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There are a few methods if you want to fix two things together in craftwork. You can drill and screw, staple, hammer, or just stick them together. But if you are working with small things that you don’t want to punch a hole into, then your only option is to use craft glue.

In most craft projects and artwork, you will have to work with small things that are delicate. Therefore, knowing how to handle all those things and fix them without running their appearance is also a part of being an artist. Luckily, there is no shortage of craft glues out there. With enough research, you will be able to find one that fits all your requirements. But before you start shopping for them, read this article to get a better understanding of them. That will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for craft glues and other handicraft articles.

Different types of craft glues

Only craft people know about the incredible variety that exists among craft glues. Depending on how and what you want to do, there are glue dots, glues sticks, spray glues and many other options anybody can choose from. And if you dig deeper, you will find a couple of dozens of glues that are specifically meant for special craftwork. However, if you are just starting out, you should at least know about the most basic ones among them. Here is a list of four of the most popular craft glues that you will need.

Spray Glue

The major attraction of spray adhesive is that they are so easy to use. You won’t get it on your hand, and it is easy to spread the glue on a surface uniformly. Spray glue also comes with different levels of adhesiveness. However, for most craftwork, general-purpose spray glue is sufficient. Unless you are trying to stick together wood or metal, you don’t need a high-performance spray glue. Although it is easy to use, you should not use it in a room with little ventilation. Some chemical components of the spray will spread in the air, and if there is no ventilation, it can be harmful to you.

Glue sticks

These are in no way the strongest adhesive out there. However, for craft projects that involve sticking pieces of paper and other light material together, it is good enough. As the glue in a glue stick is washable, you don’t have to worry about your kids sticking their fingers together when they do the craftwork. You will find two types of glue sticks in the market: one that is low binding and provides a temporary tack and the other type that is a little stronger. A glue stick has a similar consistency as that of silicone glue, and therefore it doesn’t overflow or make a mess on the table.

Multi-purpose glue

If you are looking for an inexpensive glue that you can buy in larger quantities and is safe for the kids, here is your answer. Multi-Purpose glues are water-based glues with low binding power. And because they are water-based, you can easily wash the glue off using soap and water. However, if you keep it for a few hours to cure, it hardens, and it can be difficult to get rid of. If you are buying a multi-purpose glue for your kids, look for the nontoxic ones that are not harmful when ingested. You can also choose between the white and colourless varieties of this glue.

Super glue

Some craftwork requires glue that can create a permanent super-strong bond in no time. Super glue or cyanoacrylate is a great option for this. This glue is a special chemical formulation that solidifies within a few seconds after you expose it to the air. And once the glue is dry, it is extremely difficult to get it off. Therefore, you have to be careful while handling it. As you might have probably figured out, this is not something that you should give to children. The best part is that they are useful for fixing broken household items and furniture as well.

Tips on how to buy Craft Glues Online

Selecting a glue for your craftwork might not seem like a difficult task at first. However, not all crafts require the same type of glue. In fact, the glue that you need varies wildly depending on what you are doing. In most cases, you will need more than one type of glue to complete a particular work. So, how do you make sure that you are getting the right ones? Well, it is easy once you know what the things are to consider while selecting a glue. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • Consider the things you are working with – Not all glues work on all surfaces. A glue that sticks well on paper might not work at all on plastic and fabric. On the other hand, some work on more than one material. For instance, typical tacky glue that kids use in schools works only on pieces of paper, whereas, the E6000 glue works on almost all surfaces.
  • Type of bond – When it comes to craftwork, sometimes you need a glue that creates a permanent bond and some other times, you want it to be easily removable without damaging the surface. This depends on if you want the bond to be reworkable or not. Therefore, you have to select a glue for each purpose accordingly. Tape runners are great for marking and holding together pieces for a short period of time. You can remove them later and replace them with permanent glue.
  • Toxic vs non-toxic glue – If you are buying glue for your young kids, then you should make sure that it is nontoxic. The downside of no toxic glues is that they are not as strong as an adhesive as regular craft glue. That being said, they will suffice for most craftwork that the kids will be doing in their school or at home.
  • Consistency and settling time – Glues come in a whole range of consistencies. There are glues that flow like water to those that are quasi solid, a glue stick, for example. Watery glues are easy to spread on a surface. But the downside of a watery glue is that they take a really long time to settle completely. Otherwise, you will have to spread them to a thin layer and sacrifice the strength of the bond.

If you are somebody who does a lot of craftwork, the chances are that you might need other things as well apart from the glue itself. The good news is that you can easily find all of them here using our product search engine. Look for things like colours, aprons, modelling clay and whatnot on Also, don’t forget to check out other useful products for your school and office in the Office supplies category.

Question & Answer

Is craft glue toxic?

In fact, there are types of craft glues that are toxic and that are nontoxic. However, if the glue is nontoxic, that doesn’t mean that it is edible. There will still be some side effects if somebody were to ingest it. But the side effects in the case of a nontoxic glue will be less harmful than that of their toxic counterparts. Among craft glues, the ones that have the least toxicity are water-based and PVA based glues. These include Elmer’s white glue, some multi-purpose glue and school glue. Epoxy glues and hot glues are also nontoxic to a certain extent.

Is craft glue safe on skin?

Interestingly, there are glues that are safe on skin and that are not. Knowing which ones are safe will help you choose a glue that is safe for young kids. However, there are glues that you can directly apply on your skin like medial dermal glue and eyelash adhesive and those that are okay if it happened to get on your skin. Most glues that are nontoxic, like Elmer’s glue, are also relatively safe on human skin. School glue, glue stick, and other PVA and water-based glues are safe as long as you do not let it remain on the skin for a really long time.

Is craft glue waterproof?

Not all craft glues are waterproof. As only a handful of craft glues are waterproof, you should look for glues that specifically mention the waterproof property. The most popular waterproof craft glue is the E6000. This glue also has several other benefits. They are flexible before drying for you to make adjustments even after applying it. And when this glue dries, they do not leave any dirty residue. That means you can even paint on them after drying. Another common waterproof glue is the cyanoacrylate or the super glue.

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