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Are you holding up your stack of precious books collection with stacks of heavier books? Well, then it’s time to invest in the right bookends to showcase your impressively lit pile of books! While there are a plethora of book stoppers out there on the market, we bet you’d still like to go for the ones with a bit of personality. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few such book stoppers in this article. Besides, you also get to check out a few quick tips that’ll help you buy bookends online in UAE effortlessly. So read on.

Book stoppers generally come as a pair. These pairs follow a supporting mechanism when you place them on either end of many books. This, in turn, prevents the books from tipping over or collapsing. They also help to keep the collection of books sturdy and enable you to have a clear view of the books. It’s quite interesting to know that heavy book stoppers made of wood, bronze, marble, and even large geodes have been utilised for centuries. In fact, a simple sheet metal book stopper originated in 1877. Since then, these holders have been evolving till date. Today, you can find several types. Let’s have a look at the few trending types that you can choose from.

The various kinds of unique bookends for every type of reader

Indeed, these book stoppers provide immense support to hold up your stack of books. But, they’re also a fabulous way to decorate your home library. While most book stoppers look eclectic on their own, the perfect combination of ornaments and book stoppers brings in a unique artistic touch to your room. Most of these book stoppers come with designs that serve the general purpose of supporting your stack of books. However, these days, you’ll find a wide variety of them that perform several other functions too. Whether you’re seeking a perfect housewarming gift or just planning to tidy up your office, we hope this collection will offer a variety of book stoppers to suit your needs.

The heavy-duty non-skid iron metal bookends

A sturdy choice of book stoppers is always a good idea. If you’re looking out for such a model, then do not skip on this metal iron adjustable bookend from Halova. The manufacturers of this model have refused the idea of a one-size-fits-all mantra. The model is one of its kind designed in three different sizes. Namely, small, medium and large. These variable size options allow you to ideally store CDs, DVDs, big business books, etc. In addition to this, you can quickly expand this book stopper to increase the number of books it can hold. In short, they’re one the best heavy-duty bookends when it comes to quality, strength, and durability.

The vintage bookends

If you want something with an artistic touch, then, go for the vintage models. With the antique-styled heavy-duty bronze bookend from Anwenk, you can see sheer craftsmanship in action. The model is not only sturdy and durable, but it’s beautiful too. Moreover, their unique build holds as many books as you want regardless of the book size or weight. This includes books, magazines, journals, and video games. This particular model comes in iron material with a bronze coating. Apart from that, their large sizes ensure that you can store every kind of book with any type of cover. Above all, the product comes with eight pieces of protective felt to enhance friction and prevent the books from slipping.

The decorative bookends

Of course, the function of a book stopper remains the priority when choosing them. However, we cannot neglect the role it plays in enhancing the aesthetic sense of your room interiors. This is why picking out a decorative yet functional model is imperative; if you’re on the move to find such a model, then take a look at the elegant book stoppers offered by Amethya. These beautiful models come with 100% natural Brazilian agate geodes in vibrant colours like blue or purple. Furthermore, the set of these book stoppers weighs around 4-8 pounds. Indeed, they’re the best decorative bookends, as they’ll bring a sophisticated touch of nature while keeping your books organised.

The Harry Potter children’s bookends

Do you have nerdy kids who love to collect books? Well, what can be better than getting them the best bookends for children’s rooms? And that too with a theme from their favourite movie! The Harry Potter book stopper captures the idea of the locomotive train in the book. It is a beautiful hand-painted design, manufactured to its highest standard. Apart from that, it has great detailing and features all the crucial elements of the book. Of course, it’s an ideal addition to a harry potter fan. But it’s also a perfect book stopper, even for those who aren’t a fan of harry potter books or movies.

The tri-cube styled modern bookends

Enough of vintage and themed. How about a contemporary model? We bet most of you would love to spice things up when it comes to holding your books in place. Well, if you’re in search of such a book stopper, then go for the modern tri-cube geometric book stoppers. These book stoppers combine the contemporary look with a unique geometric shape. The best part about these is that the geometric shapes keep changing with each new product release. So, you might have to check out the latest model to secure the most recent design. This particular lightweight–looking model offers you an open tri-cube design. Besides, it comes with a burnished antique brass finish.

