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If you are into painting, you know that getting your clothes dirty is part and parcel of painting. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. If you use a painting apron while working with colours, you can protect your clothes. So, learn more about the blotts apron in the upcoming section.

If you plan to take up painting as a hobby or your kids are starting their art class in school, then it is time to invest in some new blotts aprons. That way, you can save your everyday wear from getting ruined by paint. And considering the time you otherwise would need to spend scrubbing the paint off of your kids’ clothing, the money you need to spend on paint aprons is insignificant. So, get a good set of aprons for your kids and yourself before either of you start painting again. However, read this article before that to make sure that the apron you are buying is the right one for you and your kid.

A beginners’ guide to painting aprons for all painters

Art is something all of us enjoy and like to have in our lives in one way or another. Even if we are working in the pantry or creating something new to inspire the world, art is the best way. It may include an item as simple as painting aprons. They are otherwise also known as blots aprons. Shopping for paint aprons is easy! It comes in various colours, designs, and sizes. So, do you know what blotts apron’s purpose is? Their purpose is to protect the clothes that you wear underneath them. So, it doesn’t get dirty with colours or glue and water while painting. Besides, you can wear these aprons many times before you wash them. This reduces your work and gives you even more time to concentrate on painting. So, before you look for cheap paint aprons online, read about the various kinds of them. 

Benefits of paint aprons

You have to be careful if you want to paint without getting it on your clothes. And anyone with kids knows how messy a painting session can be. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to get the paint off the clothes after it dries. That’s why it is always a good idea to wear an apron when you paint. The apron clothes make it easier to wash the paint off!  Besides, it’s okay to have a few traces of paint on your blotts apron. Mainly when you are at your art class or painting your home.

Types of art aprons

An art apron doesn’t have to be a piece of cloth that protects the front side. Having pockets to hold your tools and phone is a great feature in an art blotts apron. Also, you can find them in different styles and also materials. It is better if the material for the painted apron is tough. That way, it will last for a long time, even if you have to be harsh on it when you wash it. The most common materials for an art apron are denim and canvas. However, those aprons are made of cotton and feel just like any other clothes. In that case, look for washed cotton aprons that are soft and comfortable to wear for a long time.

Kids art smock

Anybody can imagine why they should not let their kids paint without wearing a painting apron. And when you compare kids’ art aprons to adult ones, you will find many differences between the two. For one thing, kids’ aprons offer more coverage. Because kids play with the paint more than just painting, this is essential for younger kids. Also, these blot aprons are generally made of synthetic materials like plastic or nylon. These materials do not absorb paint. Therefore, it will be effortless to get the colour off by washing it with just water and soap.

Long vs short paint aprons

Some aprons end above the knees and those that flow down below the knees. As you can imagine, they both have very distinctive looks. But apart from the aesthetic point of view, there are some real functional benefits between the two. Not surprisingly, long blotts aprons provide much more coverage and protection against splashes than short ones. So, if you don’t want splashes of paint on your trousers, get the long ones. Some long aprons also come with long sleeves. However, those are primarily for kids and not for adults.

Tips on how to buy Art Aprons Online 

Choosing a painting apron might not feel like a really difficult thing. But the fact that there are so many different types of them makes it a fair bit hard to find the right one. However, to make sure that you are getting the most out of an apron, it is essential to make sure that the one you are buying fits all your needs. In order to make that sure, you need to know what criteria to consider while shopping for a blotted apron. Here are some tips that you can follow while buying them.

  • Decide the purpose – Kids’ and adult aprons vary wildly. Kids’ aprons are more often than not made of plastic or polyurethane. This keeps them from ruining their clothes with paint. However, older people do not need that. Therefore, you have to consider the age of the person while you are buying an art apron.
  • Material of the apron – Aprons are available in a lot of different materials. There are denim, canvas and even aprons. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Moreover, some of them are more comfortable than others. For instance, it might be really difficult for you to wear canvas aprons during the wintertime unless you have your air conditioner on.
  • Style and coverage – There are really stylish looking aprons that are purely functional. Long aprons that end just above your ankle can protect your trousers or skirts from getting painted. You can wear a shoe cover as well with it to top it off. On the other hand, short paint aprons are more comfortable to wear and walk in.
  • Features – Look at the features that the apron offers before buying it. When you are painting, having pockets in front of the apron is always useful. You can keep the things that you might want to use while painting in the apron pocket and avoid reaching into your trouser pockets. And if you want something that is easy to clean, look for aprons made of stain proof and waterproof materials.

On you can find a painting apron that fits the needs of you and your kids. Look for them using our product search engine. If you are into painting and other artwork, you might need painting tools and materials as well. The good news is that you can find all of them here for cheap. Look for handicraft articles like colour books, craft glue, craft paint, and whatnot in the office supplies category. Some of the top brands you can consider include Crayola, IKEA, Maped, Galt, and Alisun.

Question & Answer

How to clean an art smock?

The purpose of using a painting apron is to save the clothes from paint splashes. But that being said, you still have to clean the apron. However, it is way easier to get the paint off of a painting apron than in regular clothes. Firstly, aprons are made of tougher material, and you can use a bit of force to clean them. Secondly, there are aprons that come with an anti-stain coating that makes them less susceptible to paint stains. But how do you wash off the paint from an apron? You can throw them in your washer separately from your other clothes. And if there remain some patches of paint, you can use a stain remover on it.

How to choose an art apron?

If you are choosing an apron for an adult, you should also make sure that the apron will look good on that person. Find a style and colour that you like or the person that you are buying for will like it. And because it is an apron, there are only a couple of different materials you can choose from. Both canvas and denim are thick materials that are really good for an apron. They are also extremely durable. But the downside is that it can get a little hot, especially in summer. In that case, there are washed cotton aprons that are comfortable even if you are wearing them for long hours.

How to make children’s art smock?

It is really easy to sew a painting apron for your kid if you are a DIYer. All you need is fabric, patterns, a sewing machine and thread. You can choose whichever fabric you want. However, waterproof fabric is the best material for kids’ aprons. Another way is to sew a layer of waterproof material over a regular fabric like cotton or polyester. You can find a lot of different ways to cut and sew an apron. So, go with the design you like. You can also add a pocket or two if you want. After cutting both the fabric and the waterproof material, pin them both together to align them the same way. After that, you can sew them both together.