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About Paper Clips

The paper clip with an oval-within-oval design has been the most popular design worldwide. Better known as gem clip, it is one of the essential stationery items in most workplaces. However, there is another alternative, which is equally popular: Paper Clamp. If you are too looking for any of them or both, we recommend grabbing some facts before.

Paper clips serve the single purpose of holding a bunch of papers together temporarily. And that is the sole reason for their invention because binding a few papers just for the time being is not a viable solution. Also, there were other options, like using strings by punching holes and using pins. Both these methods have one drawback that paper gets pierced first. Pins even lead to a lot of wear if you pin and unpin the pages more times, which is obvious if you are editing a document. So, paper clips pretty much stand out as a clean and perfect solution. Hence, the product still exists and used by offices, homes, schools, and institutions.

Paper clips types and designs

Ideally, paper clips do not differentiate in terms of purpose or material. They only come in different shapes and designs. Yet they are known as types because these shapes have been patented by the manufacturers. Claims are that there exist more than sixty different shapes. A few of them are gem clip, own clip, eureka clip, clipper clip, weis clip, and Niagara clip. Coming to the design now, you must have seen smileys or heart shapes fixed on top of the clips as a part of the decoration. Likewise, there are hundreds of other designs to bring funkiness to the product. If you feel interested, you can buy a heart paper clip or explore more variants at our shopping platform,

Characteristics of quality binder clips

We are talking about features that make the quality of paper clips unique. The first characteristic is about the purpose. A quality clip never tears or mutilates the papers and can grip thick or thin paper with equal firmness. Also, the design of the clip, especially the pointless edges, make the slide smooth. The next characteristic is about their storage. They do not get tangled with other clips in the box and are lightweight. Lastly, they are affordable that anyone can have this product in bulk. So, if you are to buy paper clamps online in the UAE, you know what to expect from a product.

Paper clamps versus paper clips

Both are used to bundle a bunch of papers together on a temporary basis, but the difference is in their design and a few specifications. Just as paper clips hold the paper within their two loops, paper clamps have handles that open and closed the clamps. The bright side is that the best paper clamps, also known as binder clips, can hold more papers than standard paper clips. They can even latch to the thick drawing board and stick the A4 sheet onto the board. The only drawback of the paper clip, which is not being available for the bulk quantity of papers has been fulfilled by these binder clips. You can have both of these varieties at your workplace

Manufacturing and wastage of paper clips

A paper clip industry estimates that the vast percentage of paper or binder clips were never used as intended. These are often bent to use as cleaning or prying instruments and is subjected to lots of other actions. And since they are inexpensive products, they are not re-used but simply thrown away. It has been a request by all of the recyclers to remove the paper clamps before the paper is put in the recycling bins. Otherwise, they have to use metal detecting equipment that can separate out clips, staples, and pins. If you are also one of them that mishandle these tiny items, we are hopeful of you being careful the next time when buying metal paper clip online in the UAE.

Tips on how to buy Paper clips online

First of all, do you actually need to read points to buy a small item as a paper clip? Well, maybe no, But what we are discussing here are the possibilities of making your purchase an informed decision. You can do so when you grab a durable and quality product and save money by making it long-lasting. For that, you need to know a few little things, which you can say pre-requisites of shopping.

  • Decipher the quality – Cheap quality products will become brittle and often crackdown. You will even find some of them already broken in the box. Therefore, go for the brands you can trust and who can assure quality steel material. Sax, Hema, Deli are a few you can find at
  • Coloured clips – You can either go for colour-coated products or vinyl coated. The colour coats won’t scrap off unless you are reluctant to do so. Also, the vinyl coating offers a tint of gloss as well. So, it is completely your choice to choose a suitable coating or no coating at all.
  • Clips or clamps – The names are interchangeable, but the purpose is not so similar. You can use clips to bind paper together and can even store with clips on. But paper clamps are just used to bind the paper for the time you are working on it. For example, you are crafting or painting and want the paper to stick on a drawing board, you use clamps.
  • Bulk buy or not – Yes, without a doubt! You can buy a pack of 100 clips or 100 clips, and there is more than one advantage of bulk buying. Let’s brief you on the legit two reasons: you save money and save the environment both. Environment friendly because of the wastage that goes on the manufacturing of their packaging products and further resources.
  • Consider assorted boxes – With these boxes, you get random clips of different colours, or also of different sizes. There are creative boxes too, with characters fixed on top of the clip. You can choose as per your preferences.
  • About clips storage – Paper clips are such tiny items that they get lost all the time. In that case, thinking of their storage is crucial, especially when you need them daily. You can buy a clip dispenser and magnetic clip storage. So, every time you need a new clip, you go to the dispenser, and once the task is over, you can stick the clip on the magnetic storage.

We are hopeful that the tips will help you in grabbing the right product. But before you add any product to your cart, we would like to list a few more brand. These include Atlas, Meri Meri, Acco, Midori, and Business Source. You can choose any of them and even expect a range of option upon your visit to our product search engine .

Question & Answer

How to use a paper clip?

Although the paper clip is a super simple product, the question of using it is legit. You see, the paper clip has two ends: one small loop and the other one is longer. So, when you bundle your paper together and try to clip, which loop should show in front? This is the dilemma you all may have. It is a personal choice, but we think it is the smaller loop that should come on front. We have two legit reasons for that. The first reason is that it gives more stability to the back of the paper. The second reason is that the clip is less visible from the front, which is a subtle way of putting on a clip. However, if you have a bright shade clip, you can have a longer loop on the front to make it more visible.

What are paper clip sizes?

The standard size of paper clamps vary from 1inch to 2inch, and these sizes are appropriate for bundling up A4 sheets. But if your sheet size is bigger, you can also buy a 3inch clip. The latter size is not very common, though. You will find many clips with attached characters on top like round smileys. These are usually 2inch sizes pretending to not look big while being clipped. Even if you go search various other paper clips types, you will see this is the standard size universally.

What are the uses of a paper clip?

With a paper clip, you cannot just secure a bundle of papers, but more other items too. You can use them to secure anything that needs to tile up like a gift wrap or even the wires. Remember when bundling up the wires, you should loosen up the clip first. Talking of loose clips, you can unclog the saltshaker holes with that or remove hair from your hairbrush. You can even make a perfect bookmark for yourself. These are hacks to be applied when the needed item is not available.

Where to buy paper clips online in the UAE? can be an excellent platform to find different paper clips types, whether big or small, coloured, or solid, and even the clip dispenser. Maped is the brand where you can find a clip dispenser that can hold up to 100 clips and consists of a non-slip base. Other than that, our shopping platform has more trusted brands and their unique products to explore, compare, and buy. If you are looking for something for school, home, or office supplies , this could bring out as a perfect place for you.

Buying paper clips is not a daunting task unless you want to be creative about it. There are products with different shapes serving the same purpose as binder clips. For that, you need to explore a bit and see what shape, what size, and what quantity. So, hop on to our shopping platform, and commence your shopping drive.

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