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Canvases are the cornerstone of any artist’s journey with their art. Being such a crucial aspect, it’s imperative to know which canvas suits your usage. To simplify the process of scouring through hundreds of products in the market today, we’ll walk you through all the necessary details that you need to make a wise choice. So, read on!

First things first, let’s define a canvas. Typically, it is an incredibly durable material made of plain-woven fabrics that you can use for various purposes. Usually made from linen, hemp, or cotton, the product is prevalent as painting surfaces. The paint you use never comes into direct contact with the canvas fibres when you stretch them across a wooden frame. Interestingly, you can find numerous sizes, shapes, weights, and even designs of this product. Let’s dig a little deeper into the product to help you pick your perfect model.

All you need to know about canvases

Canvases have been around since the early 14th century. In fact, one of the earliest surviving paintings of the French Madonna with Angels is on a canvas. That said, the product came into common usage only in the 16th century. That’s because it was during this time that the Italian Renaissance with Venetian painters became eager to make use of cheap and readily available painting surfaces. Moving on, by the 17th century, these papers spread throughout Northern Europe. Today, you can find the evolved versions of these. Photographers now use them to beautifully display their pictures. Below we’ve compiled a few things you need to understand about buying this product.

Tips and tricks for canvas painting

How do you usually paint? Physically? Or do you prefer an easel where you can place the canvas upright or at a slightly tilted angle? Many of you might also prefer working on a flat surface right next to your paint palette. Well, we’d recommend you to try both out and pick the one that feels best for your painting session. By the way, make sure you set up your entire workspace before you start painting too. Get the right paintbrushes, palette knives, water, and other supplies that you’ll need to create your artwork. But, before all that, prep your surface and test your colours. Start with applying the background colour and then make your painting on it. Having all the right gear in place helps you have a stress-free and fun painting session.

The best canvas wall art

Most of us find canvas wall art attractive. That’s primarily because they bring out a unique charming appeal to your living room or any place where you place this art. Moreover, the art helps you bring out the personality in you onto the paper. And yes, if you’re an artist, then you can easily show off your artistic powers to your visitor and friends with the right wall art. Further, wall arts come in a variety of types, styles, designs, and quality. This is why buying them needs some careful consideration. Not all prints are the same. Besides, do not just jump into something that pleases your eyes. For instance, if you wish to have a simple natural landscape art, then go for the Wallfillers Large Brown 4 Prints Set Beige Sepia Landscape wall art. However, go for Modern painting if you like modern or abstract.

The best canvases based on materials & weight

Modern canvases use cotton or linen along with polyvinyl chloride as their primary materials. However, historically, people used hemp to create them. This differs from other heavy cotton fabrics, such as denim. Hemp has plain weaves rather than twills. Generally, canvas comes in two standard types – plain and duck. When compared to the plain, the duck has more tightly woven threads. Similarly, you can also classify them bases on weight and by a graded number system. Usually, the numbers run in reverse of the weight. For example, a number 10 product is lighter when compared to a number 4. Regardless of their size, weight, and weave, canvas has become the most common support medium for any oil painting. Their versatile nature has completely replaced the wooden panels. 

Tips on how to buy Canvas

Purchasing a canvas shouldn’t be a daunting task, provided you know how to pick them. You should choose what factors to look for and which ones to pick as per your needs. Since canvases ensure that your art stands out, you should take care of every aspect of the product before you buy. That said, here are a few smart hacks to help you buy art canvas online in UAE effortlessly.

