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Do You know that an average office worker moves about 300 times on an eight-hour job a day?

This continuous movement can lead to lower back problems (pain and dysfunction), stress on the lower body like legs, and general discomfort in the upper body. While an office chair mat does not do any magic to eliminate all such health problems and pains, it does help in stabilising the chair and offering additional comfort to the users. Technically speaking, an office chair mat is an ergonomic tool that lies beneath the chair. This mat offers the user support and ease of movement while sitting on the chair. Typically, these mats are made of plastic and are ideal for lowering the overall likelihood of stress injuries and body fatigue.

Benefits of using office desk chair mats

Plastic chair mats are among the most important and highly functional elements in any work or home office. With strong support, a chair mat carries all the aesthetics needed to stay at work for hours. Besides aesthetic values, it also offers a slew of practical advantages. This is the reason why these mats are popular and in use among the majority of white-collar workers. However, many of us still do not know the perks they can enjoy with this extremely efficient and cost-effective item. This article will give you an insight into the common benefits of using a chair mat in your office.

Offering protection to floor & users

As mentioned previously, any office worker moves their chair about 300 times in eight hours working in an office. Inevitably this repeated movement can tarnish and degrade the floor beneath the chair. A major reason and advantage of using these mats is their ability to protect the floor. Whether hardwood, carpet or any other material, it protects all. But besides protecting the floor, it also has a positive impact on the user at work. Even if you are not dealing with any strenuous task, the chair’s back-and-forth movement will stress your muscles. A met will ease your movements by lowering the stress and giving you extreme freedom to move around.

Help in multitasking

The world is changing. So the corporate sector is demanding much more from its employee than in the past decades. Today every employer expects and forces the employee to be a multi-tasker. TO be a multi-tasker means a lot of movements in the office. You often need to push and drag your chair to another corner or side to the desk. It is a quick way to check with the coworker on a crucial file. A fine quality chair mat offers you the leverage needed to move. In addition to shifting the chair as required. And that without putting more energy into the movement.

Increased safety

The safety of your employee at the workplace is of great importance. Although we will not claim that an office chair mat is a silver bullet. But, they surely increase the employee’s safety. It offers optimum freedom with security. It comes with ease of movement, shift, and adjust the chair on command or need. Too often, the users try to drag the chair on a thick carpet. They end up falling over or getting stuck in the carpet or wires. A chair mat can easily eliminate such incidents from your busy employee’s daily life and keep them safe.

Tips on how to buy Office Chair Mat online in the UAE

When it comes to buying office supplies like the best office chair mat for high pile carpet, choices can be unlimited. Whether you are using them for office or in your study room, buying them needs special attention to ensure your safety and that of your floor and carpet. However, finding a reliable option is always a difficult task. But you can deal with the process by paying attention to the necessary details, and we are sure that you will end up buying a lasting and dependable option for your specific needs. So, when it comes to buying office chair mats online in the UAE, here are some basic tips you will need to consider.

  • The thickness of the mat – It is important to pick a thick mat that is thick enough for the flooring. A thinner mat will surely crack within weeks. A thick mat will offer you all the needed comfort, support, and protection. Also, note that chair mats for the carpet come with cleats on the back. It will prevent the mat from slipping and destroying the floor.
  • The size – Check how big your roll area is. Are you the one who sits still or like some rolling around? Consider the maximum area you will be rolling around while sitting and pick the size of mat that can cover the entire area of your chair sporting. However, avoid buying it that much big that you need to tuck it under the office’s furniture.
  • The shape – These mats come in varying shapes. After determining the size, look into the possible shapes available in size. However, in any case, these mats come in three basic shapes known as rectangular, lip and light bulb shapes. Explore options online, and you will understand the difference between all three of them.
  • The material and colour – We know your office interior is of great importance for you. The ambience has a major role to play in your productivity. So, when it comes to buying chair mats online, material and colour play an important role. You can also choose a clear vinyl mat to make the underneath flooring visible. Or opt for a variety of patterns and prints available.
  • The price – These mats are available at a variety of prices. The cost of any item will be based on the size, material, thickness, and brand. However, in any case, vinyl will always be less expensive, comparatively. Plus, it is a functional material but for a wooden floor. If it doesn’t provoke you, opt for any item based on your budget preferences.

Luckily, online shopping allows you to explore, study and know your products before paying for them. Once you have decided to pick any products, look into the product description section to know about sizes, material, and other product specifications. For more satisfaction, you can dig into the customer review section to find the real-time performance of the notepads you are about to buy for your office or home.

Question & Answer

How to prevent the office chair mat from moving?

The best way to keep the chair mat from sliding is to apply double tape on the lower side of the mat. A double-tap will stick to the bottom of the mat and the floor, keeping it in place for as long as the stickiness is there. However, it works better with certain floors like wooden or any other type of bare floor. It can work fine on the carpet for a while but will damage the carper fur, look and feel, and sometimes cause tearing to the expensive carpet. Therefore, in such cases, look for alternative options.

How to clean the office chair mat?

In most cases, cleaning an office chair mat is not a tough task to deal with. To do so, you need to mix some mild soap with lukewarm water and mild soap. Now use a damp cloth or small towel to rub and wash both sides of the mat. If there is any stubborn dirt particle or stains, you can use a small brush and gently rub the target areas. It is better to rub the spikes on the underside of the carpet chair mat. Avoid rubbing too hard, or the brush might damage the cleats.

Where to buy an office chair mat online in the UAE?

Explore any product search engine to find the most variety of chair mats for your office use or if you wish to use them personally at home. This is where you can find top brands like Ikea, Floortex, Cleartex, and Lorell. All these brands are known for offering the best quality or reliable and eco-friendly products at cheaper rates. At, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of products and make a smart and economical purchase.

What is the best office chair mat for carpet?

If you have carpeted floor in your office, the requirements of the chair mat will be much different than any other case we can see around. There are special types and materials of chair mats for carpet that you need to buy. Some of the best-selling items you can find online are Dimex C532003G Office Carpet Chair Mats, Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mats, the Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Carpet Chair Mats and the Mushyn Cushioned Foam Office Chair Mats. You can explore other options: Basics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mats and the Marvelux Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mats.

At, you can also use the price comparison tool to find perfect budget products from top global shops.