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About Glue Guns

A glue gun comes in handy everywhere for the DIYers and hobbyists, from art and crafts to repair works. Unlike other common adhesive types, it works smoothly and holds firm to the surfaces. So, would you like to include it in your next project to make glueing a breeze? Well, let us explore more!

A glue gun is a portable device that uses and dispenses hot or low-temperature melt adhesive. Some of its common uses include woodworking, scrapbooking, recreating décor, and shipment & packaging. It has made thousands of crafting projects effortlessly. It works efficiently with almost all sorts of materials like paper, wood, and metal. Glue guns are based on a straightforward mechanism that initiates from inserting a solid glue stick into the gun. The heating element of the gun then melts it, and the adhesive flows out. So, if you are a DIYer, would you like to get one? If yes, then the below guide will help you dive deeper into details. So, read on! Towards the end, you will also find some tips to buy glue guns online in the UAE.

Things to know about glue guns & glue gun sticks

It comes in a pistol-like structure that carries a heating element. When you load a glue stick into it, the stick melts and hot glue releases. Hot melt sticks are composed of waxes, resins, and various thermoplastic polymers to ensure a strong bond. However, the temperature of the melted glue may vary depending upon the gun, stick and type of requirement. Whether you want to indulge in art & craft or do a small repairing work, a glue gun stands second to none. You can use it on a wide variety of materials. If you are looking for the best glue gun for sale online in the UAE, go through the guide below.

About low-temperature & hot glue guns

There are three main types of guns for glueing- high temperature, low temperature and dual temperature guns. High-temperature guns can melt the stick at around 380 degrees F. You can use them to bond heavy materials like heavy-duty plastic and wood. The low-temperature gun can be around 250 degrees F. It is the best type for fabric and other delicate materials. You should prefer them if you are working with kids. It is safer to use than high-temperature devices. On the other hand, dual temperature guns come with heat settings to control the rate at which glue melts. So, it can be a versatile tool for you.

The working of an electric glue gun

While using the gun, the sticks are pushed into the cavity at the back of the device. It is done either manually or through a trigger. The insertion depends upon the model of your gun. When the device activates, the glue is pushed to a check valve. Some of the models even have a viewing window through which the user can determine the amount of adhesive present in the chamber. Melting generally takes three to four minutes, but the time may vary depending upon the type of gun. When the adhesive melts, it dispenses out of the conical nozzle. However, it’s boiling so take all the safety measures while using it.

Safety tips while using small or industrial glue guns

Since the glue gun dispenses hot glue out, you have to take some safety measures while operating it. The first one is to focus on your work while you have a running gun in your hand. Do not use the gun on porous materials without using silicone finger sleeves. Moreover, you should not use it near any flammable material. The next safety measure is never to use it on an uneven surface as the glue may fall over, resulting in burn accidents. The set of safety measures can differ depending upon the model of gun you get. So, apart from general measures, you should also follow all the safety instructions that come with the gun.

Popular glue guns like Stanley & Bosch glue gun

Stanley is a popular name for its automotive, home improvement and hand tools. One of its best tools includes hot glue guns. It is quality engineered for effective and reliable performance. Most of the heats up within 60 seconds and offer a quick bonding. You can even find models with both high and low temperature glueing facilities. Bosch guns are also famous for their fantastic results and working on the broadest range of materials such as cardboard, glass, tiles, wood etc. Dewalt, UHU, Dremel, and Meister, and Hilti are other popular brands that sell quality guns for glueing.

Tips on how to buy Glue Guns in Dubai

Whether you are into arts & crafts or some industrial work, choosing the right type of glueing gun is essential. You have to consider and keep certain factors in mind like temperature range, size, power, and tip size of the machine. However, there are so many options available in the market that choosing one can put you in a dilemma. So, here are the tips.

  • Consider temperature range – Depending upon the temperature range, you can go for low temperature, high temperature of dual setting guns. Low-temperature models can heat the adhesive to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. They are good for delicate materials. On the other hand, high-temperature models will operate at 300 degrees or higher. You can use them on hard materials like stone, wood, metal etc. If you choose a model with a dual temperature setting, you can do both operations with one gun.
  • Consider the size of the gun – Glue guns come in mini as well as large sizes. Miniguns are apt for artisans who work on intricate items like jewellery, whereas, for home repairs or large decoration, you might require large guns.
  • Consider the power – The power of your gun decides how quickly it warms the adhesive. High power guns become ready to use within 90 seconds, whereas low power ones might take 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Consider the tip size – it is another important consideration. The tip is the point from where the glue will come out. If you want to do detailed work, then go for a fine tip. On the other hand, if you are on a project requiring a lot of glue, go for the wider one.

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Question & Answer

Can a glue gun be used on Glass?

Yes, you can use a glue gun on a glass surface, but you have to be sure about certain things. Firstly, check the surface is completely clean and free of any oil or solvents so that the adhesive may stick properly. To create a better bond, you can rough the areas you want to bond with dry or wet paper. The bond also depends upon the type of glue you use. So, make sure you bring a glue stick specially made for hard and non-porous material like Glass.

Where to buy a hot glue gun online in the UAE?

If you plan to buy a glue gun online in the UAE, do not look further as you have already arrived at your destination. On, you can find a wide array of glue guns offered by popular brands. Moreover, it is easy to compare the features and prices of various products so that you can find an appropriate model under your budget. Since there are all popular brands, you do not have to give a double thought over the quality of products. Moreover, find other office supplies here.

Where to use a glue gun?

You can use it on several surfaces, including wood, paper, metal, plastic, stone etc. You can even use them on fabrics and other delicate materials by opting for a low-temperature glue gun. You can use a gun for glueing at many places, from closing shipping boxes, decorating a vase, household repairing, window decoration, and furniture and woodworking. However, please keep it away from flammable materials and porous objects to prevent accidents.

When do you use a glue gun?

It is used when you want to stick something. It might be for making, repairing, or decorating things. Glue guns offer one of the quickest ways to stick things together. You can go for high temperature or low-temperature guns, depending upon the material you will work on. High temperatures work on hard surfaces like stone, wood, metal etc., whereas low temperatures are good for delicate surfaces like fabric, ribbons etc. So, choose as per the application.

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