  • The quality and kind of fabric are essential – The types of canvas you use for your artwork should be your top priority while buying a canvas. Make sure that the one you purchase isn’t hard enough for the paint to stick to them immediately. However, it should also dry well enough to last long.
  • Look out for the layers of priming – As per the above point, the layers of priming plays a significant role in the kind of canvas you purchase. You do not require more than a single or maximum double-layer primer if you’re a student or hobbyist. But, go for three layers of primer if you’re a professional artist.
  • Check out the quality and type of wood used in the canvas – Remember, the canvas woodwork has a long-term implication for its stability. It’s best to stick with oakwood for the finest results. Nevertheless, it’s better to always check out the canvas you buy for some indication or verification of its quality of wood.
  • Look out for the presence of finger joints – Finger joints aren’t recommended for any type of artwork. However, it’s a fact that they cost you much less than any other kind of canvases. One of the primary reasons for its cheap rate is that they tend to wear off with time. This can be potentially bad news if you’re planning to preserve your canvas for a long time.
  • Consider the material of the gesso – Gesso is a material that helps you process the priming. It’s this substance that gives the shimmery smoothness to your canvases. But bear in mind, the product costs a lot of money. Hence, it’s best to pick a canvas that already has a prime coating. However, ensure that you pick acid-free gesso. It allows your paint to hold much better and longer.
  • Set aside a budget – Indeed, you’ll find several cheap options as well as expensive ones. Go for the ones that fit your budget. But, make sure that the canvases you buy shouldn’t be overly cheap. Many a time, even the highest-quality canvases that have three layers of primer come at fewer prices during sales and offers.

Canvases are a boon to any artist’s arsenal. However, before you invest in any model, thorough research is imperative. Ensure to check out several options and consider your preferences before you make the final call. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you buy the canvases online with ease.

Question & Answer

How is canvas fabric made?

Canvases are typically made by tightly weaving the yarns together in a plain weave. This is an elementary kind of weave. While making them, you usually hold the warp threads steady on the loom, whereas you cross over the weft thread under each warp. Most of these canvas fabrics feature thick to medium weight threads. Today, you can buy canvas fabrics from different materials. For an artist to show his creativity, supplies cannot be limited. So, every now and then, there are variants coming into the market. You can explore art & craft supplies on our shopping platform and see the diversity yourself.

What canvas should you use for resin art?

Did you know that you can utilise a wide variety of surfaces for resin artwork? And yes, canvases are one among them. This means they sure do make up for one of the best surfaces for your resin artwork. Usually, it’s best to use a wooden surface as your canvas when you want to do any resin artwork. But, make sure you evenly support all sides of the canvas when you’re using a large model. As an artist, you might already know what canvas is compatible with your art. However, it is better you keep updating yourself with the new supplies available in the market. You never know when you can confront something better for your work.

What canvas must you use for oil pastels?

Getting the best canvas for oil painting is a tricky task for any artist. It doesn’t matter what tools you use; if the surface of the painting isn’t right, then you’ll never be able to achieve the desired results. Therefore, make sure you gather the right painting surfaces. Buy stretched canvas like Arteza economy stretched canvas, Old Holland canvas, and Artilicious canvas panels. They’re some of the best when it comes to oil painting. You can explore more on our shopping platform under the category – office supplies. You can find a dedicated section for canvases and other craft supplies.

What canvas size should I use for painting?

This normally depends on your preference and needs. However, the most popular size of the canvas is 16″ X20″. We also recommend you to use around 500-1000 pixels canvas. This size is just perfect for those easy little paintings where you do not care about the final result. However, try and go for 2000-5000 pixels if you might like to print stuff or if you wish to turn them into a proper painting. You can always choose bigger than what you have visualised in your mind, so there are no limitations you feel while imprinting your mind on the canvas. Hope the suggestion helps, and you never have to feel discouraged due to a lack of space!

Where to buy canvas online in UAE?

Today several online stores and brands offer you top-quality canvases online. However, if you wish to get a hassle-free shopping experience, then explore This product search engine allows you to buy from the best canvas brand for acrylic, oil painting, watercolour and more. Some of the popular brands that we feature include Daler-Rowney, Conda, Deluxe, Mont Morte, Milo Artico, and Phoenix. What’s more, you can also get the cheap blank canvas in bulk as well as the best canvas for sale in Dubai from your favourite online stores.