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About Balloon Markers

A balloon is always great when it talks! Of course, a label printed balloon is the easiest of the bunch. However, there’s something much more convenient to ensure that your balloons convey a message. Yes, we’re talking about the balloon markers or hobbystiftens. Are you surprised? We bet you are! Yes, you can write on balloons, provided you have the right marker and know how to write with them. Luckily, in this article, we shall highlight a few trending markers that you can use to write on the balloons. Besides, you can also check out a few smart hacks to buy the buy balloon pen online in UAE effortlessly.

Balloon markers, not just personalise your balloons but they do much more than that. For instance, they cover a ton of balloon space with a little amount of weight and effort. Anyone who has tried to write on a balloon will quickly know that there’s an art to writing on them and still make sure that they float. Usually, the balloon markers or hobbystiftens make it easy. Further, you can outline the letters and then colour them gently with pens. Similarly, there are several ways you can use balloon markers. Better yet, you can find their distinct options too. Let’s have a look at a few of them next.

The various balloon writing pens and their uses

Fortunately, you have many options for balloon markers to choose from. However, there are a few essential things that you need to keep in mind while using any model or kind. And one of the most important things is that the hobbystiften you choose must not be water-soluble. Also, while writing, make sure that you firmly tape down the balloon. If you’re right-handed, then work right to left. But, if you’re left-handed, then work left to right. In short, try to avoid smudging. A good balloon marker will allow you to do calligraphy as well as faux calligraphy on both inflated and uninflated balloons.

The glue pen for balloon

What can be better than latex on latex? The glue pens are a great option if you wish to add glitter to your balloons. You can create beautiful shapes and letters using this glitter glue pen on balloons. The pen comes in different sizes of nibs. One of the best among them is the medium nib. This medium nib allows you to personalise your balloons for any functions, events or celebrations. You can quickly write messages on decorations with no mess at all. Also, you’ll see that the glue in these glue pens stay blue when wet and turn clear when dry.

The advantages of writing on foil balloons with Sharpie

The permanent metallic markers from Sharpie are one of the best when it comes to writing on the balloons with the hobbystiftens. Moreover, you can get them in vibrant shades like gold and silver. The gold and silver balloons are great for writing on dark coloured balloons. By the way, you can also use them on foil balloons. Further, the pens have a smooth ink flow and ensure a mess-free writing experience. What’s more, it offers different tip sizes. With distinct tips size, you can easily create various kinds of lettering styles.

Writing on inflated and deflated with helium balloon marker

Making custom decorating balloons doesn’t have to be expensive. With just a few basic ideas and tools, you can create impressive aesthetics. Inflated balloons usually come with helium or air in them. For inflated helium balloons you can use any kind of permanent metallic marker. All you need to do is to firmly hold your inflated balloon on your lap or any flat and smooth surface to write on them. However, in the case of the deflated balloon, you might have to first secure one end with a rubber band. Then, use a black or metallic marker to pen a message on the deflated balloon.

The Lamy balloon pen

Lamy is one of the premium brands that produce some of the most versatile hobbystiftens. With their distinctive design and smooth tips, it allows you to decorate your party balloons in the best possible way. Better yet, you can choose them among various, vibrant shades too. For instance, there are glitter pens that you can utilise for dark coloured balloons. Similarly, you can also find soft tones and blenders for lighter balloons. Moreover, having such colourful options enables you to create different aesthetics for various events and occasions.

Tips on how to buy Balloon Markers online

Choosing the best balloon marker online requires a bit more scrutiny. You might need to weigh your hobbystiftens against several factors. Further, you may also have to consider the various pros and cons of each model and version. Below we’ve listed out a few tips that’ll help you to purchase the balloon markers without any hassle.

