start from setting up the paper – It could be manual or automatic depending on the product type you are eyeing. For both, easy handling should be the topmost priority as this is the base of the outcome. If you place the papers wrong, you will get the result with improper trims. Most of the machines come in handy with paper grids, but not all grids will give the precision cutting. Some only have 90degree scale bars while some have millimetre grids. Choose what fits you best.
  • Automatic versus manual clamping – Both of the options have their downsides. If you choose automatic, you may lead to putting extreme pressure on small sides of the ream. For that, you must check the specifications or ask the customer service if you get to see clear visualisation of actual and selected clamp pressure on the display. On the other side, if you choose manual, you may not be able to put more required pressure as manual pressure has a limit.
  • Precise cutting for the best outcome – This specification again has a manual or automatic setting, which is by far organised. Large machines or those in requirements with large industries are automatic ones as they need to cut papers in large quantity. If you think your work does not involve continuous cutting of papers, you can have a manual machine. If you think manual knives are tough to handle, then there is nothing like that. Most of the product is equipped with safety gauge and ergonomic handle for smooth operation.
  • Check the safety features – Safety features must involve the safety of the machine and the handler too. Therefore, a safety gauge is a must to provide lock nuts for knives. Another safety feature is the interactive user interface, which lessens the mistakes and panic followed by a mishap. The next feature is the firmness of the machine. Whether it is tabletop or freestanding, it must have a solid grip on the surface to avoid any kind of slip. Well, these are some primary safety features you must consider.

The tips we mentioned are a few primary things to consider because others depend on the machine you buy. All you can do to grab the best product is research about it, check the specifications, and compare it with other products of different brands. Yes, while shopping, you must have a list of reputed brands to save your time. Some of them we would like to mention are Rotary, Wohlenberg, GBC, and Silhouette. You will find more such when you visit our product search engine.

Question & Answer

Which paper cutting machine is the best?

Not one, but there are many who can suit your requirements. Like brand Polar, it has got performance-enhancing options. In this brand, you will find products with a programmable cutting machine with hydraulic drive units ranging from entry-level models to top-rated ones. Another brand Fellowes have segregated their products as per the needs of small or large offices. Thus, you can select as per your requirements. Not just these two, there are more such brands and their unique product you can explore at our shopping platform,

What is a semi-automatic paper cutting machine?

Through this question, we would like to differentiate all three divisions of a paper cutting machine: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic versions. So, the difference usually occurs in three parts, and those are set-up, clamp, and knives. These three parts derive the whole function of the machine. In the manual machine, you need to set up the papers, operate the clamps to hold the papers tightly and unlock the knives for cutting. In a semi-automatic machine, setting up the paper and clamping is automatic. But operating the knives is still manual. Coming to fully automatic, all three operations are machine-done. You just have to push the button.

What is the guillotine paper cutting machine?

For those who do not know, the guillotine is a century-old device used for executing capital punishments by beheading. So, no doubt, they have got a powerful angled blade suspended at the top. The same function has been applied to the guillotine inspired cutting machine that is used for heavy cutting. But you will also find ranges from the manual guillotine to heavy-duty ones. It is up to your preferences. If you would like to explore, we suggest looking at Rexel’s guillotine machine. It has grid lines, measurements and paper guides for an accurate cut. A self-sharpening blade and an ergonomic handle are some of the desired features you should consider.

How much is a paper cutting machine online in UAE?

The range starts from AED150 and might go up to AED6000 or higher. The low budget machines are mostly small, like the ones that can cut business cards or photos. Also, they are manual or semi-automatic. The quality parameter can never be a concern with low-budget products when you research and go for the reputed brands. The only mantra that can lead you to the long-lasting product is to research first and shop later.

You know the types, brands, and well-formed tips to list your preferences. This is just the first step of research. Next, you need to explore and pick the best out of many, which is the main task. One thing you must consider in this task is to choose the right shopping platform like It is one of Dubai’s best product finder under which you can find top-rated brands and authentic online shops listing all their products to give you a seamless shopping experience.