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Origami paper is generally used for folding origami (the ancient Japanese art of paper folding), also called folding leaves (the ancient Japanese art of paper folding). As the only requirement for origami is to maintain the crease, any standard paper cannot serve the purpose. Besides, the paper needs to be thinner than regular paper to adapt to the acquired shape with all the required finish.

To meet varying needs, these paper comes in different types, sizes, and grades. But most commonly, they are available in square shape. At other times we can also find them in rectangular and circular shapes as well. Also, the most common type is colours on one side and plain white on the other. We can easily find these types of papers in office supplies , in art and craft stores or any product search engine online. It is important to know what type of origami crane or paper crane will suit your needs of paper folding with varying uses.

Famous types of Origami papers

Today when you walk in Japan, a 100-yen shop is the most common thing you will witness. Additionally, any art and craft store will have a dedicated display for amazing papers. Even on a retail search engine, you can find an array of paper that any origami folder will surely droll over. From traditional washi paper to advanced metallic foil paper and even the amazing glow in the dark papers, this article will share some of the most amazing origami with you to enthral your folding venture even more.

Standard singe-side origami paper

If you have ever folded an origami before, this is probably the paper you have been using. A standard single side paper is the best and most used all-purpose paper for folding. This is specifically helpful for beginners. The reason behind the recommendation for beginners is that the varying colours help the learners to understand folding and overcome the most frustrating issues one can face while folding. Constructively these papers are thinner as compared to standard papers used in notebooks etc. This unique feature makes folding easier while offering maximum crease.

The foil origami papers

Once you have had a grip on the single side paper, the next thing you need to try is the origami foil paper. These are made by adhering a fine later of metallic colours foiled to a thin sheet of paper. Generally, they are available in gold or silver. However, you can also buy packs of foil origami paper with various metallic colours like green, red, orange and purple. Although these papers can be fun for beginners, they can also turn into a scrunched ball if you are not very careful with them. But with practice, you can create more lifelike models using these papers.

The washi origami paper

A washi paper is an amazing option for intermediate to advanced level origami folders. These papers offer tasteful design elements to origami models. Plus, these papers have a pleasing feel to touch. Because of the material used, these papers have much larger fibres than standard paper, but you are limited in what you can fold with them. Moreover, it is tough to make a sharp crease with washi paper. Hence, it is ideal for simpler models that do not need any complicated steps of the sharp crease.

Glow in dark origami papers

We bet nothing can heave at the nostalgia of childhood like the phrase “glow in the dark.” Luckily, now we can enjoy the fun with a wide range of glow in the dark papers or folding leaves. They are readily available and easier to fold. They work just like the single side papers hence are great for beginners to learn and understand the folds while developing their interest in origami. This paper is slightly thicker with a bit rough to touch the surface. But they can still crease well. Usually, these papers are printed on one side which means one can easily follow folding instructions from a book using these folding leaves.

Tips on how to buy Origami Paper for sale online in the UAE

Are you looking for the best yet cheap patterned origami paper online in the UAE? If so, a product search engine can be the best place for you to find it online. However, hundreds of brands offer a wide range of folding paper for flowers or any other folding. With such a wide variety, choosing a reliable option can be a hectic task for many. Therefore, the buyers must be clear about the essentials they need to consider while purchasing. Here we will share some points you need to consider while buying the new cheapest folding paper online.

  • The size of the sheets – These papers come in varying sizes and shapes. Start by picking a shape (square, rectangle or circular) and look for possible sizes available in shape. You must consider the folding or shape you want to make with the paper and buy accordingly.
  • The cost of the paper – The construction and make of these papers is much different from the standard paper we use daily. So always look for reliable options in brands and manufacturers selling the products. Pick the one trusted by most.
  • Color, pattern and print – There are many wonderful variations in these papers’ colours, prints, and patterns. You can choose based on your needs or the requirements of shape or model you want to make using the paper.
  • Thickness – The thickness of these papers makes a big difference in how it folds. It also has a role in how it feels and looks once you are done with the folding. Besides, it will also have an impact on the finesse of the crease. So always choose the right thickness based on the type of paper you want.
  • The texture of the paper – The handmade ones, can be luxurious. They will be rich and thick, almost like cloth. Or you can also find heavily textured papers. Pay attention to the feature and buy one that matches your folding needs.
  • Line and fold retention – Generally, the origami foil paper is easily creased, and the crease will stay even if you unfold it. Other papers act differently, and you can fold/unfold them, removing any sign of a crease. Once again, the choice rests with you.

In the end, we will suggest you look into the customer review section for the products you buy. This is where you can find real-time information about the performance of the products and their usage. Here customers also share reviews and problems they might have faced about the particular item you are about to purchase. With the information, you can make a secure buying decision and invest in the right handicraft articl e.

Question & Answer

What size is origami paper is best for use?

Generally, the standard paper, also known as Kami, is the best paper for use. Folding leaves lovers appreciate this paper for several reasons. First of all, the thickness of this paper helps to fold it in most of the ways possible. Besides, they are ideal for origami projects and withstand much more than a standard printer or colour craft paper. This paper varies in size from around 7.5 x 7.5 cm (3 inches) and goes all the way up to 35x35cm (14 inches) squares.

Can you use origami paper for decoupage?

Yes, just like many other types of papers, you can also use this paper for decoupage. For instance, if you want to give new life to the most loved piece of furniture or any other household object, you can pick textured paper and use it to decoupage the furniture or the item you want to give a unique look. However, the process of doing so varies based on the material you want to change or the type of folding leaves you are using.

What is origami paper made of?

These are special oil-backed papers that are made commercially. But because of the varying thickness and other such needs, different types and quantities of materials are used in making these papers. Just as in washi, wood pulp is used to make them thicker and more durable than other types of origami. Other materials you can find in these papers are; bark of gampi tree, paper mulberry, or mistumata shrub.

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