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About Curvimetres

Curvimetres, opisometres, meilograph, and map measurers are different names of one product. Despite different names, they serve a single purpose. And that is to measure the distance between two reference points. And if you are looking to buy one,  you must contemplate the products to decide on the budget, brand, features, and more.

The anatomy of a curvimetre includes a handle, display glass, and wheel. These three primary elements are going to influence your purchase of curvimetres. You will find their variants differ in types, size, and price. Along with that, the secondary elements can be add-on or essential functions, depending on your purpose and job. Read on to know the features we are talking about, and most importantly, the factors that can lead you to buy the best opisometer.

Rules of using a map measurer

The first and foremost rule is not to use the opisometre in one go. You should divide the entire line or route into small sections or one noticeable reference point to another. The result you will get this way will be the most accurate. The second rule relates to the size of the map for which we have one answer: the bigger, the better. And the reason is again reaching accuracy. The third rule is more like validating the results. You should measure the same segments more times in order to avoid errors. Our motto to explain the rules is to burst the myth that only the quality of the instrument can depict accuracy. As we see, the handling can impact the results too.

The mechanical map measurer

The mechanical type of curvimetre is the oldest and conventional map measuring instruments . You can segregate these types as basic and advanced. The basic ones are modest-looking products serving the purpose of measuring distances. However, the advanced ones are multi-functional and may have funky looks too. One of such products is in the form of a keychain with a built-in compass as an additional function. Coming to the advantages of mechanical tools, these are simple to use and does not get affected by weather and climate. Also, these are independent of the power source and imparts no resistance to moisture. We have curvimetre for sale online in UAE where you can find these mechanical types, for sure.

The electronic version of opisometre

The electronic version of curvimetre is one of the essential office supplies . This tool has a complex design and higher cost than its mechanical counterpart. They often see their significance indoors, not in the field due to the complexities involved. These tools are equipped with extra features like a flashlight, calculator, compass. There are also some job-related functions, which include architectural and engineering graphic measurements of feet, inches, metric scale, and more. Along with that, data storage is another positive feature.

A mielograph on the road

So, what will you do if you want to hit the road and measure that distance irrespective of doing it on the maps? And yes, we do have a tool for that: curvimetre road. But the question is the purpose. Why do you want to use curvimetres on the road? Well, there are certainly many sites where you cannot use range finders, tape measures, and other devices, and that’s where curvimetre can assist. It is long enough to slide while walking and has got big wheels or disc to rotate smoothly over uneven surfaces. They even have brake buttons, a folding handle, and an accurate counter to make the tool functional enough. This is about the three types of curvimetres and their application in the real world. You can further slide to the tips section or explore the variants at our retail search engine .

Tips on how to buy Curvimetres online

In layman terms, curvimetre or opisometre is called a map measurer. You can find them online with different naming conventions. Coming to the purchase, choosing the best map measurer does not require much intensity. A few factors to consider, and you can narrow down your purchase, saving your time and money. Here, we have compiled the primary factors to make your pick an informed decision.

  • Decide the type – Mechanical, electronic, and road curvimetres are three types of measuring instruments. You can choose the mechanical tool for outdoor activities or for the purpose of just finding the distance. However, the electronic version is for engineers and architects to use. The third one is to measure the road, so maybe again, architects or archaeologists may be using that.
  • Determine the purpose – A curvimetre instrument can measure the distances on the map and the real-world distance too. Along with maps, you can use them on blueprints, plans, plots, drawings, roads or more. So, before you grab a product, channelise your purpose.
  • Indoor or outdoor – If you are going to use the instrument indoors, you may not have much to worry about the sturdiness. But during hiking or outdoor usage, you should consider features like scratch-resistant, waterproof, and plan ahead. With a plan ahead, the display can show the distance you need to travel more to reach the destination.
  • About the looks – You can choose between analogue or digital display. Other than that, the type of wheel that is disc or spikes is another variation. The counter can be located on the handle or the wheel, or you can also choose a folding handle. None of these features influences the function but looks.
  • Additional features – Other than measuring the distance, your curvimetre can also measure the remaining distance you got to travel to reach the destination. The second most-sought after feature is backwards capable. With this, you can roll the wheel backwards in the route, and it will subtract that distance. This way, you do not have to start from zero.

Other than these factors, it is the list of brands you should know next. Minerva, Panerai, Kartenmeister, are some top-rated brands, which you can find at our shopping platform, And once you visit, you will see more such brands, unique products, amazing deals, and advanced filter to narrow down the list.

Question & Answer

What is an opisometre used for?

An opisometre or curvimetre helps reading the distance on the maps. Although manual methods exist, curvimetre offers the most accurate and time-saving method. Yet talking about one of the manual methods, you can measure the curved path by dividing the route into segments and measuring the distance of each segment one-by-one. Then, add all the segments to calculate the total length. The manual method is all about careful observation, precision, and time efforts. But, curvimetre can do that in a few seconds.

How to use curvimetre?

A curvimetre measuring instrument is simple to use. All you need to do is roll the wheel along the route that you want to calculate. The instrument’s display glass will show the accumulated distance. But before you begin, make sure that you set the counter to zero. This is very obvious, but sometimes we forget and get inappropriate results. Also, the results you will get will either display real-world distances or the actual distance on the map. You can differentiate between the two by looking at the units.

How do you use Eurohike map measurer?

Eurohike is an analogue map measuring instrument that shows the distance in miles, kilometres, and nautical miles. It has a plastic build, handle to hold, wheel to rotate, and display to show the distance. To prepare the instrument, you should set the counter to zero by spinning the wheel to reset the reading. Then, place the tracking wheel onto the map and push the device following the line of your route. As you finish, the pointer will indicate the distance covered.

Which is the best brand of opisometre to use?

One of the prominent and durable brands is Eurohike. With their products, you can measure the map of all scales. If you are looking for something basic and affordable, this can be the best product. Moving on, Silva Plus is another brand with unique features. Their products are waterproof and can also display the remaining travel time. If you would like to look at the product visibly, we suggest visiting our shopping platform, Not only these two brands, but you will more options to explore, compare, and buy.

We hope you get the insights you were looking for purchasing the best product. At our product search engine , you can expect to discover brands and deals that can match your budget and purpose.