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About Iron Beads

Iron beads are also known by the names Perler beads, Hama beads or Nabbi beads. They are plastic fusible beads. These colourful beads are usually arranged on particular types of plastic pegboards to create different patterns and shapes. Later they are fused with cloth iron.  

Today iron beads are used for different types of crafting. You can use them to create 2 D images for playing or string them into a bracelet or a necklace, weave them into keychains or even assemble them in a three-dimensional décor. However, the versatility depends on the skill, imagination, and quality of beads you are using. In any case, they are believed to be the most fun and inexpensive art form that can inspire creativity. Besides being a cheap, fun accessory for adults and kids, it also helps children develop, promotes better hand and eye coordination and recognition or necessary counting skills.  

Basic types of beads that you can iron 

When we talk about fusion bead crafting, not all beads are equal. There is a vast difference between products from different brands. And buying the wrong one can only be the worse experience with a big waste of money. Therefore, when you head to purchase ironable beads, make sure you know what you need and where you will get it from. Expert users of melting beads with iron can give you the true idea of the difference between working with the right beads for crafting. But if you want to give it a try, remember that different brands offer varying prices, colours, materials, and quality options to choose from.  

Fuse and Pyssla beads  

The fused bead is the most common term used for any of the beads you iron into shapes by fusing them. They do not fall under any specific brand name. At the same time, Pyssla beads come from companies like Ikea. So, while searching online, you can also look for Ikea beads iron to buy. Although they are not the worse ones, they can be of excellent quality as well. They are not thick or pliable enough, and the after-heat results are also not good looking or durable. They also break apart easily. But for a beginner, they are a suitable option to start with.  

Nabbi Beads  

They are known for their prominent shiny look. When overly melted, the Nabbi beads have a yellowish shine on the surface compared to the matte finish that comes from Perler and other types. The Nabbi beads are also durable enough to retain their circular shape even at a higher temperature. They also remain raised in the middle. But if you are looking for an evenly flattened bead inside out, you should opt for Perler beads. 

The Perler beads 

They are among the most selling item that you can find in the market. Most professional users will also recommend buying Perler beads for several reasons. Both Perler and Nabbi beads are of the best quality that you can use for any project. Perler beads are uniformly shaped, except for extremely rare mistakes with a slight variation in size or shape. However, these beads are slightly shorter in height if we consider the standard size of ironing beads in mind. But they are made of high-quality food-grade fibre. This special material contributes to a slightly flexible shape when fused. Hence the end product is more durable and lasting. 

Hama beads 

With Perler comes the name of Hama beads. They have a much different feel as compared to Perler or Nabbi. In size, they are much smaller than all other types of beads. It also makes it difficult to handle them and often demands tools like a pegboard or tweezer. However, the plastic is soft, and when fused, it becomes spongy. Although they can retain their shape, they are much more flexible than any other type of beads available in the market. They can easily break if handheld too much. Due to their smaller size, they are not recommended for kids and toddlers.  

Tips on how to buy Ironing Beads online in the UAE

If you are a beginner at iron beads, nothing is best than the cheap ironing beads you can find online. But as you practice and upgrade your skills, you will need high-quality beads to get the job done correctly and create a perfect image. At such times you will need professional-level ironing beads for crafts. And the best way to buy Perler beads for sale online in the UAE is to explore online stores. Buying online will not only offer you better prices but will also give you other options to consider and choose from. However, in any case, here are some pointers you must consider while buying beads online.

  • Bead brands – The Perler and Hama are bestselling brands for beads. Surprisingly the Perler brands work well with the Hamma Midi beads as they are almost the same material and size. However, at you can find many other brands selling high-quality products at cheaper rates. Explore the website to find your options.
  • The material – When we speak of the material of ironing beads, there are not many variations. However, the quality of the material may vary from one brand to the other. But in all cases, they will be made of low-density polyethene, also called LDPE. It is a food-grade plastic and contains no harmful chemicals. If you are buying for kids, make sure you are buying higher quality LDPE.
  • The size of beads – The size of beads plays an important role in defining the results. The most common length of iron beads is 5mm in diameter. It is suitable for both kids and adults. However, you can also find larger beads with a diameter of about 10mm. They are called Biggie beads, Maxi beads or Jumbo beads. Consult product description for size specifications before you buy.
  • The colour of beads – The colour is another crucial part of the discussion. You can find them in normal colours, glitters, translucent colours or glow-in-dark variations. Beginners must prefer sorted beads to get a feel for craft before stocking the variety. But if you are an expert, you can even include black and white in your collection to draw the main outlines.

These beads are an interesting item to hold on to. It is easier to get tempted by those colourful bead jars that you can find online. But it is always important to opt for products based on your knowledge to use and skills in the field. Also, if you are a beginner, you can consult any pro in the field or review the customer review section. Here you will find recommendations on what to buy and what not and find unique creative ideas. In the baseline, you should know the product in depth before making a purchase.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between Hama and Perler beads?

Both are similar, but the Hama beads have a lower melting point compared to Perler beads. So if you heat the Hama beads at the temperature suitable for Perler beads, you will see an entirely different result. In such cases, the Hama beads will be noticeably shorter and much more rounded from the top than the Perler beads. Another difference is that the Hama beads are glossier than Perler beads. For more details, you can read the product description section of each type of iron bead.

What iron beads should I buy?

The first item we will recommend buying is the Steamfast SF-717 Mini Iron. It comes with three temperature settings and a dual-voltage system. The second best-selling item is Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Compact Iron bead. They are non-stick soleplates with a dual-voltage system. Also, the Mueller Professional Grade Iron is best for it contains Stainless steel soleplate and comes with an ergonomic handle. For a compact bead with a precision tip, buy Oliso M2 Mini Iron or go for Black+Decker Professional Iron.

How to iron beads with wax paper?

The best way to get perfect results with iron beads is to start by sketching the image you want to create on plain white paper. Make sure the paper is wrinkle-free. Or you can use a pegboard. Place the bedboard on a towel and adjust the beads in the shape you want to use. Now place a flat wax paper over the beads. Now carefully place and press the iron gently on the beads. You will need to keep pressing the hot iron on the paper until you get evenly flattened beads. For more details, watch video tutorials online or read the user manual that comes with the beads.

Where to buy iron beads patterns online in Dubai?

For any office supplies or kids accessories like ironing beads, explore a retail search engine. These websites provide a wide range of products from top global brands. These brands are known for higher quality products that are safe for kids as well. At, you can find more than 500 global brands, including Ikea; Simba, Perler; Hama, SES; Art Fun; or Darice. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products within your budget.

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