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There’s nothing as satisfying as creating something with your own hands. However, you need the right tools to achieve the desired results. This is why whether you’re making a new dress or have an exciting new quilting project, an investment in the self-healing cutting mats will never go in vain. Besides, it’s an essential piece of equipment to get your measurements right. Just like many other handicraft articles , these too are available to you in a variety of types. In this article, we give you an insight into the product and help you buy a self-healing cutting mat effortlessly.

For a non-industrialist or a novice hobbyist, understanding what a cutting mat is and why you need one is essential. That’s because it’s the best method of finding out which mat will suit you the best. So, let’s start with defining them. The cutting mats are relatively simple. They’re devices that ensure to protect your surfaces when you’re using cutting or marking tools. Sharp cutting or marking tools tend to create marks or cause damage to soft surfaces like wood tables or glass drawing tables. That said, we now know the functionality of the cutting mats. How about their types? Let’s have a look at some of the best self-healing cutting mats out there on the market.

The best cutting mats to choose from

There are several types of these mats out there. You’ll find one for sewing, a different one for quilting and a rotating one too. Although the basic functionality of each of these models remains the same, their features and characteristics widely differ. Some might even offer you additional features. With all these options, choosing a perfect one might become a hassle. This is why we’ve selected a few mat models that you can consider investing in. Also, understanding the product makes your buying process a breeze. So read on!

The folding OLFA cutting mat

Carrying around your self-healing mats is something every craftsperson would want to do. Well, with this mat, you can do that and much more. With 17″ x 24″ in size, you can easily fold the mat into two for travel purposes. Besides, it comes with all metrics, inches, and angular measurements printed precisely on its smooth, 2.5 mm thick surface. The markings on them are easy to read as they are in vibrant yellow colour. With their compact and user-friendly design, they’re perfect for someone who’s always on the move. Moreover, it also consumes lesser space than other standard mats. Additionally, it doesn’t spoil or bend when you fold them.

The MMG cutting mat for sewing

You can use the cutting mats for various purposes. However, if you’re into sewing or quilting, then get yourself these self-healing mats from MMG. This model is great for quilting and sewing as it comes with an easy-to-use grid and angle guides. Additionally, it also offers you 5″ x 5″ markings for quilters and other rectangular sizes for other projects. However, this product isn’t double-sided, unlike other models. But, the single side itself seems to hold up well over time. Therefore, lack of durability doesn’t seem to be an issue at all. Above all, the customer service that comes along with MMG products is excellent. In short, for a quality mat that doesn’t come with extra bells and whistles, this model is a great value.

The OLFA double-sided rotating cutting mat

If you’re struggling to rotate your card or paper when cutting them, then go ahead and buy OLFA cutting mat. The product lets you easily maintain a clean frame while the product does all the rotating jobs for you. Moreover, it comes with a peculiar design too. It has two sides. One side has measurements, and the other side is a solid green surface. You can use this site to cut your other projects. Besides, it also has a thickness of 1.5mm. Further, the mat also has moisture on its surface. This moisture enhances the self-healing capacity and keeps your blades from getting dull. In short, this mat is an ideal model for all of your DIY projects.

The small Fiskars cutting mat

How about a small and handy mat that you can carry around wherever you go? Well, if you’re looking out for something like that, then you can never go wrong with this model. This one here is the smallest on the list. It measures 14″ x 14″ in width. Besides, it also provides 30-, 45-, and 60- degree angles like regular mats. And yes, they do have the inch and metrics measurements. Apart from that, the model also has a unique cube shape, unlike their other versions. This design makes them extremely attractive. Besides, their compact size makes it easy for you to store them anywhere. Basically, the mat is thick, small and strong that assuring longevity, durability, and easy usability.

Tips on how to buy Cutting Mats

Remember, every product has its distinct features. So, every product might not be a perfect fit for you, or not every product offers the best self-healing to everyone. Several great mats serve different purposes. Therefore, it’s up to you to evaluate each model based on your personal needs. Keeping this in mind, below, we’ve laid out a few tips that’ll help you choose your ideal model easily. Besides, we’ve also included a few tricks to increase their lifespan.