  • Figure out what you need them for – Indeed, you can use various kinds of markers for different types of balloons. For instance, you need to use a different balloon marker when it comes to foil balloons when compared to the regular latex models. Therefore, it’s best to know what you’re using them for before you buy your perfect pen.
  • Do a bit of research – Exploring the various available options and understanding their features is the key to buying your ideal marker. You could also check out the popular manufacturers and retailers. A bit of research about the product you intend to buy online is always a plus when you’re buying them online. You’ll have enough knowledge to segregate the best one among the lot.
  • Check out their colour options – As an artist, one of the most important things you should consider is the shades that you’ll be using on the balloons. For this, you must first know the colour of your balloons. Once, you know that you can pick the hobbystiftens that complement the balloon shades. It’s best to choose something bright and glittery.
  • Go for refillable markers – Refillable markers are best, as you can easily store them for years. You do not need to discard them, as you can use them as long as you want by just refilling them when you need them. Moreover, such a model tends to last long and stay durable for a longer period. In short, it’s best to go with refillable markers.
  • Select a model with replaceable tips – Having replaceable tips is the right choice when it comes to balloon markers. If you wish to write on several balloons at a time, then you need to invest in a good brand of markers with replaceable tips. That’s because the tips usually wear out as per the frequency of usage. This is why this feature comes in handy if you want your marker to last for a while.
  • Pick a pen with good ink flow – You want the ink to flow smoothly when you’re writing on the balloon latex. Any break in between will spoil the entire look of the balloon. Therefore, make sure to pick out a pen that has smoothly flowing ink. However, make sure you avoid a model that spews out too much ink. You do not want a big blob of mess on your beautiful balloons.
  • Keep an eye on the design and style of the marker – Indeed, this is something that most of us overlook, particularly when it comes to balloon marker. That’s because we’re too engrossed in getting our balloon designs right for the party. But, remember the style of the hobbystiften is equally important. The best design ensures that you have a comfortable grip on them while writing.

The best hobbystiftens are out there. However, you must know how to pick them to ensure that you have the best model in hand. Buy those models that best suit your needs and budget. Carefully observe their various features. Do not just jump onto products that only please your eyes. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you purchase the best balloon marker online.

Question & Answer

How much is a balloon marker?

Balloon marker is available to you in distinct types. This means they have different features, styles, characteristics, and prices. You can find cheap balloon markers as well as expensive ones. Usually, the price ranges from AED 50 to AED 500. This is why it’s best to set aside a budget before you start browsing or shopping for balloon markers. If you’re a penny-pincher, you can get the balloon markers for sale. This helps you secure the best models without having to spend much.

Which is the best balloon marker for helium?

As mentioned earlier, there are several models of hobbystiftens that allows you to write on the balloon in many different ways. However, it’s best to choose alcohol-based models as they tend to stay longer. Moreover, they do not smudge easily. In short, the best marker for writing on helium-filled balloons would certainly be permanent markers that have alcohol-based ink. You can find a wide range of options in terms of colours, brands, and more factors. So, it is advisable to go for permanent markers.

What is the best brand of balloon marker pen?

With the surge in the demand for balloon markers, today you can find several types of markers on the market. More and more manufacturers and brands have come forward to produce some of the iconic balloon markers in different shades. A few among the known brands that bring you the best balloon markers include names like Lamy and Sharpie. If you are looking for quality markers, you can find them here. There are 500+ online stores offering them here.

Where to buy a balloon marker online in UAE?

You can buy balloon pens and markers from several online stores. However, it becomes quite a hectic task when you’ve to browse through all possible sites, just to get one single marker that suits your needs. If you wish to avoid this and experience a smart buying process, then check out the range of options of This product search engine brings you premium quality markers from popular online stores and brands. Better yet, you can easily compare the products, their features, and rates from different brands all under one single roof.

So are you up for buying your balloon markers online? Then hurry and visit! Explore your options and pick the perfect one among the lot. Moreover, we hope this article will be your guiding light in the buying process. Also, make sure to check out other products and office supplies from over 500 brands and online shops right here!

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