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About Bookmarks

Indeed, most of us today are e-readers! But, many among us still love the sound of flipping a book, the feel of having an actual book to hold. And if you’re one of those bookworms, then you know how vital the bookmarks are. You’re on this page, which means you know what the bookmarkers are. But, let’s preface it for novice readers.

Bookmarkers are typically thin markers made of leather, fabric or card. However, you can still find some alternative materials like metals, paper, silver, wood, and plastic. Regardless of the materials, you use these cards to keep a reader’s place in a book. This enables you to return to it quickly. We bet you know most of this. But, what you do not know is that they’ve probably been around since the 6th century AD. Besides, these bookmarks usually came in ornamented leather materials. Looking at the current types, we can clearly say that these pieces have considerably evolved. You can find a wide variety of modern bookmarkers available in various designs, materials and models. Let’s have a sneak-peek at some of the popular ones that you ‘bookworms’ can put to use!

The five creative bookmark designs and types to make sure you pick up where you left

Now, when you think about bookmarks, most imagine a single and straightforward rectangle piece of paper that you can shove up anywhere in your book. But, here’s the thing –there are many others too. Of course, you can make these bookmarkers from almost any thin and flat material. However, you need to make sure that the one you make doesn’t spoil the book in any way. DIY fanatics can easily create one. But, for those of you who do not want to go through the hassle of creating one, know that you can readily purchase cheap, cute bookmarks online. Why don’t we look at some of the trending types of bookmarkers out there in the market?

The magnetic bookmarks

Magnetic bookmarkers are those that stay in place, unlike the paper ones, even when you open your books. They usually have magnets that help stick to the book. This unique nature of these bookmarkers makes them a traveller’s favourite. Today, you can buy magnetic bookmarks online in UAE from several online stores and popular brands. Some of the most popular magnetic bookmarkers include cactus markers, gold-metallic markers, ones with holographic designs, butterfly markers, and many more as such. By the way, you’ll also find cheap magnetic bookmarks as well as expensive ones.

The custom bookmarks

Boring rectangle bookmarkers are a thing of the past. Today, there are several types of them, and you can even customise them as per your needs. Take, for example, the string custom bookmark. This is a creative way of using the string for bookmarking your pages. Similarly, customised bookmarkers can also be as light as ribbons. Another interesting type of bookmarker that’s worth considering is the custom printed options. This allows you to print out your favourite messages or pictures on the bookmarkers. However, if you want something durable, then you can always go for the metal models.

The bookmark for kids

Indeed, one that you love might not suit your budding readers. That’s why getting your kids the gorgeous bookmarks for kids is good. In fact, it’s the best way to motivate your developing readers to take care of their books. Plus, there’s something about having a bookmarker that makes finishing another chapter much more rewarding for your little ones. Today, you can find many different clever, unique, and fun bookmarkers for the kids. Some of the most common ones include animal markers, snoopy markers, colouring markers, space-themed models, personalised with a name, and many more.

The corner bookmarks

How about adding a twist to your usual square or rectangle bookmarks? Yes, we’re talking about the corner bookmarkers. You can find several types of corner markers available in different designs, styles, colours and materials. However, the best part about these markers is that you can easily make one for yourself. All you need are a few essential pieces of equipment like scissors, your desired papers, and glue. Note, it’s best to use origami paper if you’re making them by yourself. Even though it isn’t durable, you still get to design one for yourself.

The wooden bookmark

If you’re on the lookout for something more sturdy and durable, then opt for the wooden markers. They not only come in unique designs but also stay with you for a long time. The market has a lot to offer you when it comes to wooden bookmarkers. They come with different kinds of wordings and pictures laser-engraved onto them. By the way, you could also get your favourite message or photo carved on them if you like. Apart from that, you can also find different wood colours like mahogany, cherry, light oak, dark oak, black ash and many more.

Tips on how to buy Bookmarks online

We bet you’re now eager to buy a bookmark for yourself. Indeed, you can, but where do you start? Which one do you buy? Should you go for a wooden model? Or a little more sophisticated leather bookmarks? With so many options to choose from, this dilemma is evident. This is why we’ve brought you a few quick tips. These tips will help you assess your bookmarks and help you buy bookmarks online in UAE effortlessly.

