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Elastics, also commonly known as rubber bands, are something every office on this earth owns. This is a basic office supply used daily and for several reasons.

From helping in storage and organization to a stress reducer, these rubber bands have become an important part of any person living on the planet to this date. These bands are a cheap, extremely convenient, and handy way to keep your desk, drawer, or office organized. Besides, when not in use, you can keep them intact to avoid any mess. Many people also find it relieving and stress-reducing activities to play with colourful brands. Besides, the variety of colours and widths also helps colour code your stuff, hence keeping things more organized. The physics of an elastic is really interesting and understanding it will also explain to you the importance of investing in a good product. 

Everything you need to know about elastic bands

A rubber band is also known as a gum band, lucky band or simply an elastic band. Aesthetically, it is a rubber loop, usually in a ring shape and commonly used to hold multiple items together. With the initial patent on March 17, 1845, notable developments in the evolution of rubber bands began in 1923. With the fine hand-aided cutting of rubber rings, the versatility of the product increased. Today they are among the most commonly used items in any household, educational institution or commercial setting like an office, shopping marts and more. However, the demand for width, durability and size varies according to the intended purpose.

Construction of rubber bands

As suggested by the name, these bands are made of synthetic or natural rubber. These bands are made by extruding the rubber (natural or synthetic) in long tubes to apply a certain amount of pressure under a defined temperature to give it a general shape. With special processing, the rubber bands are forced through the aperture or die following many other processes. In the end, the rubber rings are cut into smaller portions with different widths. Today we can find rubber bands in a variety of diameters and widths for different uses.

About band sizes

Generally, a rubber band comes in three basic dimensions; width, length, and thickness. The length of the band is defined as half of the circumference. And the thickness is the distance from the inner to the outer surface. At the same time, the width is the distance from one cut edge to the other. However, in the market, rubber bands are available in standard sizes. You can also find sizing charts to choose the right type of rubber as per your needs by selecting its dimensions. You can find them numbered as 8 19 are all 1⁄16-inch-wide, with lengths going from 7⁄8 inch to 3 1⁄2 inches. Rubber band numbers 30–35 are for width of 1⁄8 inch, going again from shorter to longer and more.

Thermodynamics of a rubber band

It is important to note that the temperature affects the band’s elasticity and does it in a very unusual way. So, heating the rubber can cause it to contract while cooling causes expansion in it. Likewise, stretching the rubber will cause it to release heat. But when you release it after stretching, it will absorb heat and make its surroundings cooler. This effect is basically due to higher entropy or unstressed state. If you are interested to know more about the physics of the product you can read online sources. The knowledge will also explain the importance of using a good quality elastic. 

Tips on how to buy Rubber Bands online in the UAE

When it comes to buying supplies like a cheap plastic rubber band, choices can be unlimited. If you are using it as an office supply, there is much to pay attention to. But if you want to buy it for kids or use it at home, you can go for any random item. Just make sure it has the elasticity and ability to hold your stuff for a while. However, finding a reliable option is always a difficult task. But you can deal with the process by paying attention to the necessary details, and we are sure that you will end up buying a lasting and dependable option for your specific needs. Here are some basic tips you will need to consider.

  • Brand Value – It is of core importance. As you will always buy rubber bands in bulk or packages containing a few dozen or hundreds of bands. A wrong choice will make all the efforts go in vain. But a trusted brand will mean a reliable and lasting product.
  • Product Features – Here, you need to visit the product description section to know the thickness and diameter (or the size) of a rubber band. Always look for a rubber band with sufficient durability and thickness to hold most of the material for a long.
  • Product Specifications – Once again, you need to explore the product description section to find all the specifications about the products and what variety is includes in the package you are planning to order. Here you will also have an idea about the durability of the product.
  • Product Reviews & Customer Ratings – These are important. The customer reviews will help you know the real-time performance of the product you are about to buy. Here the purchase rule is simple- the higher the customer rating and reviews, the better the product will be.
  • Price Value – Luckily, there is nothing much to worry about about the price of this essential office supply. They are cheaper than one can ever think of. But you must double-check if the quality and quantity of the product package are justifying the price or the cost is much more than what you will get in return.

But if you can still find a reliable option that can satisfy all your needs, look for an expert or peer suggestions. You can enlist some of the recommended items and start your hunt with those. At, you will be able to find dozens of options from hundreds of brands online. The wide collection of handpicked high-quality products will surely help you make a smart decision and save money and your work profiles at the same time.

Question & Answer

Which is the best rubber band for office use?

When it comes to office supplies or stationery items, the demand for quality, colour and other features vary significantly. Therefore, it is important to use designated items to ensure smooth processing throughout the day in a corporate setting. And to help you with all your rubber band problems at work, here are some bestselling items you can consider buying. These include BAZIC 465 Multicolour Rubber Bands, Alliance Rubber 26339 Advantage Rubber Bands, 500 Count Rubber Bands, and Alliance Rubber 08997 Super–Size Bands.

What is a rubber band made out of?

While other rubber products generally use synthetic rubber, most rubber bands are mainly manufactured with natural rubber. The difference is mainly due to the optimum elasticity that it offers. This natural rubber originates from the latex of a rubber tree. This latex is acquired by tapping the bark of the tree. The natural texture and properties of latex are preserved while converting them into useable rubber bands to get maximum elasticity.

What is the best place to buy a cheap rubber band online in the UAE?

Explore any product search engine to find the most variety of notepads for your office use or even if you wish to use them personally or at home. This is where you can find top brands like Alliance Rubber, Business Source, Universal, Horze, Baumgartens, and Maped. All these brands are known for offering the best quality or reliable and eco-friendly products at cheaper rates. At, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of products and make a smart and economical purchase.

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