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About Information Boards

First of all, think of yourself as a sign board navigating your customers, marketing your products, and glowing with a discount sign. In the same way, information boards should reflect the zeal. These products must be able to communicate with your customers just the way you do. For that, we believe you should spend some time pondering upon the dos and don’ts.

Your purchase of sign boards for the office can have two aspects. One where you think of what goes on the board, depending on which you choose the material. For instance, if you want your information board to glow and be visible from the far end, you can invest in LED or neon signage. Then, the second aspect is about quality. All the plastic boards are not weatherproof, and all the wooden boards are not waterproof. In short, you need to spend plenty of time looking at different materials and their features.

Pre-requisites of purchasing sign boards

Preparing your space before purchasing office supplies is a must. If not, you might end up either with more products or less than required. The first thing is to decide the placements of different types of boards. Some locations are fixed, such as navigation signs or no parking board. But marketing boards need your attention. Simultaneously, consider the number of products. You cannot fill up space with too many of boards. When in a dilemma, you can always go for a lesser number. Alternatively, you can buy magnetic sign boards or stickers along with the nailed ones. As a result, you get the flexibility to change some of them as desired.

Safety sign boards

You must remember four types while buying safety boards. These include mandatory actions, caution, safe condition, and prohibition & fire. In fact, these boards have their own colour schemes as well. The red colour is for prohibition & fire signs like showing fire hose, fire extinguisher and stop signs. Yellow is a caution board that you must-have for the identification of hazards. If yours is a factory with explosive substances, these signboards are a must. Then, blue sign boards are for mandatory action like the obligation to wear PPE or other mandatory signs. Green information board signals safe conditions like emergency exits. Also, do check the law policies regulated by your government about safety signage.

Outdoor sign board

The information boards can be inside or outside the office premises. The ones visible without entering the main gate are outdoor signage. The foremost thing to consider while buying outdoor signage is being weatherproof. Although products can vary according to the climate changes in your region, you will find relevant products if you go to local suppliers. Our product search engine can help you with that as we have online shops to cater to all your local needs. Besides, the design of your outdoor signage must comprehend with your branding campaigns to maintain consistency. Meanwhile, you can check out some of the best sign board designs on

3-D sign board

After business cards and pamphlets, information boards is a great idea to make yourself visible in the marketplace. But adding depth to these signages can add an oomph factor, for sure. You can choose amongst different variants, such as High-Density-Urethane (HDU) foam. It can recreate a wooden look for outdoor sign boards. Likewise, there are acrylic 3-d shapes for a glossy look or actual wood signs for a rustic appeal. Cast metal, metal, or plastic cut-outs are some other types you can choose for a 3-D look. This kind of signage is more expensive than other types, but it sure can be a big step in your marketing campaigns. You can put in more creativity like a 3-D block that rotates or revolves with multiple messages or pictures. Like that, you can think of more and show what you got.

Tips on how to buy Information boards online

The sign board not only displays the message on behalf of your business, but it represents you in person. Even if there is a yard sign outside the premises, the overall look should be enough for the onlooker to create your brand’s image. Well, your design and marketing can work on maintaining consistency throughout. Here, we have compiled a few informative points for you to consider before buying sign boards.

  • Watch demographics – Maintaining a database of your customer’s age, profession, salary slab, or gender is important. It will help you to target the sentiments of your audience by choosing the right signage. This is why late-night discs fix glowy boards and vintage places prefer wooden materials. You can only make informed decisions by understanding your audience.
  • Visibility measures – The signages must be attention-worthy. They are out navigating your customers, advertising, and marketing your products. You cannot push other signs to make yours visible and those big hoardings can burn a hole in your pocket. As the underlying purpose is conveying the message, you can be creative enough for that. All you need to do is be consistent with your colour schemes and fonts. You can choose different board materials though.
  • Interior Exterior – You can divide your office space as the exterior and interior when buying the signages. The interior signs need not be much creative and can be straight to the point. There can be essential safety sign boards and beautifying boards. And about exterior boards, you need to seek advice from your design and marketing team. Sometimes, glow sign board is perfect and sometimes they become too cheesy. For all other times, wooden is a great saviour. Likewise, you can decide by contemplating a few parameters.
  • Signage materials – Wood and plastic are two common materials used for sign boards. Redwood, Red cedar, Cypress, or MDO plywood are popular wooden materials. About plastic, there are acrylic, correx, dilite, staufen, and foam PVC. Out of all, staufen is the only type that you can edit. It is the same material as whiteboards in schools. You can write, rub, and customise the message anytime. These are usually placed in front of restaurants to announce the meal of the day or day specials.

With all the different materials available in the marketplace, it becomes a daunting task to explore everything. For that matter, our product search engine can be an excellent platform with brands and shops under one roof. Not that you can scroll all the variants, you can even compare and shop the best of all. Without any time constraint, the deals here take rounds throughout the year. So, there are possible chances that you can grab one. A little peel at is worth it in the end.

Question & Answer

What is an acrylic sign board?

If we talk about just acrylic material, it is a transparent plastic with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. It is one of the best materials for use as information boards in your office. You can even use them as point-of-purchase signs. Another reason for their popularity is their glossy finish that never fades and makes your office look classy all the time. All you have to make sure is to find something that matches your office’s aesthetics.

What is an LED sign board?

LED is a light source meaning a signboard that emits light via electricity. This is an excellent tool for offices that works after dark. Or the eatery places, clubs, bars, or hospitals. The only downside that we see here is the upfront cost as these information boards will be running on electricity. Some product even runs hot with higher wattage that they need a heatsink. There is another alternative available in the marketplace, and that is neon sign boards. It gives much warmer light than LED, but its maintenance cost is higher.

What is the MDO sign board?

MDO is a kind of wooden sign boards. Technically, it is exterior-grade plywood with a high-quality fibre surface. These plywoods are waterproof and weather-resistant, and with these features, they are excellent for exterior use. You can nail, route, shape, or drill the boards with convenience. Either you can buy the boards that are already done with primer and pain or customise as per the aesthetics of your office.

Which sign board to get for the office?

You can get acrylic sign boards for logos and glow sign boards for marketing your business outside the door. If your business or the aesthetics is vintage, do consider the MDO and make it look classy. Do not forget to take a peek at 3-D sign boards. But this is just a broad-brush measure of purchase. You actually should choose the material of the board by contemplating your target audience. It is not only the material but colours, fonts, size, everything that matters. All of them together must reflect creativity, consistency, and relevancy with your business.

It is time that you explore and contemplate by comparing two or more different products. If you are about to kickstart, online shops on our retail search engine can boost your shopping drive. We have all the reputed brands of the market under one roof. Plus, we have got some fantastic deals for you. It is not just time to grab the best product but save your time and money too.

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