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Do you that a simple activity during the development ear can offer lifelong benefits to your child? Yes, you read it right , and we are talking about the most straightforward activity like colouring. And a magic scratch book is something that gives unlimited fun, creativ e skill and learning.

Considering the proven benefits of colouring for kids in their growing ages, colours books have become an important part of today’s growing child. These books and sheets are of great educational importance. This is an economical and fun tool to prepare the kids for preschool. Besides, it is also one of the most favourite pastime activities for kids, sometimes for adults. Advanced versions like magic scratch books or magic scratch papers can spark the kids’ imagination and allow them to express themselves quickly.  Today we are going to discuss some of the benefits these books can give serve your growing kids.

Importance of colouring activities in the early age of development

Have you ever wondered why colours are an essential part of any curriculum in preschools? What can be their role in the kids’ educational success just with a few strokes of shades on paper? Colouring has been an important place in the development of a child since always. Plus, it can easily be incorporated into a child’s day. It offers an opportunity to practice and develop skills like coordination, fine motor, and concentration at early ages. Moreover, it gives the experience of creativity, colour awareness and the development of a sense of achievement, which helps them in every step of their life.

Developing hand strength

A primary reason why colouring is important during the development year is that it develops hand strength. As an adult, we are always writing, typing, and doing many other fine motor skills. It means that we take hand strength for granted.  Toddlers and pre-schoolers, on the other hand, are just beginning to build these important muscles. This strength is important for all hand-related fine motor skills like handwriting. Writing takes a considerable amount of strength and dexterity, and colouring at an early age is the best way to exercise these crucial muscles. A simple magic scratch book will support your child’s hand to grip a pencil properly.

Stimulate creativity

Activities like magic scratch book colouring provide kids with an opportunity to stimulate and explore new creative centres in their minds and the world around them. Different shapes, colours, interpretations and depicted stories can give new wings to their thinking and expand their exposure to the world outside. Withdrawing, colouring, or scratching the same images repeatedly, the child will engage their creative centres in the brain that is processing the shapes and colours.  Such practice at an early age helps kids develop a sense of creativity and confidence for later years.

Boast in self-expression

When you give the kid an opportunity to explore the world, paint, or draw, you are allowing them to present their mind. The opportunity to colour and draw allows them to engage their independence and self-expression. It allows them to choose the colours they want and alter things around them as per their wish and imaginations. Colouring is the time when the kids consciously or subconsciously express themselves and their emotions. On the other hand, a modern scratch book offers the opportunity for to kids be creative and expressive in a specific setting and with a unique set of opportunities and tools.

Improved focus

All colouring related activities help kids to develop better focus. As a toddler parent, you must know that focus is an important skill for any kid. It helps them learn and be successful during their educational years. At the same time, it is equally important in later ages and professional life. Focus on details will help the kids to see through any task from start to finish. Moreover, you will notice that with more focus, kids’ creativity will also increase, and the drawing and colouring will become more intricate and will take more time to complete with a better finish.

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Question & Answer

How to choose a magic scratch book?

The very first thing to consider is the age of the person you are buying the book for. You must note that these books are meant for both kids at early ages and grown–up adults. But there is a massive variety of books available based on age, interest, and creativity level. Therefore, start by knowing the age of the users and find their interests. If the user loves barbies or mermaid, pick a book that depicts such characters. Whereas if you are about to gift it to an adult, know what can interest him/her the most and buy accordingly.

Where to buy a magic scratch book online in the UAE?

Any product search engine is the best place to start looking for products like magic scratch books. This is how you can see all the possible options available online and make a well-informed buying decision. At, you can find products from top brands like Melissa & Doug, Djeco, Shopkins and many more. Here you can also take advantage of the unique price comparison tool to find cheap options in just a few clicks.

Which is the best magic scratch book to buy?

The choices depend on your taste and preferences; however, there are some hot selling items loved by many. The Rainbow Scratch Paper Art Painting Doodling Drawing Notebook is one such item ideal for both kids and adults. Else you can pick Scratch & Sketch Extreme items with trace along or opt for Scratch and Sketch Furry Friends. It is an art activity book for animal lovers and artists of all ages. Besides, Mermaid Adventure Scratch and Sketch and At the Zoo Scratch & Sketch are among the best sellers.

How much is a magic scratch book?

Luckily, these books are cheaper items to buy. You can find them in a price range starting from AED 50 and going up to AED 100 or so. But there are also cheaper items that you can use for yourself and your family at the beginning stages. To find such items, you can explore to find cheaper items, sales deals, and promotions on magic scratch books online in the UAE. For economical shopping, you can search different brands and sellers and compare the product features and prices.

So explore now to buy the entire range of office supplies with just a few clicks.