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About Hobby Knives

Hobby knives, as the name says, are one of the essential tools for carrying out an art project. Different variations in the blade let them be suitable for everyday tasks as well as craftsmanship. So, keeping in mind your purpose of the purchase, you should start exploring the varieties. But before that, it would be better if you research a bit about the kinds available in the market.

Let’s divide the type of hobby knives into regular and professional. By saying regular knives, we think of applications like tape cutting, breaking down cardboard boxes, and more such jobs. But when we say professional usage, we are considering precision cutting and sculpting. For example, you can cut decals in detail, cut the nubs, or even do wood carving with a professional knife. So, the best bushcraft knives are the one that fits your purpose. After finding the type, you can further narrow down your purchase by applying brand and budget filters.

Different types of craft knife blades

There are around ten or more types of hobby knives blades used by artisans in different fields of art. We are going to name a few most-used blades. And the motto of describing these blades here is that the information will help you in buying the appropriate modelling knife. So, the first one is the general-purpose blade for heavy-duty cutting on thick materials, carving, slicing, and trimming. Then, fine point blades are the ones for precise cutting, whenever you want to cut in details and make intricate shapes. Another blade for fine cutting is the small swivel blade. You can cut tiny patterns with detail with this blade. To illustrate more, we would like you to check craft knives for sale online in UAE, and you will see a plethora of handicraft articles .

Pre-requisites of buying a modelling knife set

We are assuming that you now understand the hobby knives you want for your project. Other than that, there are three factors to considers. These include ergonomic handle design, easy changing blades, and locking technology. The comfort factor becomes essential if your project demands detailed patterns to create and you need to hold the knife for long. Even if you specifically buy a product that changes blades with convenience, we suggest buying a cut-resistant glove to wear. And locking technology can prevent any mishap, which can be the project blunder or hand bleeding. Now that you know what specifications to look for, you can visit our retail search engine where you can find expensive to cheap craft knives.

Blades of wood carving knife set

When it comes to wood carving, you need heavy-duty hobby knives. The job you might perform include carving, sculpting, cutting, or sawing. Thus, the appropriate blades may be chisel, curved, saw blade, and serrated saw blade. One of the prominent brands Fiskars can introduce you to the right kit wherein you can find all the blades in one product. Some of their kits include medium-duty and heavy-duty blades, in case you want to buy in bulk at once. The medium-duty blades serve the purpose of precision cutting and carving of paper, cardstock, thin plastics, photos, canvas, and more. Buy wood carving knife online in UAE at our shopping platform,

Accessories to buy along with modelling knife set

Cut resistance gloves, knife sharpener, honing oil, storage box, are some essential accessories to buy. If your work involves the daily usage of hobby knives, honing accessories are a must. Otherwise, you can find a honing specialist to do the job. Other than that, organising your blades is a must. Therefore, you can have a storage box of plastic, wood, or metal, whatever pleases you and look aesthetically sound at your place. You can also buy knife caps for storage to prevent mishaps while handling. You can check out our online shops to unravel more craft supplies . Meanwhile, on this page, you can go ahead and read our well-carved tips.

Tips on how to buy Hobby knives online

Hobby knife is a broad term under which comes many crafting techniques. If you feel confused with the naming conventions of these knives, we have compiled the right guide for you. Here, you can see major types of knives and their application in the daily lives of artisans, craftsman, adventurer, or even office employees. Although the types can be further segregated by shape and bend of blades, writing those details is cumbersome as crafting designs can be endless. Once you are on a project, you will know what kind of blade you want so you can shop accordingly.

  • Craft knives – Artwork needs detailing and depth in the project. Thus, craft knives become one of the essential tools. They usually have a pen-shaped design with a small blade of different size and shape to do the precision cutting. When you are buying a craft knife, keep in mind that you are buying a natural extension of your hand because this much precision will be needed. Check out Fiskars brand to explore the varieties.
  • Retractable knife – These knives do not provide precision but are sharp enough to perform cutting on cardboard, canvas, or thick paper. Some are even specialised in carpet cutting. So, it’s more like a handy craftsman’s knife. They are mostly purchased in office supplies or home utilities. Brands for the same include Olfa and Craftsman.
  • Folding knife – You can think of Ford knives here. The design of these knives includes one or more foldable blades that can slide into your pocket. You can use them for everyday activities or keep them handy during camping, hiking, farming, or adventure trips.
  • Carving knife – This knife is often associated with cooking skills. With the right knife, you can easily carve meat from the bones and slice them with convenience. We know we are talking about crafting knives here, and culinary is also an art. So, talking about the knife associated with it becomes a mandate. You can check out Zwilling or Deli brands for the same. But if you are searching for a wood carving knife set, you can search at Fiskars.
  • Specifications list – While you read the specifications, check if safety features are intact. It would be better if the knife provides an interlocking design, especially when there is a feature of blade changing. The handle of the knife should be comfortable with an ergonomic design. Blade change must be easy to carry out. If the product doesn’t come with blade storage, you must buy it separately.

We hope this broad brush related to knives terminology will help you with your purchase. It can save time as you can directly jump to the kind of knife you want. And for that, our product search engine can be an excellent platform. Here, you will find all the brands that we have mentioned in the tips. Not only that, but online shops here may provide you with amazing deals. Take a sneak peek and see if you find something interesting.

Question & Answer

Can you sharpen craft knives?

Yes, you can use sharpeners, stones, or even use your honing skills to sharpen your craft knife. But the problem with craft knife blades is that they are small. You need to handle them with care, or there may mishaps, small or big. Alternatively, you can also go to any craft shop and get them sharpened professionally because precise bending is what you need. However, if you are looking for a product online, you can check out Fiskars brand.

How to change the blade in your hobby knife?

Varieties of hobby knives may have a different mechanism, but we are talking about the common one. If your hobby knife has a pen shape with a screw, in the end, you will relate to the answer. First of all, you need to wear cut-resistant gloves to prevent any mishap due to sharp blades. Once done, you need to loosen up the screw at one end of your hobby knife while holding the blade from the other hand. The blade will also loosen up with the action. You can easily take it out, put the blade you want to, and tighten it up enough to lock the blade in the front.

What is a hobby knife set?

A hobby set knife consists of one knife handle along with a variety of blades to complete your different art projects. Let’s suppose you want to carve cardboard for your project. You can simply pick the specific blade, put it over the handle, lock it, and use it. You can then switch to another blade for stationery cutting or keep it back to the storage. If you like to explore a similar set, check out Fiskars brand’s knife set. There, you will find a knife set with four to twelve blades.

Where to buy craft knives online in the UAE?

Although the purchase depends on your practising art, we would like to list down a few brands along with their speciality. First of all, the Fiskars brand is known for its versatility. Here, you can also find a wood carving knife set of ultimate quality. Another brand Olfa has unique products for different application. Here you will find blades for rounding, unpacking, crafting, and interior professional. There are others that you can see at Not only these two, but you will also find more brands. is an online platform where you can explore top-rated brands and unique products to compare and shop with ease. You can also go to our online shops to grab deals and offers. To commence your shopping drive, you can start with these brands: Mont Marte, Toolcraft, Zwilling, and Stanley. You will discover more brands when you visit.