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About Protractors

The purchase of small measuring instruments like protractors is believed to be no daunting task at all. And we certainly miss compulsory research from our end. However, not every product is meant for your needs, neither every tool fits your budget. So, it is imperative that you comprehend the features and choose compatible tools.

Measuring instruments like protractors have been serving various industries for ages. Even before you started studying geometry as a subject, the tools inside the geometry set travelled generations. For example, protractors are a product of the 13th century. Their wide spectrum covers navigation, designing maps, astronomical practices, and various others. Up till now, you might have gotten an idea of their variations. So, if you are to buy a protractor for math or your job, you must explore the varieties available around.

Types of angle protractor

If you are reading this, the image of the protractor in your mind might be the one semi-circular tool or the complex versions of it. It all depends on your line of work and job commitments. Despite the different design and size, you will see that the purpose remains the same throughout. It is a tool used to plot or measure angles in radians or degree. But of course! The accuracy and precision vary, and also, we can’t deny a few industry-specific features. Let that be a topic of upcoming sections on this page. If you are currently searching to buy a protractor online in UAE, you must expand your knowledge to its various forms.

Semi-circular protractor

The semi-circular tool measure, draw, and plot angles on paper or a chart. The design of this product consists of a mid-point with a baseline. The markings up to 180degree are two ways, one clockwise and another anti-clockwise. The two-way markings help you to measure angles on consecutive sides or even the reflex angles. Their budget range includes cheap plastic protractor to less cheap ones. We can’t say they are expensive as their budget range is quite affordable. You can check out some at our shopping platform,

Circular 360 protractor

You might have understood the difference between semi-circular and circular kind of protractors by their name. The circular tools have markings up to 360 degrees or 400 radians as they are available in radian measuring unit as well. They are not much of a school instrument, but office supplies – Yes! Coming to their applications, you can see them in engineering mechanical drawing, architecture, and meteorology fields. Also, there are variations, obvious to the fact that they are widespread in different industries. For example, some circular protractor has a swing arm that enhances accuracy. Thus, finding the best protractor for drawing is completely up to your needs.

Universal bevel protractor

The bevel type of protractor has a complex structure. It gives accuracy and precision to the core. You can break down the design into three parts: dial, swing arm, and blade. Every part adds to the precision that the tool always boasts of. Their usage is high in wood and metal toolmaking workshops. If you are looking to buy them, we recommend putting extra efforts in seeking quality product as any defect in manufacturing could lead to major blunders in your work projects. Therefore, check out reputed brands and see what product fits you best. You can also check out protractor for sale online in UAE and see if you find something worth buying.

Tips on how to buy Protractors online

Whether a basic protractor or an advanced one, you will find them serving a single purpose: measuring angles. The only difference that arises is in the accuracy and precisions. The more intense your work is, the more advanced product you need. Thus, the price, size, type, and even the weight of the product is to note down. Despite the technicalities, we have put the limelight on some pre-requisites here, which we think is equally necessary to consider. These will help you to narrow down your purchase smoothly.

  • The first step towards your research – You will see that products online will be segregated in terms of school supplies, commercial, and woodwork. This division takes you from the basic to the advanced version of the product. So, choose the specific category that suits your work and job commitments.
  • Check out the material best-suited – Stainless steel, aluminium alloy, plastic, and engineered plastic are the kind of materials used in the manufacturing of protractors. Usually, semi-circular or circular discs are plastic because you need transparency to read the paper marking underneath the tool. Commercial protractors are either metal to provide sturdiness or engineered plastic to provide mechanical strength, impact resistance, and heat resistance.
  • Focus on small details like a locking nut – If you are buying a bevel protractor, make sure the locking is easy. Otherwise, you will place the tool to measure the angle, and it will slide while locking the nut giving you incorrect results. If you see the specifications stating knurled thumb nut, you can trust this protection. First, it takes less than a second to twist and lock this nut. Secondly, the square head gives a stronghold so as to function in a precise manner. Likewise, you will find more such nuts that are equally functional.
  • Also, search the alternatives – Do you know an electric protractor exists? In it, you just have to place the protractor on the angled side to measure, and it will show the measurements on display. Carpenters, plumbers, architects, and many other professionals use this advanced version. Do you think your project or work commitment need this tool? Go for it! Meanwhile, this is just one alternative. You can find more variations and features online.
  • Do the groundwork before shopping – Groundwork involves two things to do. One is to search for all the features and list what you all be needing. The second is to enquire about top manufacturers, retailers, and reputed brands. This knowledge is adequate to make yours an informed decision.

We hope the tips sounded logical enough to you. This is a broad brush or should we say simple steps to reach the product you deserve. Therefore, make sure not to take hasty decisions even if it takes time to investigate different variants. Your efforts will make your shopping a seamless experience and let you grab the best of all. And this must go without saying!

Question & Answer

What protractor is used for technical drawing?

Nothing specific! Even a basic protractor finds its place in technical drawing. It all depends on usage. The logic is making the drawing correct, and you have the tools to choose from. You can pick semi-circular, circular, rectangular, or even a draftsman protractor if your job relates to it. If we still have to segregate then other than basic semi-circular protractor, the remaining types are professional tools used by industry specialities.

Why is a protractor used?

A protractor is a measuring instrument, and that’s all it does. They measure angles and validate your drawing. However, the units of measurement may differ. Some protractors measure angles in degrees while some in radians. Coming to more advance protractors, you can see more applications of these tools as bevel protractor, which is circular in the design along with one pivoted arm. You can measure as well as mark the angles with the advanced version, and sometimes vernier scale is also find attached to give more precise readings.

How to measure angles with a protractor?

Let’s first talk about a basic protractor. It measures angles on a sheet of paper. You simply put the centre of your protractor on the vertex of the angle, and read the number of the outer arc, which is the precise angle reading. Now the bevel protractors, you can measure angles of even mechanical blocks with this tool. It has a Vernier scale with a locking nut. You put the disc and Vernier scale onto the block’s angular position, lock the nut, and read the angle where it points. That’s all! The process of reading is simple with a diverse range of applications.

Where to buy a protractor in-store online in UAE?

You can literally buy a protractor in any shopping search engine , but the thing to notice here is the brands you go for. We know brands do not don stationery objects that much as compared to other products. But if you do look at brands, you can find more add-ons in terms of features and that too in the same price range as any local product. Listing a few, you can check out Maped, Rotring, Mitutoyo, Helix, Linex, Staedtler.

With all the insights, you might be ready to explore the products and fulfil your requirement with the best protractor. If you are on the lookout for a complete mechanical set, you can also explore other measuring instruments here. Do check out and see if you find something interesting.