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About Labeling Pliers

A price gun is a tool used in both small and large retail outlets. It is used to label products with price stickers of different sizes. Today, one can find a wide range of pricing gun manufacturers offering various styles and features.

However, most of the pricing guns operate somewhat similarly, dispensing price labels from a roll. A price gun helps speedy price marking for products and overpricing for a price reduction for sale or special offer items. This is a handheld gun and is appreciated for its mobility and efficiency. These guns are lightweight yet durable, and you can take them to any location to label the products. For labelling, you will need to hold the gun in one hand and pull the handle upwards, leading the edge of the roll of labels to pull through the gun by an internal system, thereby partially ejecting one sticker out of the mouth and be applied on the product.

Benefits of price guns

Mainly there are two types of tagging guns, namely fine fabric and standard. The fine fabric guns are used for delicate materials like silk. The standard gun is commonly used for general garments, including knitwear and coats. Widely known as taggers, these guns are widely used in the retail industry for applying store brand swing tickets, card material, price, or pre-printed product details. They have proved themselves as a convenient way to label the products. Aside from ease of use, there are several other benefits that one can earn using a tagger or price tag machine.

Customized labelling

In retail, everything is about being eye-catching. Consumers love pricing labels where the text size is a bit clearer and more readable. It makes a lot of difference for many folks in the world. A pricing gun gives you the flexibility to choose the text size and style for your customers. It also allows the merchants to customize the price tags for products that may expire soon, are available in special offers or part of deals etc. For versatility and convenience, every retail setup holds one or more types of price sticker guns.

Promotions with pricing guns

With a brand pricing gun, you can make attention-grabbing labels. These may include labels like “On Sale” or “Special”. They are easier to make and have an incredible impact on attracting a customer’s attention. You can make customised labels with a brand pricing gun and change the tags’ framing and text colours. Such creative freedom is beneficial for brands to maintain their brand identity. They also allow you to make one, two or three lines of characters and get the message tagged on any product with just one shot.

They are economical, simple.

Another noteworthy aspect is the price of these price tag label guns. Despite the many perks for any brand or business, these guys are incredibly cheaper themselves. Many of the price tagging guns that offer unique features will cost you less than $100. Hence if you consider the time saved in pricing and inventory clothing, it is worth investing in these small retail tools. Additionally, they involve pretty simple mechanics. You will be dealing with an inker, a print head, and the labels. Even if you pick a highly advanced model, the simplicity and economy will remain the same, but the benefits will keep on adding.

Accuracy and versatility

Even if you head to buy the simplest model with the minimum cost, you will be getting high-quality results. All you need to ensure is that you are attaching the right price tag according to the product. A digitally controlled price gun can label items with prices expiry dates and storage slogans with just a click of a button. You can also check the accuracy before the tag or sticker leaves the gun, ensuring the job’s appropriacy. With that said, you can use these guns on a variety of surfaces. Bluntly speaking, you can virtually mark any surface with a price gun. It includes everything from frozen food, fabric, plastic, or glass.

Tips on how to buy Pricing Guns online in the UAE 

Before you head to buy the best pricing gun, you must know the facts about what you need, as the pricing gun for clothes may be a bit different than the one you will use on frozen food or glass. Although there is nothing much to look for in a price gun, there are a few essential parameters that you must be aware of if you genuinely wish to make a worthy purchase. Here are some tips for those who do not know how to make their first purchase of guns online. Review and be mindful of the pointer mentioned below and never lag your products with the best.

  • The type of gun – Start by knowing what kind of gun you need. Generally, you will find one or two liner printers with 6 to 9 characters in one line. But with a bit of search at Shops, you can easily find machines with digits and an additional set of letters used in pricing.
  • Print quality – It is another important feature that significantly impacts the quality of your product and overall brand image. So, for high-quality results, you must look for the best quality machine that prints smoothly and effortlessly on the labels. Make sure the gun offer a clear print that is bold enough to last longer.
  • The amount of work – As you will be using the gun for tagging hundreds of products per day, so ensure the gun you choose can offer you smooth results for bulks. Here it would help if you looked for speed, ease of use and durability of the gun. Look for items like Perco Label gun or Monarch 925082.
  • The price and brand – As discussed earlier, you can easily find these guns within your budget. So, maintain complete peace of mind while searching brands. However, it will be better to look for the pricing guns on more than one brand. This way, you can find added features at the same price.

It is also recommended to read the product description section of the final shortlisted guns. You can find all the details about the speed, capacity or the size and type or tags it can offer. All this information will give you a clear idea if the selected item is suitable for your needs and the type of product you are dealing with. If not, we believe it is time to do a bit more market search until you can get hands-on a product that will make your life at work more comfortable.

Question & Answer

How much are pricing guns online in the UAE?

These guns will generally cost you something from AED 50 and go up to AED 200 or more. The price depends on the type, capacity, added features and brands you are willing to buy. Some of the bestselling items you can shop online include; the monarch 925072 price marker, model 1131 which delivers 1 line and eight characters/line or the monarch 925082 price marker, model 1136 which delivers 2-lines with eight characters per line. If otherwise, look for products like Amram comfort grip standard tagging  gun pro kit; PAG XMS s13 price tag standard attached tagging  gun for clothing with five needles and monarch pricing gun - model 1110.

How to load pricing gun monarch 1136?

Start by pulling back the two latches near the top of the gun and open the cover until it’s locked open when you hear a clicking sound. Riff the first ten inches of labels and place the roll of labels between the roll holder tabs (grey). Now pull the pricing labels and drape them over the metal peel bar in eh front of the gun. Now close the cover until you hear another click shut. In the end, remove the labels from the backing paper to avoid any hurdles and start tagging products.

How to change pricing gun labels?

If you are using a standard pricing gun, hold the gun’s handle with the sticker dispenser pointed away from you. Now pull the lever tabs on both sides of the upper cover and pull them towards you. It will remove the open cover with a click. Always remove about ten labels off the new roll before adding it to the gun. Place the roll in a dedicated section and make sure it is held well in the place. Now close the cap with a click and start using it.

Where to buy pricing guns online in the UAE?

For any office supplies and DIY tools or accessories, explore any retail search engine. For instance, at Shops, you can find a possible variety of products from top global brands. You can search and buy products from Posmea, Alexnid, Monarch, Perco, or Amram. You can also use the price comparison tool to search and buy products within your budget limitation easily. However, in any case, make sure you are reviewing products from more than one brand before placing a final order.

To do so, you can explore the website to purchase products from top trusted names from around the globe alongside the best sellers in the local market and other top shops online in the UAE.