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We all have CDs and DVDs that we haven’t labelled yet. Some of us have just a few, while others have stacks of them. Besides, these collections grow whenever you toss in a new CD/DVD, which is why it’s essential to label them. But, how do you label a CD/DVD anyway? Well, the easiest way is to grab the CD/DVD markers and write on them.  

If only you thought of this before! Yes, you can write on the discs. But, remember, choosing the right marker is the key because some might eat into the plastic. Quite often, this can ruin your CDs or DVDs. Now, we’re not saying that you cannot label your discs with markers. But you must be careful of the kind of writing tool you’re using to label your CDs and DVDs. To learn why certain CD//DVD markers can harm your discs, you need to understand the characteristics and properties of various types of pens that work best on the CD or DVD. And luckily for you, we’ve also compiled a few trending models that you can consider investing in.  

The best CD/DVD marker pens to choose from  

In our opinion, permanent pens are the best possible CD/DVD markers. They certainly do live up to your expectations. Today, you’ll find several kinds of pens from different brands. Most of them contain permanent ink that dries quickly after you apply them. More importantly, they do not smudge or fade away later. Additionally, they also offer high resistance against water and rubbing. That’s why many customers worldwide have been relying on these for carrying out multiple marking tasks. You can use these inks on a range of different surfaces apart from CDs and DVDs. With all these innovative features in place, you’ll never go wrong with these products. That said, we’ve filtered out the best ones from the thousands of permanent pens currently trending on the market.  

The Camlin CD /DVD marker pen 

Camlin, a reputed brand for ages, has offered some of the best pens for labelling CDs and DVDs. For instance, the Camlin CD DVD Marker Pen is a premium quality pen set with 10 markers. All these come in a range of different colours. Besides, the brand makes sure that the materials utilised to construct the pen come from reliable resources. With all these factors, we can confidently say that these pens are one of the most durable and long-lasting of all models of markers online.  

The Pilot CD/DVD marker 

The Pilot CD Marker has a unique design that allows you to use them without damaging the surface. It makes sure that you do not scratch or tear the CD or DVD surface. Usually, you’ll find them in 4 vivid colours. You’ll also find them in ink colours like green, red, black and blue. Additionally, it is both xylenes free and made of recycled material. Apart from that, it has a fine point shape for precise writing. Moreover, you can find several variations of these pens. The variations include the Pilot super colour marker, pilot CD/DVD twin marker, Pilot 100/400 permanent marker, and many.  

The Toronto CD/DVD marker 

RORITO brings you a comprehensive range of world-class writing instruments. It also brings you a fine collection of other stationery products. All these enhance global standards of writing on different surfaces, including CD and DVD. These pens come with a fibre tip for precise and permanent impressions. Moreover, it also has a unique metal tip supporter for sturdy usage. Above all, the permanent waterproof ink that’s non-toxic and free from xylene and toluene makes the marker a winner in all aspects. Indeed, their sleek exterior, fine nib and vibrant colours offer the ultimate writing comfort and style. In short, Rorito stands tall in delivering the quintessential of perfect writing. This brand’s CD/DVD markers are a smart choice of global class, technologically forward range of pens to please the writing sense.   

The Sharpie permanent DVD markers 

Sharpie is a well-known brand when it comes to supplying CD/DVD markers. The sharpie 12-pack marker comprises the most vibrant and pigmented ink shades. It adds some bright colour touches to your documents and art projects. It has a stiff fine point tip for better sustainability. This permanent marker is certainly AP certified for being safe and free from acid or other toxicants in its ink material. It can perform smoothly on most surfaces such as paper, plastic, metal, wood and glass, etc. The permanent ink dries out quickly after being used and stays waterproof on such surfaces. You can buy sharpie DVD markers online. Moreover, the brand offers to purchase from 1 to 4 packs at once with reasonable pricing. Therefore, you can grab the pens in large quantities as you wish.  

Tips on how to buy CD/DVD Markers online in the UAE

Now you know how versatile the CD/DVD markers are. However, to purchase the best model, you need to know whether to use it for everyday errands or arts and crafts projects. You could also want a set that you can use for both functions. But, their sheer variety makes it a bit difficult for you to select the best ones among the lot. Keeping a few tips like the below handy will effortlessly help you purchase the CD/DVD pens online. So read on.