  • Figure out what you need – Even before browsing and shopping for your mats, you need to figure out what you need. You must know what you’re using them for. For instance, the mats that you use for crafts wouldn’t be similar to the ones that you need for quilting purposes. Therefore, get your preferences and needs straight before you make a choice. Do not blindly go for a model.
  • Know that not all mats are equal – You’re sure to find a plethora of options when you go ahead and search them online. You’ll find them in different sizes, shapes, designs, and price ranges. And as mentioned earlier, various models serve different purposes. Therefore, a bit of research about the product is imperative. Moreover, a better understanding of the product makes your buying process easy.
  • Get the right size – When you’re looking out for the perfect cutting mats for your needs, make sure to first measure the intended space you wish to use. Also, check out your storage space. You’ll want to make the most of the available space. Today, you can find a range of pre-measured cutting mat sizes. You could also create bespoke mats to the size you need.
  • Check out the thickness – Once you’ve determined the size, the next to determine is the thickness. For instance, you can find mats of 3mm thickness as well as the ones with 5mm thickness. Remember, anything less than 3mm thickness isn’t suitable for heavy-duty use. Go for the ones with 5 mm thickness, as they offer the best protection for large applications.
  • Keep an eye on the surfaces – Usually, you’ll find three different types of surfaces. These are – Green Self-Healing Cutting Mat, the SupaSeal Cutting Mat and the Heavy-Duty Cutting Mat. Each one has different features. Go for a textured surface model that can provide an excellent grip for materials. The surfaces largely affect the way you work on the mats.
  • Use your mats correctly – Indeed, these mats are designed to take some abuse. However, they work best when handled with care. For example, putting off the blade in your rotary cutter might actually do more harm than you think. Besides, you tend to see back and forth while cutting, causing a cut in your mats too. Hence, be sure to change your blades at the first sign of dullness.

With all the different options on the market, choosing the right cutting mat can seem overwhelming. However, you’ll end with a perfect one, as long as you follow the above tips and tricks while buying your product online. To sum it all up, using these tips and tricks and getting a good-quality mat will make cutting a great experience!

Question & Answer

Can you iron the cutting mat?

It isn’t advisable to iron on your cutting mats. They tend to warp when exposed to heat. That’s why it’s best to refrain from setting a hot beverage on them. Apart from that, make sure that you do not leave them in a hot car or even in direct sunlight. Once your mats warp, they’ll be of no use. Further, also keep in mind that mats can shatter in icy climatic conditions. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while transporting them.

How to flatten the cutting mat?

Quite often, the self-healing mats tend to warp, particularly when exposed to heat. And once warped, they become almost useless. This is why flattening them is essential. Good news – you can do that with just a few simple tricks. One of the best ways to do that is to apply heat and pressure. For this, you need an iron. You’ll also need a cloth to protect the surface of the mat. Thirdly, you’ll need a wooden plank to distribute the pressure on the mat evenly. And finally, some heavy objects to keep the mat flat. You start off by heating the iron and ironing the mat. Once there’s enough heat on the mat, place the heavy objects on it to retain the rectified warped area.

How to make the cutting mat sticky again?

Having a super-sticky mat is essential to ensure that your cutting tools cut your items precisely. However, quite often, the mats might lose their stickiness. In such cases, you might need to utilise some low-cost products like an adhesive spray to make the mat sticky again. Today, you can find several sticky sprays that you can use for re-sticking your mats without much hassle. But, remember, not all of them have the same features and characteristics. Hence, choose them wisely.

When to replace the cutting mat?

All self-healing mats eventually wear out and do not last forever. However, most of them have top-quality construction that makes them last for years. But, of course, it depends on how you use them. Most heavy-duty mats can take repeated cuts without gouging. However, the lightweight models might damage soon. Therefore, look out for your mat condition and then replace them. Also, make sure to carry out the maintenance regularly for them to last long.

Which cutting mat is best?

The ‘best’ depends on your personal preference. Do these mats fulfil all your needs? Can you put them to rough use? Well, all these matters when you’re picking out your best model from the wide range of choices available to you. Check out the brands like Olfa, Fiskars, EK success, and Maped. These brands offer you some of the best large cutting mats with excellent features and a long lifespan. All of these names are available on our shopping platform. By the way, while you’re here, also check out other office supplies and several other products from over 500 brands and online stores.

Where to buy cutting mat online in UAE?

Several online stores today offer you different types of self-healing mats online. However, finding out your perfect model needs extensive research. Well, if you wish to explore various options and yet have a hassle-free shopping experience, look no further than our shopping search engine . This product search engine takes a holistic approach and brings to you some of the best cutting mats from renowned brands that you can buy on your favourite online stores. From the best fabric cutting mat to cutting mat for crafts and cutting mats for sale online in UAE from various brands, this platform is your ultimate online shopping destination for securing your perfect self-healing mats online.