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About Footrests

Maintaining the right posture sitting on an office chair might seem enough, but it is not. You need to be careful of even a slight discomfort you feel and immediately do something about it. One of the discomforts we all know about is that weird feeling in the legs due to long hours of sitting job. And here, footrests come into the picture.

The basic design of the footrest contains a firm platform on which you place your feet. The product is heightened enough to provide you with comfort placement. Along with that, angle adjustment can make you place your feet either straight or angled as you like. These three features can further be modified to elevate the comfort and even add a luxury factor. Buying a footrest for an office is not a daunting task if you know your priorities. Just as we described the features, you need to contemplate them to grab the best deal.

Types of footrests under the desk

Footstool, foot hammock, footrest pouffe, and cushioned footrest, are some common types of footrests that you can place under your work desk. Their design and aesthetics are different, but before you decide upon looking at the design, think of your discomfort first. If you have sore feet, you should get the cushioned product. If you feel pain in the back of your legs, get a hammock that rests your legs and feet both. Or you can also buy an acupressure points surface of the footrest that can help to increase the blood circulation in your body. You can check out some footrest for sale online in UAE and see if you find something interesting.

Ikea footrest

Like always, this Ikea product has a minimalistic and unique design. You can place it under your desk, and it can adapt to any ambience so well. Above all, you do not have to bend to adjust the height and angle. You can just put some pressure on your foot and adjust the product accordingly. the surface is also non-slip which is a pretty awesome feature to think of. You can place the foot firmly without them being sliding away after every few seconds.

Herman Miller footrest

The product of this brand is more advertised in the name of foot pillow. The design definitely elevates your feet and give comfort but cannot adjust the height and angle. The idea of making this product is to distribute your torso weight correctly and relax your muscle. No doubt, the product does exactly the same and has been getting super positive reviews from the customer. Above all, it also helps place your spine in a neutral position. But this does not replace the backrest completely. If this product sounds interesting, you can check it out on our product search engine .

Memory foam footrest

When you place your foot on the memory foam, it remembers the impression and keeps the shape for a bit. This is the reason the foam is known as memory foam. This is not the exact reason why it has been used on the product to provide comfort. The main reason is the range or temperature it contains. It can vary from viscous to elastic. So, when you place your foot, it feels hard, and when slowly your body heat transfers, the foam becomes soft and comfortable. It is one of the best ergonomic footrests you can buy.

Footrest pouffe

The footrest pouffe is more like a stool but made of soft material unlike wood or metal stool. Pouffe can be plastic or fabric. The trending ones nowadays are the round and cylindrical ottoman. This product may not serve well under the desk, but the comfort zone in your office can well adjust the footrest pouffe. Many offices nowadays make up a corner by calling it a thinking zone, break out, or many other names, which can you use when you want to take a break and relax from work. And we think these pouffes can be the best addition there.

Tips on how to buy Footrests online

It is imperative to fell comfortable at your worktable so you can concentrate on your work. Making your furniture ergonomic and comfortable is a part of the process. Out of all other comfort products, footrest is one of them. To let you save your time and money, we have compiled important point to consider before buying office footrest online in UAE. The tips will surely help you to make an informed decision.

  • Adjustable height – You will find much hype about this feature that you must have a product that can adjust the height according to your needs. Having this flexibility is good, but there are foot cushions and hammock that do not really need the feature. If you are eyeing a different product, you should find the product without the height adjustability factor, so you do not have to pay for the feature unnecessarily.
  • Angle adjustments – Some of you might feel the strain on the backfoot muscles when you put your foot straight on the ground. For that, you should have a footrest with angle adjustment features. If you do not have such an issue, you can buy either of the product thinking of your needs and budget.
  • Easy to use – It would be great if you can adjust the height and angle of the footrest with your foot pedals. This way, you do not have o bend over whenever you want to adjust the footrest. But if you are not that lazy and like to ignore such variations in a product, you are good to choose a standard product.
  • If you want portability – If your work involves travelling a lot, you should consider taking foot hammocks with you. You can easily hang this product under the chair and put your flat feet or legs in it to feel comfortable throughout travelling. They are best for long journeys where prolonger sedentary can make your legs swollen.

Along with the tips, we would also like to mention a few brands to narrow down your purchase and save time. These brands include 3M, Fellowes, Rubbermaid, Travelsky, Safco, Ikea, and Kartell. You can choose any of them and explore the variants of footrests for different purposes. Be it a folding footrest that you need or something to put under your desk, you can find it all at our shopping platform,

Question & Answer

What is footrest used for?

You can get an idea from the name itself that it is used to give rest to your foot. But when you sit on your office chair for a long time, the footrest under your desk does not only rest your foot but also increases support for your back and upper body. You can sit in a firm posture with a footrest and enjoy better blood circulation. Although having ergonomic office furniture is a blessing, these footrests can become the cherry on the top.

Which footrest is best?

The best product depends on your requirements. You might like a foot hammock under your desk or an adjustable footrest, or maybe a standing footrest. All these are different variants of footrests that you can explore and find what’s best for you. Still, we can suggest you a few brands to commence your shopping journey. These brands include Fellowes, Kensington, 3M, and Posturite. Choosing any of them will redirect you to our shopping platform, wherein you can contemplate the features of different products and buy the best.

Why use a footrest at work?

The footrest under your desk has many advantages more than you think. As the name says, it indeed gives rest to your foot, but also supports your back and shoulders. If you have a short height and your foot hangs in the air, the footrest is one blessing for you that can make you sit firmly. The product also helps to increase blood circulation. Overall, the time you spend sitting on the office chair can be productive both for body and work.

Where to buy a footrest chair online in the UAE?

Fellowes, Kensington, 3M, and Ikea are a few brands you can explore while searching for the best footrest online. You will find unique features among every brand that you can choose based on your requirements. For example, Fellowes footrest has a textured surface that can even massage your feet and Kensington footrests have a SmartFit system that can measure, adjust, and fit your space. Likewise, you can compare other brands by scrutinising their features and budget range.

Find the comfort products on our shopping platform, You can expect to explore a complete set to make your office chair ergonomic include a footrest, backrest, and armrest. You can also choose to have a cushioned mousepad to give your hands firm support while using the mouse. All these office supplies and even more are available here on

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