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There used to be a time when colouring books were only for kids. But that is not the case anymore! These colour books are becoming one of the favourite pastime activities of the grownups to relax a bit and have some time away from the stressful chores of daily life.

There are research findings that suggest that colouring is actually good for improving focus and mood. However, that is not the only benefit of colouring. Colouring allows you to create a world of your own and to add colours to it as you wish. It is one of the very easy ways to utilise your creativity and allow your imagination to fly. Moreover, unlike many other hobbies, colour books don’t require you to spend a lot of money to take it up as a hobby. So, there is literally nothing that stops you from having a good time colouring in those pages. But, read this article before you start shopping for colour books so that you can make the right choices when you shop.

Best colouring books to buy for yourself & your kids 

Nowadays, adults too are drawn towards colour books. And not for one reason but many other factors. There are incredibly good books available in the market with a lot of different themes and complexities. But what makes them different from kids’ colouring books? They feature extremely detailed patterns that also carry meaning. However, colour books help to calm your mental health and allow you to engage for a longer time. Thus, you have so many options regardless of whether you love nature, animals, fashion, or abstract patterns. Here is a list of the four most popular adult colour books you can buy online.

Secret Garden colouring book

The creator of this book is considered the pioneer when it comes to colouring books for full-grown adults. Furthermore, this particular book is one of the best sellers in the category. More than twenty million copies of it have been sold worldwide. So, you can be pretty sure that you are getting something really good when you buy this. Using this, you can create gardens of your imagination. You can colour the gardens with realistic colours or use many different colours and give it a surreal look. The only thing that is limiting you is your imagination.

Tattoo flash colouring book

Suppose you are into the abstract design with bright colours you have to get this book. This book is based on tattoo designs. Interestingly, the artist who is behind this book is also a famous tattoo artist by the name of Megamunden. As is typical for tattoos, the pages of this colour book are full of intricate designs. And just as tattoo designs have so many different motifs and styles, the drawings in this book are also full of varieties over sixty pages. The interesting thing about this colour filling book is that the designs look stunning even without any colour on them. So, you have two options; either ruin it or make it look even more beautiful.

Animal kingdom colouring book

What if you can also learn new things about different kinds of animals as you colour? Wouldn’t it be great? Well, then here is an option that you do not miss. Animal kingdom books are designed to keep all the animal lovers in the world in mind. But rather than going for a realistic portrayal of the animals, this book takes an unconventional approach. Animals in this book are all covered in intricate patterns that you can colour according to your liking. Some of the designs are extremely detailed to the point that each portion of the design is minute and demands your utmost level of attention when you use your brush.

London buildings colouring book

You cannot go wrong with these colour books if you are a lover of historic and modern buildings in London. The designers who worked behind this book are not unknown in the field. These are the same two people who are behind People Will Always Need Plates. And when it comes to the book London Buildings, it has forty-five pages. And on each page, you will get to give colours to the most iconic and beautiful building in the city of London. Apart from the drawing itself, the book will also give you some details and background about the building itself. So, if you plan on visiting London, this book can be a fun introduction to the history of the city.

Tips on how to buy Colouring Books Online

So, is it okay to buy any colour book that you come across? Absolutely not. All colour books are strikingly different from others. Some colour books are made for young children while others are for grown-up people who want to get an experience similar to painting on a canvas. Therefore, to make sure that you are getting the right one, there are more than a couple of things to look for. And if you know all the criteria to consider while shopping for colour books, it is really easy to find the right one. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • The theme of the book – Most of the colour books for adults follows a certain theme. It can be a book about gardens, animals, tattoos, buildings, historic places and so on. So apart from adding the colour itself, if the theme also interests you, it will become a whole lot more fun. Luckily, there is no shortage of themes when it comes to colour books for kids and adults. Both of them can be interesting as well as informative.
  • Size – Colouring is somewhat like a painting. The only difference is that in the case of colouring, the outline of the picture is already on the paper. Everything else is almost the same. Therefore, the size of the canvas matters a lot. There are colour books that are the size of a standard notebook to those large ones that are the size of a canvas.
  • Quality of the paper – The quality and thickness of the paper play a huge role in the colouring experience. Poor quality paper tends to get soggy and does not display the colours accurately when you paint on it. Also, they tend to tear when it gets wet. It is even more probable that the paper will tear if it is too thin. Furthermore, if you want the paper to display the colours exactly as you paint, then make sure that the paper is pure white rather than off white.
  • The complexity of the designs – There are colour books that come with basic designs to those that are extremely detailed and complex. So, which one should you choose? Well, that depends on how experienced you are. It is always a good idea to start either from the easiest or medium-hard designs. And as you learn more, you can move up the level and go for the more detailed ones.

You will also find loose sheets instead of bound books for colouring, even though they generally come under the broad category of colour books. Loose sheets are a great option if you want to colour large sheets with complex designs. That way, it is easy to make colour spill over and leak. Also, in case you happen to tear a sheet, there is the risk of ruining other pictures in the book. Finally, when you are shopping here on our product search engine, don’t forget to check out other handicraft articles from the office supplies category.

Question & Answer

Are colouring books good for adults?

Traditionally we used to associate colour books with young kids. And grownups were meant to do the painting. But that is not the case now. These days you will find colour books even for adults. However, the pictures in kids’ colour books and adult colouring books are way different. The latter feature complex designs that require intense concentration and extreme precision to get right. Colouring is a great anxiety to relieve your mind and concentrate your mind on something that is very relaxing. Colouring is also a great hobby for people who are trying to spend time away from smartphones and computer screens.

Are colouring books good for anxiety?

Any creative activity that lets you break away from your daily chores can give you relief from anxiety. This includes colouring as well. But you will also get the same effect if you take up drawing or painting. However, the advantage of colouring is that you don’t need any special training to take it up as a hobby. Also, it is really easy to learn. There are colour books of varying difficulty, and you can choose one that matches your skill level. As you colour more complex pictures and patterns, it will require more of your concentration and will help you take your mind off your anxieties.

What type of colours can you use in a colouring book?

There are a lot of options you can choose from. The most popular option for colouring in adult colour books is the colour markers. Markers are available in different colours and thicknesses. They are easy to use, and it is possible to draw fine lines using them without any training. You can also wear colour pencils. One benefit of using colour pencils is that you can erase the colours to a certain extent. If you want to create different shades, the best option is to use watercolours. It is possible to create a lot of shades by mixing watercolours. However, to use watercolours, the pages should be thicker than normal.