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Craft boxes that can organise your craft supplies and look good when shelved are the kind of boxes you should go for. But the market is flooded with variants of hobby boxes, and you got to pick one or many amongst the pile. So, before you buy, you must take a look at different products and understand the features.

The sole purpose of buying arts and crafts hobby boxes is to organise your craft items. And when it comes to managing your stuff, there are no rules. You can choose any box as your craft box. That courier cardboard box can be your hobby box, or even that extra first-aid plastic box that you do not use can be your craft storage box. So, when you are buying craft box online in UAE, understand this proximity that there is none. You have a wide flexible range to choose from. But before you start grabbing things and add them to your cart, let’s have a look at different boxes and what all they can do.

Types of arts and crafts storage boxes

You can divide the hobby boxes by answering just one question: do you want to display your hobby box or store it? If the display is your correct answer, you need to pay attention to its beauty. And if storing is the answer your select, you need to look at the tight closures and protected lids of the product. If you understand the differences, you can better scrutinise the products online, whether you are buying craft boxes for kids or adults.

Origami jewellery box

Hobby boxes for jewellery are an affordable option for storing your jewels or selling them. These boxes can make your brand stand out from others. Also, it can be a great DIY gift for someone who loves handmade presents. If you want to explore gift boxes, you can search Hallmark brand, where different types and sizes of boxes are available. If you wish to create the box by yourself, you can buy all the craft supplies at our shopping platform,

Handcrafted wooden boxes

If you consider having wooden material to store your craft needs, make sure you display it for onlookers simply because wooden boxes are that spectacular. You can stow your loose craft supplies just like that. It can be one beautiful corner of your place. However, some wooden boxes require assembly while some don’t. You can see Ikea’s wooden boxes to store both tools and craft supplies as the products have partitions accordingly.

Decoupage box

Having a decoupage box for craft storage is one of the best things to have. For those who do not know, decoupage is an art where you glue different cutouts of paper all over the plain box and top it with multiple coats of varnish to get the look of enamel. You can do it yourself by buying simple hobby boxes, or you can buy the decoupage box, all up to you. The paper cutouts can reflect a theme or your favourite comic; they can be anything you like. Likewise, there are different designs available in the market for craft storage. You can explore it all at, but before that, we recommend taking a look at some fine tips as well.

Tips on how to buy Craft boxes online

Craft boxes can organise your craft supplies in the best way possible. When you explore the boxes online, you might also see some boxes with a few items inside. To be clear, hobby boxes and craft kits are two separate things. And here we are talking about craft storage boxes that you buy empty, and if needed, you can purchase art and craft items separately. So, let’s see what all things we need to consider before grabbing an arts and craft storage box.

  • An empty box or with partitions – Some of you might want an empty box to place your paintbrush set, needles jar, or embroidery kit. On the other hand, you may wish to a partitioned box to stow the loose items. But, again, you need to search for a specific product to save your time.
  • Choose the material – Wooden, plastic, card box or fabric are some popular items. Bamboo or jute boxes are also in fashion nowadays. You can search the same at our shopping platform, if they sound interesting.
  • Open or with closure – Both the forms hit the different aesthetics entirely. If there is no fabric item or something that can break, you can choose an open box. Otherwise, a closed container for protection can also be a good choice. If you have plenty of craft supplies, you can buy both and separate your items from stowing in different boxes. An open box can elevate the ambience of your room, for sure.
  • Stackable or not – After all, a clean organisation is your ultimate purpose; this feature needs to be considered while buying. If you do not like the idea of stacking your craft items, you can purchase separate sleeves with snap-tight closure to separate your craft kits. These sleeves are primarily of recycled plastic or fabric. Wooden is expensive, so if you have a flexible range, you can consider this too.
  • Deep or wide structure – Deep hobby boxes with partitions can work well with stacking brushes, long needles, knitting supplies, pens, and more. At the same time, a wide structure is an excellent choice to stow papers cuts, stickers, and other things that you don’t want to fold. Both types of boxes have a purpose, so you can choose according to that.
  • Handle and secure closure – If your work involves travelling with your craft supplies, you should focus on protecting the content inside the boxes. The material and handle must be sturdy enough so that the content inside does not bother much when travelling. Also, secure closure can avoid accidental spills and further mishaps.
  • Clear view or blocked view – You can choose to have transparent boxes to see what’s inside and save your time finding the one you want. Or may you just love how clear view boxes look? In contrast, you can have solid-coloured boxes and label them to avoid opening the boxes every time you find one.

This is how you scrutinise the tiny details in the structure and design of the product. Further, choosing the colours and style of the box is up to you. We would also like to mention a few brands to give an excellent start with your shopping. These brands include Amscan, Hasbro, Mellisa & Doug. Upon visiting our retail search engine , you can find more such brands.

Question & Answer

What to put in a craft box?

Hobby boxes are highly personalised handicraft articles . So, we cannot comment on the craft items, but there are a few essentials that are every craft box must-have. These essentials include glue, cotton swabs, glitter, gems, paint, scissors, balloons, a large roll of paper, and maybe googly eyes. If you want to make a crochet box, you can add yarn or threads and hooks. Glitters or sequins already in the craft box can be used as embellishments on your crochet project. Likewise, you can create an awesome embroidery box, paper mache box, or even origami jewellery box.

How to make a craft box?

Before we answer this how-to question, you need to decide upon the material of your craft box. It can be wood if you feel comfortable using a hammer and nails. Otherwise, card box and glue can also work perfectly. The process will remain the same for both materials. First, you need to make the base and side blocks, depending on the size you want and glue them together to create a box. You can first use wood glue in a wooden box and then hit the blocks with nails to double secure them. After that, further additions like a lid or decorations are up to you.

What are hobby boxes?

Do not think of hobby boxes as another name for hobby boxes. Both are different. Hobby boxes only contain a deck of sports or vintage cards. Many of you have a hobby of collecting these sports cards, and thus the name arrived hobby boxes. On the other hand, you know hobby boxes do not contain restricted or specific items. It can have articles from different types of crafts, which you can use as a hobby or for your work purpose.

Where to buy craft box online in the UAE?

You can buy craft boxes at our online shops on our shopping platform, Here, you can explore innovative designs and unique ideas to dwell more on your craft. Other than shops, we would also like to mention a few brand names. For example, you can buy Amscan Christmas inspired craft kit to get foam snowmen cutouts, glitters, stickers, and googly eyes. However, if you do not want to have a craft kit, just a box, you can go for the Mumuso brand. Likewise, you can explore more product at our product search engine. can be an excellent platform to give a better start to your shopping drive. But what all you get here at our shopping platform? First of all, reputed brands with flexible budget range, unique products, and fantastic deals are all under our dedicated section of Office Supplies . All this can make yours an informed decision, for sure.

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