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About Casting Plasters

Rather than buying the plaster, container, gel, and other items separately, you can only buy one kit and save your time. But if you have a bulk of projects to do, you can buy the quantity as you like. But before you grab one, it is logical that you explore a few variants to better understand your budget, taste, and other personal preferences.

Plaster casting is one of the types of casting processes. Others include sand casting, shell moulding, wax casting, die casting, and centrifugal casting. Despite the different types, the basic steps in the casting process remain the same. The steps include patternmaking, coremaking, moulding, melting and pouring, and finishing. However, every casting material retains specific characteristic like hardness, melting point, density, and more, due to which processes will differ. These characteristics will define the powder composition and setting time as well.

Casting plaster vs plaster of Paris

The plaster in casting kits is not pure plaster of Paris but added with additives to fulfil the moulding requirements. For example, talc or magnesium oxide prevent cracking and reduce setting time. Likewise, lime and cement limit the expansion during baking, glass fibres increase strength, and sand can be used as a filler. The mention of these ingredients will help you in buying moulding powder online in UAE. After that, the pattern is also of two types: rubber and metal. If you think your project includes complex angular surfaces, the rubber pattern will fit best here.

Precautions with plaster mould casting

Although plaster kits in the market have made the job easy, there are still pre-requisites to be followed carefully. The process of casting involves pouring the gel and then plaster mixture, followed by curing techniques. It sounds easy, but even a slight inconsistency in the plaster composition can distort the mould, shrink it upon drying, or come out with a poor surface finish. The worst outcome is the plaster do not set because you added water more than the required amount. So, it doesn’t matter whether you buy cheap moulding powder or some expensive product, the composition you use and the process you follow takes the lead in getting you the result you want.

Casting plaster to water ratio

You can be super precise about the ratios and use a scale to measure the plaster and water. You can measure one and a half pounds of plaster for every pound of water for some products. This is the common ratio for most of the plasters. Other than that, some plasters go well with one to one ratio. And alginate moulding powder requires two equal parts of powder and one equal part of water to get the best result. So, you see, you cannot make the process consistent for every product. You can either be consistent with your brands and products or follow the different instructions every time you work on a different art project. You can explore the best plaster for hand casting and slit casting here at our shopping platform,

Plaster casting kits available online

You can explore new ideas while watching the kits online. You can either go for the same kit or define something new with your creativity. A hand casting kit for adults can be further moulded to show your engagement ring, or it can be even shaped to hold a flower. It can be a great DIY gift for your special someone. Likewise, you can think of more ideas and buy plaster moulds for slip casting. Other than that, you can also use these kits to print your newborn’s hand and foot. You can either keep them in a frame or make a showpiece out of it. There are more ideas to explore on our platform under our dedicated section: Handicraft Articles.

Tips on how to buy Casting plaster online

You cannot buy any casting plaster kit online and assume it to be giving the best outcome. Different products have their characteristics that are mentioned as specifications list. Due to the exact same reason, you find the price variations. We are not saying more price means better quality. But there are a few must-have properties minus which can make your art project no less than a disaster. Let’s check out what these properties are in the points mentioned below.

  • Low shrinkage rates – There can be slight expansion and contraction once the cast is cured. This may be due to the additives added to the plaster powder you have bought. You can say the rate of change is 0.3 to 0.5%, but still, you should check the specifications list if it says anything about shrinkage.
  • High tear strength – The making of mould says a lot about durability. For example, if you have used less powder by mistake, the mould will look good, but it will be brittle. Therefore, following the instructions can prove to be a blessing here. Your mould will stand for years.
  • Set timings – Different powders have different set timings. Some will have 3 min and some even 5 minutes of the set time. Do check it before buying, especially if you are buying a refill. It will be a disaster project if you mix two powders of different set timings into one container.
  • Acid-free – This is mainly for baby casting kits. You can check the specifications, and if they say the product is acid-free, you should only buy it. As you know, the process involves getting your hands into the gel and powder, and babies are sensitive. So you should not risk anything but only buying acid-free products.
  • Examples of kits – From professional kits to homemade ones, there are plenty of options available. Nowadays, some trending ones are baby bump cast, babies hand and foot cast in a photo frame, holding hand cast, and more. The one professional options are face cast that has been collecting huge popularity in today’s time.

We hope the tips will help you in finding the best product. Also, you can think of more ideas as to how you can build the casting plaster in your own unique way. Here, we would like to mention a few brands to save your time and grab the best product at the first chance. These brands include Mould & Paint, Quner, and DAP. Well, there are more to find but on our retail search engine. You can also see our casting plaster for sale online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What plaster to buy for casting?

The plaster used for mould casting is not pure plaster of Paris. It contains additives to provide green strength, dry strength, permeability, and castability. If we talk about the ingredients, the ratio would be 70-80% gypsum and 20-30% additives. The kind of plaster to buy depends a lot on the type of project you have in your mind. You can go for a plaster statue kit of Luna Bean’s brand for boy part casting. Another similar brand is SES for animal casting. You can find more at our shopping platform,

How to use alginate moulding powder?

Before using the alginate moulding powder, make sure you have all the ingredients by your side. These include mixing sticks, containers, warm water, vinyl gloves, plastic knife, and of course, alginate powder. First, hold the position you want inside the container and pour the gel. after pouring the gel, you need to maintain the position for 8-10minutes, after which you can remove it. Then, measure two equal parts of plaster power to 1 equal part of water by volume. Pour the mixture into the container, wait for 3 hours and peel the plaster mould to reveal the casting. That’s how you use the powder.

How to colour casting plaster?

You have two options to colour the mould. The easy first option is to colour the mould once it is set. It would be the last step of your project. The second option is to add colour pigments to the powdered mixture of plaster before adding it to the container to set. This option is tricky as plaster’s consistency is the most important thing here to set it up. But there is one ingredient that will not disturb the plaster at all. That one ingredient is a powdered tamper, and you can use it in the ratio of 5 to 1. So, five scoops of plaster powder and one scoop of tampered powder would do fine.

Where can I buy casting plaster?

You can buy casting plaster from our online shops at These shops can let you discover a flexible budget range from brands like Mould & Paint, DAP, and more. Exploring multiple products at once has the advantage that you can compare their features and buy the best. For DIYers, you can see some DIY moulds at Newchic online shop.

Are you ready to buy the plaster casting kit now? Before you start to explore, you must have an art project in your mind. It is possible that you are finding inspiration for your next projects. For both reasons, you can explore our retail search engine. The diverse range here can fulfil all your requirements for your art and craft supplies. If this is for your office work, you will also find office supplies here.