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About Name Badges

Name badges help create a corporate identity and work as conversation starters, especially at prominent retail locations or organisations. So, if you are planning to order some for your employees or staff, here are the essential things to know.

A name badge is a tag or sticker that is worn on the outer side of clothing. It displays the wearer’s name and details such as designation, company’s name etc. You can find them in the form of temporary stickers and durable varieties such as plastic or metal plates on which the details are printed or engraved. They come in various attachment methods like locking pins, magnetic backings, swivel clips, and cell phone attachments. In many organisations, mostly IT firms, people wear it around the neck using a lanyard. Name badges play a crucial role in customer service companies such as restaurants where their badges identify employees. If you plan to buy name badges online in the UAE, go through the guide below.

Popular types of employee name tags

Whether it is about regular office employees, restaurant workers, or representatives in banks, a name tag is crucial for the uniforms. They contain the name of the person along with designation and sometimes other details too. Name tags come in a wide variety depending on their dimensions, backings. They may range from cheap name badge labels to expensive engraved varieties. Locking pin tags were the most popular type. But with the introduction of advanced forms like magnetic badges, they are less preferred. This is because magnetic varieties do not puncture the garments. Let us dive deeper into details and know more about popular types.

Lock pin v/s Magnetic name tags

Employee name badges come in two main varieties, namely, lock pin and magnetic name tags. As the name suggests, lock pin varieties come with a pin at the back through which you can connect the tag to the garment. It would require you to puncture the garment, though. On the other hand, magnetic tags come with magnetic backing that you can attach to your outer clothing without damaging it. It looks sleet and clean; however, it can prove dangerous for people who have pacemakers as the magnet can interfere with the normal function of the implant.

Metal v/s Plastic name tags

Apart from the backing mechanism, the tags also vary based on their materials. You will mostly find them in metal, plastic, and paper materials. The paper varieties cannot last long without plastic lamination, whereas metal and plastic tags have life. The metal tags are generally costlier and durable than plastic ones. The metal plates will look not only good and lustrous all the time but also require low maintenance. On the other hand, plastic tags may require replacement due to deterioration, fading, and damage caused during usage. However, you may also find them in the best quality to offer equal or better performance as metal ones. Not to miss the customisation possibilities they come up with!

Blank name tags

As the name suggests, blank name tags come in the form of blank plastic or metal plates over which you can add your title yourself, through marker, pen or engraving, depending upon the material you have chosen. They work best for the seasonal staff and volunteers. Blank tags emerge out as the most useful resource when you are organising an event or conference. You can prepare the tags for use on the spot and offer them to the attendants, volunteers, and coordinators. They come with endless possibilities for customisation. You can also find them in the form of paper stickers, but they would hardly last for more than a day.

Reusable name tags

Reusable name tags can be used over and over again as per demand. They usually come in the form of a plastic blank plate in which you can use different inserts. They are perfect for the identification of volunteers, event attendees and even temporary employees. You can find them in a variety of colours and affixing options. The best part is that it is straightforward to use. You can take out the old insert and put the new one in whenever you want to replace the insert. Whether you want to go for logo only badges or name tags, you can find many varieties right here.

Tips on how to buy Name Tags in Dubai

Name tags seem to be a straightforward purchase. But, due to a large number of options out there, you might fall into a dilemma while choosing a style. They vary based on dimensions, materials, backing, brands, and more factors. However, if you keep certain aspects in mind, you will get the best appropriate variety for yourself or the staff. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Know your needs – You may require permanent badges for your staff or order some for a new event or conference to be held. You may go for metal or plastic tags for your permanent staff with names and details printed or engraved on them. On the other hand, you can go for blank tags that offer you customisation possibilities on the spot for temporary usage.
  • Consider the materials – Tags come in many materials like plastic, metal, and paper with lamination. The choice depends upon your personal preferences. Quality metal tags are the most durable type, whereas plastic is also famous for being lightweight, moderate durability and low cost. Speaking of paper tags, they are generally used with lamination and a lanyard.
  • Consider the attachment method – Tags come in various attachment methods like locking pins, magnetic backings, swivel clips, and even cell phone attachments. Locking pin and magnetic varieties are common. Locking pin requires you to puncture the garment, whereas magnetic ones can be applied easily without doing so. However, you should not use magnetic tags if you have a pacemaker.
  • Look for customisation options – Several online stores will offer you customisation options to get names, designations, logos, and more things engraved or printed on the tags. So, look for such stores so that you can have enough freedom to get personalised items in your hands.

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Question & Answer

Can name badges be reused?

Yes, name badges can be reused if you have purchased a reusable badge. A reusable tag comes in the form of a blank badge in which you can insert any name. The best part is that they do not look like some “non-permanent” solution. If the paper is properly inserted, the badge will look like some plastic badge with a name imprinted. With such options, you do not have to go for expensive personalised badges. Just slide in the name, and you are good to go!

Where to buy a name badge online in the UAE?

If you search for the best name badges online in the UAE, there is no need to go anywhere else. You have already arrived at the right place. is a product search engine where you can find over 500 trusted online stores that sell name badges at affordable prices. You can find almost everything here, from cheap metal name badges to plastic varieties and engraved name tags. Moreover, you can find the best brands here that double confirm the quality of the products. So, look no further and grab the best ones while stock lasts.

On which side should you wear the name badge?

It is a general practice to wear the name tag above the pocket on the right side of the outermost garment, be it a shirt, blazer, or blouse. The important consideration here is that the person you are meeting or shaking hands with should be able to see your name clearly. So, wear it in such a way that person sees the name and the details quickly. However, some organizations may have certain rules for placement. So, you have to carry it that way only. However, carrying it on the right side is common.

What size is a name badge?

The name badge can come in various size options. Generally, it may range from 1”X 3” to 2”X 3”, sometimes even more. The size of the name tag depends upon how many details you want to print or engrave on it. If you put your name, designation and also the company’s logo on it, then you might have to go for a large size. On the other hand, for just the name, small sizes are enough.  So, it depends upon your requirements and preferences. You have to choose the right size as per your needs.

Name tags are one of the essential office supplies. We hope that the above guide will help you select the base varieties. We have put the best possible details above through which you will be able to narrow down your options. If you are wondering where to find the best options, then be right here. On, you will not only find a wide collection of name badges but also features like price comparison and filters that will help you quicken your searches. So, make no delay and explore now!