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About Binding Machines

Binding machines allow you to enhance the appearance of your documents. By choosing the right binder, you can stand out in your business meeting or that high-end proposal you have been waiting for. No doubt small details matter, even it is about choosing the printed cover or the binding elements. You sure should invest some time to explore and grab only the best for your office or home.

In previous times, when the binding was all manual work, stitching was the only mechanism in use. It is even popular nowadays as a vintage style, especially with leather products. After that, saddle stitching also became a thing. In it, there is no actual stitching required or not even punching is a prerequisite. The tool used is a stapler, which you need to fix two times equidistant from both sides of the book. These are not small staplers that you find at home, but the bigger ones that can make your document look good. You can even pick a complementary cover for your papers. The only downside is that it cannot occupy the bulk of papers. Still, you can consider this tool if you are buying a spiral binding machine online in the UAE.

Types of binding machines

Manual and electric binders are the basic categorisation of binding machines. Manual machines have a punching unit with a lever on the side. You exert pressure on this lever to get the punching done. In contrast, electric machines have a manual punching mechanism. But not all the elements of electric machines are automated, varies within brands. One thing you must see when buying a binding machine for papers is if they have interchangeable die sets. With this feature, you can change the punching patterns. Some even allow you to adjust the distance between punching holes. Apart from the manual or electric division of products, binding element matters too.

Comb binding machine

The binding element used in this machine is the spine, which is a plastic strip with comb-like teeth. They can curl around each other and hold the pages in place. Now, the purpose is in question to justify the purchase of this machine. Any document that you like to read in a hands-free fashion should be comb-binded. For instance, a cookbook is one such item you want to open flat for easy operation in the kitchen. You can choose to buy a comb binding machine at Here, you can find all the reputed brands or even other office supplies’ under one roof to compare and shop.

Spiral binding machine

This kind of binder is the simplest of all. The operation requires you to punch holes and insert the wire manually or with a special tool. The super feature of this binder is that it is flexible for editing. Any page that you want to remove or add is possible by removing the wire without damaging the rest of the pages. But professionally, these binders might look inappropriate. If you manage to get hardcovers or sturdy wires, the appearance may enhance. You can check out the binding machine for sale online in the UAE and see if you find something exciting.

Twin loop binding

If you want to give a more professional image to your document, choose twin loop binders. The calendar hanging at your home has this binding if you can wrap the front page fully to the backside. This feature is known as a 360-degree wrap and is the limelight of twin loop binders. Plus, these binders are temperature resistant too. The binders that are plastic or thermal can get affected by extreme temperatures. But the steel spines in double-loop do not become brittle in cold temperatures, neither it softens in hot temperatures. Well, our shopping platform contains the top-rated binding machines if you like to peek.

Thermal Binding machine

This binding technique gives you the most elegant and power-packed results. This is the whole reason for them being consistent in high-end presentations and business proposals. You do not need to punch holes for this binder. All you have to do is place the pages in the correct order and turn on the machine. The heating system will bind the papers together. Make sure that you get the best binding cover for this. Some of the best thermal binding machines even give you the flexibility to edit the documents by reheating.

Tips on how to buy Binding machines online

Appearance and protection are two reasons you need a binder for. they have been essential items in offices, school, and colleges. Even educators and speakers use them to fasten the discrete sheets of papers. As the application is different in different spaces, variants are available to suit the needs. Thus, we have compiled a few points of preferences to look to invest your money in the right product.

  • Binding frequency – Occasional use is when you need to bind fewer documents and that too in a few times a month. Fellowes Star plus model is one such product. You should buy a facility with moderate use if you have to bind at least 300 pages a few times a week. The third one is the frequent use wherein you bind your paper on a daily basis.
  • Punching mechanism – The number of holes and the size of them matters a lot in choosing the right machine. If you want a 3-hole punch, you don’t have to put much pressure on the lever. But more number and smaller punches will require the machine hardware to be that strong, so you don’t have to exert more pressure. Remember lever should not be too small in this case. Apart from this, you should also check the pages the machine can accommodate at one time.
  • Binding capacity – You can determine this capacity by knowing the number of pages your machine can accommodate at once. The machine can be more flexible if it can occupy variants of page size and thickness. The dimensions of the machine and the margin control can predict the page size flexibility. For thickness, you need to invest in a U-shaped lever because thick pages need more pressure and more advanced machines.
  • Report editing – Wire binding mechanisms is permanent. Once the binding is complete, you cannot add or remove pages. If you are looking for a flexible one, consider having Comb-bind, Thermal, Zipbind, Proclick, or Fastback models. If you usually do lots of editing after the binding, choose comb-bind. Otherwise, other models can let you edit, but that will damage the rest of the pages, especially in a thermal bind. Also, Zipbind, Proclick, and Fastback models require a special tool to reopen the binder.
  • Binding supplies – As you are about to buy a binding machine, you must consider the versatility of supplies too. For instance, you can buy printed combs to enhance the appearance of your report or the shelf in the display. Thermal covers for custom photo display is a good option too. Then, the range of binding covers is endless. You can own leatherette, linen, grain, plastic, sand, chipboard, and many others. We suggest investing some time to ponder upon these small details that give delightful results.

We hope the tips will prove helpful while shopping for the right product. Something that fits in your budget and possesses apt features is not difficult to find. can be an excellent platform to explore the range of products, compare the brands, and see what pleases you the most. Let us suggest some brands here for a better start. You can check out GBC, DSB, Rexel, and Acco. Once you visit our platform, you can find more brands or even more unique products.

Question & Answer

Which binding machine is best?

Whether you are looking for manual machines or electric ones, the Atlas brand got them both in the best quality possible. Manual punching of 10-12 sheets and manual or electric binding of 425 Foolscap sheets are the operational features. But if you want something medium duty for general office use, you can go for Fellowes manual machine. It has got enhanced accuracy edge guide for pinpoint punch alignment. Both these brands are among the best in the market and can deliver what they say. We would also suggest to you our online shops explore various brands under one roof.

How does the binding machine work?

Working of the binding machine works in three steps. Though machines have different mechanisms, yours might take fewer or more steps. Regardless, the first step is preparing your machine for the binding operation. Apart from adjusting the arms and tools, also adjust the margin control. The second step involves punching holes for binding. You can punch holes in sets if the documents are thick or many in number. After that, you can start inserting the binding element into the holes. These binding elements could be comb, wire, or coil. So, preparation, punching, and binding are the three easy steps for desired results.

Where to buy a binding machine online in the UAE? can be an excellent platform for you to search for the product you would love to have. Amongst the many brands listed on the platform, we would like to name a few for you. The foremost is the GBC brand. In it, you can explore electric and manual machines both. It also consists of a total of eight binding elements, including coil, comb, and wirebind as a few major ones. Another apt brand Fellowes can let you see comb, wire, and thermal binders. Whether you want a traditional finish or something for on-shelf storage, this brand has it all.

How much does a binding machine cost?

From AED950 to AED9500, you can see different varieties online. There are different factors that influence the price. A few major factors include technology, binding elements, punch capacity, and the paper size it can accommodate. All these factors, including the brand’s worth, can calculate the price of the product. For instance, Rexel’s CombBind C210 can cost you around AED950. On the other side, the same product in the electric version can cost you AED2500. The features make all the difference, so make sure you read the specifications list while purchasing the product.

Till now, you might have decided upon the type of binder and budget. All you now need is a good platform for a seamless shopping experience. For that, hop on to our product search engine and start scrolling the product until you find what you want. Do not forget to apply the filters and read the specifications list to grab the best of them all.