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About Erasing

Variants of erasers serve different purposes for all kinds of applications. These are one of the essentials in several creative professions. Even if you are an art & craft enthusiast or a beginner-level professional, you should know the erasing that best suit your job.

The first eraser ever found was the pieces of bread. It comes to most of us as a surprise, but it is as valid as the subsequent discovery, years later when latex came into the picture. However, the substance is difficult to handle, due to which the production shifted to chemical use. Artists, teachers, students, or every other creative professional who wants erasing has a particular need. For that, different components or manufacturing process combat those needs. For instance, pigments, vegetable oil, pumice, sulfur, and many other ingredients are added to modify the erasing properties of the product. Thus, buying erasers online in the UAE is no daunting task when you know what features you want.

Types of erasers

Four major kinds of erasers are rubber, soft vinyl, art gum, and kneading. All the types are different in application, purpose, and residue remains. Rubber products can be natural or synthetic, out of which the latter mimics the feel of the natural rubbers. One of the synthetic examples is gritty rubbers that contain sand or silica. These are the best erasers for pen ink marks, even the stubborn ones. Soft vinyl is a plastic product that clumps the residue beneath the eraser rather than making a mess. Then, Art gums and kneaded products are both practical and gentle to the paper. You may find all varieties in an assorted arrangement of budget and quality on our shopping platform,

Kneaded eraser

These erasers are professional products for precise application. Their uses include accurate erasing, creating highlights, or detailing the work. They do not remove the entire content of graphite, rather pick the particles to leave a smooth finish. Another popular name of these products is putty rubbers. The application is simple. You have to knead them before use and apply. You can check out Prismacolor or Derwent brands to explore some of the best erasers for graphite.

Rubber eraser

Rubber products are the go-to products in daily usage office supplies‘. They do feel dusty and leave residue a lot. But they are also the most effective product in cleaning graphite marks. You can check out the Faber-Castell brand as this one has natural or synthetic rubber products both. One thing you should consider while buying them is the size. They come in big or small blocks depending on the application. Or you can have both for removing the big area and small marking precisely. Also, check out cheap eraser packs on and see if you find something you are looking for.

Mechanical pencil eraser

This product can prove to be the best eraser for drawing. It can remove even the tiniest marking without touching the surroundings. The reason for such precision is its pen-like build to reach unreachable places. You can also refill the eraser inside. These are plastic rubber because only plastic can give a smooth function to the mechanical element. The brands you should check out include Pentel, Parker, and Bic. You can find all these brands or even more on our retail search engine.

Tips on how to buy Eraser online

Every product has a characteristic erasing application and purpose. Before you buy, you sure need to explore all the reputed brands and unique products. But your research would mean nothing if you do not understand the basic features of the product. Here, we have compiled some fine points for you to consider, compare, and shop wisely.

  • Erasing capability – The quality of the eraser is excellent when you have to make fewer strokes with minimal paper touch. Out of all the types of erasers in the marketplace, rubber one’s trigger smudging and smearing. To prevent that, you should buy an improved formula for rubber erasers. For instance, Tombow Non-PVC is the one. Rubber erasers have pumice in them, which can be abrasive to paper but the improved formula is not.
  • Paper trauma – You cannot buy an eraser that leaves your paper with holes in it. The products that are super gentle to paper are art gums or the kneaded erasers. Both are soft and does not compromise the integrity of the paper. Artists prefer these two for the exact same reasons. Sometimes inappropriate product lets you pressure more that ends up in paper holes. Thus, you must invest in the right product by understanding their application.
  • Residual mess – The ideal residue is what you can blow away, brush away, or that clumps together to be picked. All kinds of rubbers leave some kind of residue except the kneaded rubbers. These products absorb the graphite with no residue. But these can transfer the mark if you do not knead the graphite and push it away, leaving the surface clean. Here, you may need the brush as an additional accessory with the eraser. Some pencils also come with a brush head.
  • Consider markings – Graphite, ink, and coloured pigments are the kind of marking that you want to remove. Out of the three, coloured markings are the hardest to remove and want a special product. They would require gritty or high-quality plastic erasers. Other markings of graphite or ink can work well with any product. There are products with two sides, white for graphite and black for ink. You can choose the products depending on your work profile and application.
  • Precision erasing – You only want the eraser to remove what is written or drawn incorrect. But it also removes the side drawing sometimes, especially when all the corners get smudged, and you have to erase with smooth surfaces. In that case, you can invest in erasers that come with sharpeners or mechanical ones. Both can serve the purpose of precise erasing. A mechanical pencil eraser even comes with refills, so you do not have to buy the whole product every time.

We hope the tips will prove helpful. Well, erasing capabilities will also affect the kind of paper and graphite you use. We are hopeful that you are aware of it and will choose the appropriate product considering your other products’ quality. Before you start exploring, we would also like to suggest some brands to give you a better start. These include Pentel, Staedtler, Crayola, Pilot, and Bic. Once you visit, you can see more brands and products for you to delve more.

Question & Answer

Which eraser is best for sketching?

One of the premium brands, Tombow, equips the perfect brand for pencil sketching. You must check out its variant, the Tombow Mono Knock Stick eraser. It may not suit deep-set tooth paper, but standard sketches are best paired with this type. If your sketching involves graphite marks, then Prismacolor Art gum erasers are the ones you should be headed to. With this type, you can easily remove an initial sketch from your finished piece. There are more brands and varieties you can explore on our shopping platform.

Where to buy erasers online in the UAE?

You can rely on many brands while looking for a particular product. A few names include Pentel, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, and Crayola. Well, Staedtler plastic products have been providing consistent supplies to offices. On the other hand, Pentel is a favourite brand among creators working with soft pastels and coloured pencils. Thus, you can choose the brand based on your application and profession. Things can be more transparent and decisions precise upon visiting our platform and checking out all the variants under one roof.

What is the best eraser for pastels?

Soft pastels are compressed sticks of powder applied to textured papers that bring strokes of intense colours. Once applied, artists perform blending techniques to further create their piece. So, erasers to remove any unwanted markings need to have unique features. Putty or kneaded erasers are an excellent choice. You can explore the Prismacolor brand for the same. These kinds of erasers can easily pick the pigments from deep-textured papers. Some artists even keep bread pieces with them to do a clean job of erasing.

How does a magic eraser work?

First of all, what is a magic eraser? It is an exceptional product that can remove crayons, marker pens, and grease marks from various surfaces. A few includes painted walls, wood finishings, even the plastic adhering paints from wood. These are the surfaces you don’t want to stain and definitely don’t want to put heavy chemicals on. In such a case, magic erasers work with water, creates foam, remove the stains, and leave a slight residue, which you can rinse off.