  • Figure out their types – You can categorise these pens based on tips and ink types. You can find chiselled tips, fine tips, brush tips, and broad tips when it comes to tips. On the other hand, when it comes to inks, you can find water-based and alcohol-based. This is why it’s essential to explore their types and see which one suits your requirements before picking one.
  • Do a bit of research – It’s a great idea to spend some time understanding and studying the characteristics and features of marking pens. Try to know about the top manufacturers. Learn about their specs and the way you can use them. If you know a lot about the product you intend to buy, then it’ll be easier for you to segregate your ideal model from the lot.
  • Check out the tip shapes and size – The marker tips come in various shapes and sizes. As mentioned earlier, you’ll find chiselled tips, fine tips, brush tips as well as broad tips. The fine tips produce precise lines, whereas the broad ones produce thick and bold lines. Therefore, it’s best to consider what you want to draw or write to get the right tip size.
  • Look out for tip materials – Just like the size, you’ll see that the marker tips come in different materials. One popular material utilised in marking pens includes firm plastic. You’ll see them enclosed in a metal funnel. It uniformly dispenses ink making it suitable for detailed illustrations and writing. Further, you’ll also find fibrous tips. They’re spongy and versatile. Their cone shape allows you to use them in many ways.
  • Consider the ink types – Most of the inks are either water-based or alcohol-based. Remember, oil and alcohol-based inks tend to bleed through paper. That’s because they’re apt for glossy paper, plastic, metal, or glass. Similarly, you can also find some marking pens that ensure acid-free inks. This helps you retain the quality of your work for a very long time.
  • Explore the colour range – Considering the colour range is crucial when it comes to buying these pens. The more the colours, the more easily you can achieve tonal gradation. Alcohol-based pens offer you the most extensive colour range. Some alcohol-based products come with 358 shades! Of course, you might not need these many colours. However, it’s still better to check out your colour options.
  • Check out the light fastness – Indeed, all art media fades over time. The light, oxygen, and humidity gradually break the chemical bonds of the molecules that create colours. Now, the ability to resist this colour degradation is lightfastness. If you’re creating artworks you want to preserve for a long time, then pick pens with the lightfast or archival feature. They hold colours for decades.
  • Pick an affordable model – You’ll find alcohol-based pens more expensive than water-based models. However, the more the price, the better the dyes, colour types, and blending. You can expect the price range anywhere between AED 10 to AED 25 per pen for artist-quality markers. However, you can also DVD markers for sale online in the UAE. Either way, it’s best to set aside a budget before you start exploring and purchasing them online.

When buying your CD/DVD marking pens, be sure to pick something that fits your deal. You do not want to be spending on something that you wouldn’t use later on. Therefore, carefully observe the various options, their features, and their characteristics. It’s better to weigh the pros and cons before making the final call on your choice of pen.

Question & Answer

How do I label a CD and a DVD?

Labelling a CD or DVD is essential to sort them later out easily. However, labelling a CD/DVD isn’t an easy process, as you require the right tools to do so. For instance, you can use adhesive labels or use permanent pens to label your discs. However, it would help if you were careful while opting for both of these methods. For instance, an adhesive label should be curved and one that fits the disc shape. Similarly, the permanent marker you use to label the discs must come with high-quality inks that don’t damage the CDs and DVDs.

Can I use a permanent marker for labelling CD/DVD?

Yes, you can use an off-the-shelf permanent marker. It is also a great way to make sure that your discs aren’t readable after some time. The reason behind this is that certain markers can easily harm your CDs and DVDs, which is why it’s important to consider the ink when labelling your discs with the pens. However also note that this is permanent marking and you might not be able to rewrite the CD or tag on that.

Which side of the DVD can you write on?

When labelling your discs with permanent pens, it’s important to know which side of the disc you write on. That’s because any scratches to the bottom of your discs will completely ruin them. It’s better to write on top of the CDs and DVDs with the CD/DVD markers. Remember, you write the discs from the inside out. So make sure to write on the end when you’re labelling them. It will be easier to find the CD next time you need it and easier to understand what soft copies it contains.

Which is the best brand of CD & DVD markers for labelling?

With markers gaining popularity over the years, the manufacturers are now obligated to produce various models, which is also why you can find several types of CD/DVD pens on the market today. However, you need to make sure that you pick the best one among the lot. Brands like Sharpie, BD, Rorito, Bic, and Staedtler bring you the best DVD markers as well as CD pens online. You can explore a trusted online store to find economical yet extremely reliable items in just a few clicks.

Where to buy CD & DVD markers online in UAE?

You can find distinct types of CD/DVD markers online. However, purchasing from a reliable and hassle-free web portal is vital to secure the best seats. Well, check out if you want to experience convenient and pain-free marker shopping. This product search engine offers you some of the best CD/DVD markers online. Better yet, you can purchase them from popular online stores.

Labelling your CDs and DVDs is essential to keep track of your data collection. However, you need to do this carefully, as any wrong move with the permanent markers will completely ruin your discs. We hope this guide offers you adequate information about the CD/DVD markers for purchasing the right one without any hassle. Now, get started and explore your various options on Also, check out several other office supplies from over 500 brands and online stores right here!