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Commonly associated with blackboards and classrooms, chalks have other uses, like creating outdoor art on sidewalks and driveways, marking fabrics for perfect tailoring, etc. From standard white chalk to tailor chalk, liquid chalk pens and sprays, there are many types you can choose from. If you are planning to buy them, let us explore more.

Chalk is a white, porous, and soft limestone composed of the mineral calcite. We have seen them in our classrooms in the form of small white sticks. However, it is not a thing of today! They are used since prehistoric times for sketches and cave drawings. They were formed in the form of sticks so that artists could work on their projects conveniently. The formation of chalk was a straightforward process where manufacturers would grind the natural chalk and add water, clay and some colours to it. However, now, things have changed! As a result, we have so many varieties in our hands. If you are looking for chalks for sale online in UAE, then go through the below guide.  

Popular types of chalks and their uses

Have you ever thought about the type of chalks available for various purposes? Not just white, coloured, dustless varieties, you can even get your hands on liquid pens, sprays, and more to accomplish multiple tasks. If you want to create a design with amazing shadows and dimensions, regular white sticks work well. You can use this chalk for sidewalk art. On the other hand, if you want smudge-free art but do not want to sacrifice the chalky texture, you can go for the crayons. Then, there are chalky inks available in the market that offer semi-permanency, apt for a wedding or restaurant signs and making designs on vases, pots, glasses etc. Let us dive deeper!

White & coloured chalk

White chalk was one of the prominent art mediums. Artists use it to create beautiful art. People use it individually as well as, as an ingredient in the formation of pastels. Even the designers and tailors working in the Fashion industry use it to mark the fabric. One can use white sticks on any writable surface, such as terracotta pots, boards, and sidewalks. Outside the art world, it is famous for its use in classrooms. Some artists even carve chalks for the creation of beautiful objects and tools. The colour is not just white or grey. You can also get your hands on a set of colourful chalks. These are the best chalks for drawing. With colourful sticks, your kids can create beautiful outdoor art on sidewalks and driveways.

 Tailor’s chalk

 A tailor’s chalk is a thin and flat piece that you use to make temporary markings on fabrics. Whether it is about handcrafted clothing or machined one, marking is one of the essential steps. It usually comes in a rectangular soap like shape. You can use it on the spots where a cloth might need to be taken in or let out. Moreover, designers or tailors need chalk to mark the location of buttons and embellishments on the clothes. You can find them in a range of colours based on your preferences and the colour of the clothes you are working on.

Dustless chalk

Dustless chalk is similar to the regular stick but produces finer and lighter dust. They write and draw smooth on non-porous surfaces such as jars, windows, mirrors, paper, wood etc. With these, you can let your kids explore their creativity. They come in a variety of colours and small sizes to fit well in the little hands of your children. A set of colourful dustless chalks for kids can help your kids create beautiful outdoor creatives. The best part about them is that they prevent particulate pollution, a common problem with regular sticks. It makes them a good fit for classroom purposes. You can even find them in bigger sizes for a better drawing experience on your DIY projects.

Tips on how to buy Chalks in Dubai

Chalks are one of the oldest art mediums that have their use both inside and outside the art world. For example, you can use them to create art on sidewalks, drawings on vases, write on blackboards in classrooms or offices etc. Since they come in a wide assortment, it becomes important to choose the right variety as per your requirements. So, here are some tips.

  •  Consider the purpose – This is the first and foremost consideration. Your choice should depend upon whether you require it for blackboard, drawing on pavement and roads or making marks on fabrics or metal. There is a different type meant for each purpose. For example, chalks used by kids to create outdoor artworks come in colourful options, whereas the one used by a tailor in a rectangular soap like structure.
  • Go for dust-free options – Untreated sticks produce dust which increases the particulate pollution in the air. Anyone working with that chalk might also feel some allergy or irritation in the eyes. So, go for dust-free options that offer smooth writing or drawing and are also user friendly.
  • Choose the right brands – You will find thousands of sellers in the market. However, it is important to choose the right and genuine one so that you can have quality and non-toxic chalks in your hand. Hema, Maxwell, Jovi, Crayola, Ikea, Jordan, and Majid are popular brands. You can find all of them right here.
  • Purchase online – If you are looking for various options and ease in purchasing, go for online stores. Online stores give you the convenience of ordering products through a few clicks and getting the product at your doorstep.

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Question & Answer

How is chalk made?

The manufacturing process starts with quarrying limestone. It is present on the land or inside it in the form of deposits. Big machinery like bulldozers and scrapers are used to extract it. This limestone is then fed into pulverizes, where it is first crushed into small pieces then ground. Then, it has to go through a process like sifting and cleaning to obtain fine and clean chalk powder. In the next step, the manufacturers add water, clay and other pigments to make the final chalk sticks.

Are chalk pastels and soft pastels the same?

Many people use chalk pastels and soft pastels interchangeably. However, they are different. Chalk pastels are chalk-based mediums that have chalky filler added to the pigment. They are durable, harder, and a good fit for kids’ projects. On the other hand, soft pastels are not that hard. It is easier to blend than chalk pastels but harder to remove. Chalk pastels wash away easily, whereas soft pastels might take a long time. Though with exposure to rain, strong cleaning, and weather, it goes away too.

Are chalk markers washable?

Yes, chalk markers are mostly washable. You can use a damp cloth and even a dry eraser to clean it. However, the ease of cleaning also depends upon the type of chalk marker you are using. Some go away with easy cleaning, whereas others might require hard cleaning. However, if you use them on porous material, the cleaning becomes even tougher. So, it all depends upon the kind of marker you have got. It is always good to check with the seller or check in the specifications.

Where to buy chalk online in the UAE?

If you are planning to buy chalks online, then do not go anywhere else. You are already in the correct place. On, you can find hundreds of trusted stores offering a wide assortment of chalks ranging from standard white to tailor chalk, liquid pens and sprays. If you feel confused looking at so many options, then you can simply put filters. You can filter products depending upon price, brands, sellers etc. So, go ahead and grab the best ones while stock lasts.

We hope that the above guide steers you towards the right selection. We have put all the possible details above that you might need to make the right choice. If you are wondering where to start exploring, then look no further. Right here on, you can find a wide array of chalks. Moreover, you can compare prices to find products fitting your budget. You can also find other handicraft articles here. Now, go ahead and embark on your browsing journey.