Tips on how to buy Bookends online

Bookends have only one function – to stay put! Yet, they can be so much more. Ironically, their aesthetic possibilities have grown over the years. And that’s mainly because of their vivid types. Now, it’s has become all the more important to be careful while choosing them. A single wrong move can simply ruin both your aesthetics and functional success. This is why it’s imperative to keep the below tips in mind while choosing them.

  • Analyse your requirements – Even before you begin your search, it’s essential to figure out what you need. Do you want bookends for the kitchen? Or do you wish to buy a sturdy one to hold up your books collection? Because there are several options out there, it’s best to know your needs and requirements first. Once you know which model you want, then picking out the perfect one isn’t a big deal.
  • Do the groundwork – A bit of research is always good when it comes to online shopping. Spend some time understanding the features and characteristics of the various bookend models. Try and enquire about the top manufacturers and retailers. As long as you possess the right and adequate knowledge about the product, you’ll be able to pick out the best one among the lot.
  • Ensure to pick the right style & design – Book stoppers these days are available in several forms, shapes, designs, and materials. This is why it’s better to check out the style and design of the product before you make the final call. Even though the primary purpose of the bookend remains to support your stack of books, it still plays a vital role in enhancing your aesthetics. So pick wisely.
  • Go for the best material – Just like the designs, you’ll find these book stoppers in different materials too. Some of the standard materials include plastic, metal, wood, and vinyl. Make sure you pick a long-lasting material and one that perfectly holds up your books. Go for sturdy materials, as this reduces the chance of your books tipping over.
  • Run through the various colour options – Today, you can find book stoppers in different colours and themes. You’ll find some models primarily dedicated to children, while others for adults. Therefore, make sure to pick a colour that best suits your aesthetics. Go for something that compliments your interiors.

You now know that the purpose-built book stoppers aren’t your only option. You can find several types that come in different designs, materials, styles, and colours. There are even rocks and crystals that you can use as book stoppers. Therefore, make sure not to take any hasty decision by purchasing anything that looks good. Looks can be deceiving! Go deeper, take the pain to go through their specs. Hopefully, the above tips will contribute to your smooth purchasing process.

Question & Answer

Can I use bookends for vinyl records?

Vinyl records can be flimsy or heavy-duty, depending on the kind of model you choose. Indeed, you can store the documents on your shelves or side tables. But, they tend to warp when you store them in an upright position for a long time. However, having the right book stoppers can help you solve this problem. So, yes, you can certainly use the book stoppers for your holding your vinyl records. However, make sure that you pick a suitable model. Do not go for cheap plastic bookends; instead, pick something sturdy. You can go for marble bookends or wooden bookends.

Why are bookends so expensive?

Well, not all book stoppers are expensive. You can also find several best inexpensive bookends at affordable rates. But, make sure you set a budget before you begin your search. You can always go for the slightly expensive ones with you’re ready to shed a few bucks. However, if you’re on a tight budget, then stick to the cheaper versions like the cheap metal bookends or the cheap wooden bookends. Amidst this, do not comprise on quality regardless of their price. Ensure that you do not overlook the performance and quality of the product if you want a long-lasting one.

Which are the best bookends?

‘Best’ for each person differs. That’s why picking out the best one from the wide range of book stopper options is a bit difficult choice to make. Nevertheless, with such a wide variety, you’re sure to find the one that suits your needs and liking. You can consider brands like That Company Called IF, Universal, The Noble Collection, Deli, Star Wars, MAUL, and Mustard Penguin if you want high-quality models. The brands bring you a collection of both contemporary and modern book stoppers. Be sure to make your choice carefully.

Where to purchase bookends online in UAE?

Indeed, several online stores today offer you a range of book stoppers online. But, with hassle-free search options, price comparison features and superfast search results, remains the best place to buy bookends online in UAE. Our product search engine features many stylish book stoppers and office supplies from world-renowned brands. So, what else are you waiting for? Explore our platform now and enjoy an amazing shopping experience like never before!

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