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About Geotriangles

The geotriangles used to be the best makeshift gun during school days. We hardly remember using them other than the times when we forgot the ruler. But as we observed growing up or involved in a particular profession where set squares are not less than a hero tool, we now know and understand the importance. And yes! It is not just a tool to make degree angles, but there is lots more in it.

Let’s first talk about the professions where set squares are essential office supplies . Wherever engineering or technical drawing is concerned, these tools are a must. Architects, engineer, or drafter are some of the professionals who are usually in charge of the drawing. Another professional who cannot work without these geotriangles is a carpenter or interior designer, or anyone who is in charge of making something out of wood. The design of the product does not remain constant though. The change in the profession needs some twists and turns with the product as well. So, if you are looking to buy the best quality set square, you better know all your job commitments to grab the right product.

Two set squares in a box

There are two types of geotriangles, and they differ by angle inclination. One provides you with 90degree and two 45degree angles. Another provides you with 90degree, 30degree, and 60degree angle. By combining these two, you can make angles of any degree up to 180. For example, if you want to make a 105degree angle, you have to combine one 60degree side of the set square and 45degree side of the second set square. These geotriangles also vary in size and unit markings. For example, you can have a set square with 10cm to 30cm scales, depending on your job. Also, unit markings can be centimetre, metre, or millimetre, again necessary to suit different occupations. If you go by these small details during the purchase, you will never end up dissatisfying with the product.

Set square use with T-square

The one and only purpose of T-squares is to make the lines, marking, and angles accurately. In schools, you use the ruler instead of T-square to function the accuracy factor. However, the complete professional setup includes drawing boards, clips, sheets, and T-square. After that, you can choose your tools like set squares, adjustable set squares, compass, protractor, and others. But the tools can give accurate results only when you use them efficiently. For instance, a common error when using T-square and geotriangles are the gaps that may occur between the two. If the T-square is improperly aligned with the edge of the board, the complete drawing will go bland.

Modern and adjustable set square

This is another variation of the set square, which is different only in terms of design. Function-wise, it performs the same set of tasks as the traditional geotriangles. The first interesting feature of the best adjustable set square is that you don’t need two sets. One tool with a locking nut and adjustable scale can work same as two traditional set squares. It works by adjusting the scale, locking it, and making the desired angle or line marking. This one also needs T-square to obtain and validate accuracy. But of course, you have to pay more for this advance style.

Combination set square use

When we are describing combo squares, you can expect multiple applications. They have been serving professional of different industries from years and take all praise. The first and foremost reason is that it is more consistent and precise than measuring tape. Also, with a combo square, you do not have to mark two endpoints to make a long line. You just have to adjust the combo square, and the rule’s end will indicate the layout line to slide with the pencil. Along with that, you can accurately set heights, align your tablesaw, and likewise perform many other applications. If you are up for buying one, you can check out the best combination set square at our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Geotriangles online

The applications of set squares are dispersed in a different line of work. Like one professional may use it for the general function of marking lines and angle. Another professional may use it for picturising objects from different viewpoints. The complexity increases, and so does the design and features of geotriangles. Well, buying these products is not a daunting task. Just understanding a few fine points, and you are good to go. Here, we have compiled the bullet points to consider before buying the two set squares in a box.

  • Material to choose – Plastic, wood, metal are three materials you can find for set squares. When it comes to plastic material, make sure they are acrylic glass to provide you with transparency and optical clarity. All the tools must have bevelled ends, especially the metal set square as this material can prick you. Coming to the wooden tools, you can go for framed versions as these are more popular than others. Also, it comes in different colours.
  • Laser-etched markings – To make the product more long-lasting, check the products’ specifications and look for laser marking. If yes, you can buy the product without any doubt. These markings won’t fade or rub off for a long time unless you are reluctant to do so. Also, make sure the markings are visible, especially if you are buying colourful products. For example, white marking on black and black marking on blue sounds perfect colour combo.
  • Compatibility matters – If you are finding a missing piece of your geotriangle, go to the same brand. If you are finding the whole set, go to one brand. If you want a drawing board as well, again buy it from one brand. The reasons are varying size, weight, unit markings, and overall looks. All the said factors must be compatible with each other.
  • Determine your purpose – Set square use for general angle inclination is the simplest of all with centimetre marking, protractor and ruler. However, the same products for architectural work are complex. They have different scales, material, and facets to fulfil the requirements. Another purpose is in woodwork where the combination set square is used to ensure accuracy of layout lines and cuts.
  • Unit markings – Do not forget to check the measurement unit of the product. Although you can convert a centimetre to a metre or even to foot, this may be time-consuming. If your work involves measurements in centimetre, go for the product with centimetre marking only.

We hope the tips will help you in scrutinising even the small details, which we often ignore. Another positive outcome of these tips is that they help you to narrow down your purchase. Or you can also use advanced filters on our product search engine . Talking of our shopping platform, you should check out the set square for sale online in UAE and see if you find the product you can buy

Question & Answer

Why are set squares used?

Set square is the set of two triangles and one ruler. There is another variant, adjustable set square, but here we are only talking about the conventional two parts as there is no such different other than design. About the usage, the two triangles create a specific angle at their baseline and vertex, which is used to create any angle up to 180degree. You can also make parallel lines and perpendicular with these. And the angles already set at these geotriangles are 90-45-45degree angles and 30-60-60degree angles. You may or may not use both the pieces for one angle. It all depends on what degree angle you get to make.

How do you use set squares?

Using two set squares in a box is simple, but you can’t deny that you need practice with these tools to gain accuracy. Depending on the degree of the angle you want to make, one or both geotriangles will be required. If the angle is 45, 60, 30, or 90, you need one set square. Otherwise, any other angle up to 180degree requires both the tools. To illustrate, take 45degree as an example. To make this angle, you need to mark a line with the ruler and place the 45degree set square adjacent to the line. Once done, you can now again put the ruler adjacent to the angled side of the set square, remove the set square, and mark the line along with the ruler. This will be your 45degree angle created with a set square. Also remember that this is an illustration of two pieces of the set square, not for adjustable set squares.

Where to buy set square online in the UAE?

The precision needed in set squares is not only about execution but, the quality of material and integrity of brand or manufacturer matters too. This is the kind of product you can get from any local shop, and we often neglect the brands associated with them thinking all the same. We suggest trying brands like Rotring, Uxcell, Hema, & Maped, and see the difference in durability, which is far better than breakable plastic you may be using till now. Not only these but there are more such brands that you can explore on our shopping search engine .

Now you know the types, applications, tips, and almost every insight that you may or may not have known previously. You can go ahead and commence your shopping drive. Find exactly what you want or explore other measuring instruments on from over 500+ online stores.