  • Figure out your needs – What kind of bookmarkers do you like? Do you like bright and vibrant coloured markers or simple ones? Similarly, do wish to buy a wooden bookmark or would want to stick with the usual card material? Apart from this, how often do you plan to use it? Answering all these questions will give you an idea about what kind of bookmarks you need. Understanding your needs is one of the first and crucial steps in achieving a successful buy.
  • Do a bit of research – There are several types of bookmarkers out there. But which one suits you? Well, to know this, you need to dig in a little deeper into the subject. Try and check out the online stores that sell them. Figure out the top manufacturers or sellers. Look out for online videos, if you want to make them on your own and so on. Having adequate knowledge about the product always makes your buying process a breeze.
  • Keep an eye on their style and design – From magnetic to personalised and origami bookmarks, you’ll find the bookmarkers in several designs and styles. There are also lamp shaped, round, and even corner bookmarks that you can choose from. It’s always a better idea to check out their different shapes, sizes, and designs before you make the final call. See, if the particular shape or design suits your liking. For example, a kid’s bookmark design wouldn’t fancy an adult. So pick wisely.
  • Pick an ideal material – Just like the designs and style, you’ll find the bookmarks in different kinds of materials too. Some of the common materials you’ll find them in includes card, plastic, paper, fabric, wooden, and metal. Make it a point to choose a material that’s sturdy if you’re an ardent reader. That’s because usually, the materials determine the durability and longevity of the bookmarks. You do not want to buy something that’ll disappoint you later on.
  • Experiment with colours – Do not stick one single, dull tone. Try checking out various colours. Today you’ll find the bookmarkers in several vibrant colours. Some of the standard colours include black, white, orange, blue, and many more. Apart from that, you can also find many sophisticated leather colours like brown, white, olive green and more as such. Pick a bookmark that best suits your liking.
  • Set aside a budget – You can find both cheap and expensive models of bookmarkers out there in the market. Their price typically depends on several factors like materials, colours, designs, and style. However, their rates generally stay within AED 10 –AED 150. This is why it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself. Keeping a budget makes sure that you do not stray away and spend unnecessarily. Above all, it makes sure that you get the right product at the best price possible.

We think the variety of bookmarkers available today is pretty impressive. And all that’s left to do is to choose the best one that suits your liking. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and make your shopping much more comfortable. Besides, ensure that you do not blindly jump to conclusions and pick anything that you see online. Take time to assess the product, even when it is as small as these bookmarkers. This way, you’ll have a good-quality product that will stay with you for a long time.

Question & Answer

What are personalised bookmarks?

The wide variety of bookmarks makes sure that there’s one for everyone. However, many a time, you might not find anything that tickles your particular fancy. Well, that’s when these personalised pieces come in handy. You can individually design a bookmarker with your favourite wordings, pictures, or unique backgrounds. This way, you’ll have a bookmark that has a personalised touch to it. Besides, you’ll have a model that satisfies your needs. In fact, several popular brands today make cheap personalised bookmarks for you.

What are bookmarks used for?

Bookmarkers are pieces of flat and thin paper, card or fabric that helps you keep your place on the book. This way, you can pick where you left when you read the book next time. Today you can find several kinds of bookmarkers like a cheap laminated bookmark, bookmark for Quran, bookmark for a bible, bookmark for a spiral planner, and many more. By the way, with the technology evolving now and then, you can also find bookmarks in electronic books.

How to make a corner bookmark?

Making a corner bookmark is quite easy because all you need is a square piece of paper to make them. Once you have that in place, twist the rectangular piece to make a diamond. Then bring the bottom corner up to the top and make a neat fold at the bottom. Next, fold both pointy edges and bring them to the top. Finally, neatly crease and fold all sides. Making careful and neat creases will help you later on. Next open, and bring one flap down and bring the opposite flap over and tuck it under. Similarly, do it for the other corner. And that’s it; you have a basic corner bookmarker. You can always check out a few cool YouTube videos to get bookmark ideas.

Which bookmarks is the best?

This actually depends on your personal preference and liking. Some might like to buy them while others love to go creative and make one for themselves. Know that there are several types of bookmarkers out there in the market. There’s one for every reader. However, the best one is something that suits you and has high longevity. Check out the brands like That company Called IF, Hema, Typo, Alice Scott, Legami, Teeth-Marks, Letternote, Knock-Knock, and The Noble Collection. All of these offer you a vibrant collection of unique bookmarkers.

Where to buy bookmarks online in UAE?

Several online stores these days bring you a wide range of stylish bookmarkers. However, if you’re looking out for a hassle-free shopping experience, then turn to This shopping search engine allows you to browse through a plethora of your favourite bookmarkers from your favourite brands. Besides, you can also compare their prices, specs, and characteristics to make a wise decision. What’s more, you get to buy bookmarks for sale online in UAE from popular online stores.

Now that you have ample information about the bookmarks, it’s time to let go of those tattered old bookmarks, random pieces of paper, and stray pens. In short, stop putting these random placeholders into your pristine, delicate books and get brand new, stylish bookmarkers now on Also, check out several other office supplies and explore many more products from over 500+ online stores right here!