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About Adhesive Tapes 

When we hear about the word “adhesive tape“, we immediately imagine sticky tapes we play within schools. Before these Pressure Sensitive Adhesives or PSAs were invented, paper and glue were used to bind and secure packaging. But the invention of sticky tapes changes the ways humans were working otherwise.

These pressures otherwise known as adhesive tapes are abbreviated as PSA. However, in common life, they do exist with other names like self-stick tapes or cello tapes. They are made of materials like plastic films, paper, cloth and in some cases, metal. This tape comes with a special adhesive that does not need any heat or water to stick to anything. This tape comes with various thicknesses and will wither glue or unglue easily or adhere to the first pressure. These types have different uses and without our realization, they have become an important part of our day to day activities at work or home. With various uses, there are different types of adhesive tapes available in the market.

Types of adhesive tapes we use daily

Sticky tapes are made in fashion the same as a ribbon. These wide rolls of film are coated with specially curated adhesive and then run through a slitting machine to create a tape of various widths. These files are then wounded into rolls at specific tensions to allow the film to split. Excessive or not enough tension will cause a fault in the tape. The winding and tension will add a little bit of stretch to the film. This comprehensive guide lists a variety of the most commonly used adhesive tapes to understand more about adhesive tapes. However before you head to make a purchase on a product search engine, it is important to read and understand the use of each type so you can choose the right option.

Sticky Tapes

Sticky tapes are also known with many other names depending on the use and country. The most common name is cello tape which comes in two popular 18mm and 12mm. These widths fit easily on any sticky tape dispenser. These tapes are generally used in home and office along with many other industries. The most common type is scotch tapes in schools and colleges, available in the 3M brand. This is identical to Sellotape. These tapes are available in several widths and adhesive strength of various uses.

Packaging tape

these tapes are also known as packing tapes, box sealing or parcel tapes. These are commonly manufactured in 48mm wide rolls. Packing tapes are pressure sensitive and are made of adhesive-coated polypropylene, polyester film, or BOPP. The extra width of these tapes helps in taping up the moving boxes or cartons fast and simple. These tapes work best with a hand-operated tape gun dispenser. You can find them in various options: Water Activated Tape or WAT, Filament Tapes, and Tear Tapes. Each is ideal for different types of packaging boxes.

Bondage – Duct Gaffer Tapes

Bondage tapes can adhere to themselves and without any sticky adhesive. There are various varieties named Parafilm; Eco Paper floral tapes, and Elastic Bouquet tying tapes. These are generally used for bouquet making or gift wrapping. At the same time, duct tape (also known as gorilla tape) is usually 48mm wide and have a strong adhesive of plastic or rubber. These rapes can easily be torn on the long part of the tape but are still almost impossible to tear horizontally. Duct tapes are also common among professionals like electricians and plumbers for many reasons.

Trade tapes

They are of many different types. The first one is the masking tape that is high pressure-sensitive made of crepe paper backing and is easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive. It peels easily and leaves no residue. At the same time, painter tape is much similar to masking tape. The road masking takes the one that comes with a high level of adhesiveness and is made from polymer. They can be applied both permanently and temporarily. Here the security tapes are another important type – used for packing consumer goods and moving boxes to indicate if the box has been opened in the mid-way or not.

Tips on how to buy Adhesive Tapes online in the UAE 

By now, you might have had the idea that when you head to buy double-sided adhesive tape, the choices will be infinite. You need to decide if to pick a cheap double-sided super adhesive tape or opted for the best buy pressure-sensitive adhesive tape online in UAE without considering the surging costs. Even if that is easier for you to decide, the brands have more to confuse you. Therefore, we are here to share some tips on how you can purchase an ideally versatile and useful leather art portfolio for professional use.

  • Assess your area – Before buying anything like adhesive tapes, check how much area you want to cover with tape. It is always a better idea to have some extra yards for emergencies.
  • Brand – No matter if you are buying it for your home to want to use it professionally, a high-quality branded product will always sustain its stickiness, feel and quality. So, look for reliable and economical options available on different brands.
  • Price – When it comes to brands, price does make a difference. But at, you can take the help of a price comparison tool to make a smart buying decision. Still, it is always better to pay a little more attention to the quality over price.
  • Additional features – You will need to look at the thickness, stickiness level, durability, and tape width. The choices of all these features will solely depend on how and where you want to use these tapes.

But if you can still find a reliable option that can satisfy all your needs, look for an expert or peer suggestions. You can enlist some of the recommended items and start your hunt with those. At, you will be able to find dozens of options from hundreds of brands online. The wide collection of handpicked high-quality products will surely help you make a smart decision and save money and time at the same time.

Question & Answer

Where to buy 3M adhesive tape online in the UAE?

Any product search engine is the best place to start looking for adhesive tape for all your office needs. This is how you can see all the possible options available online and make a well-informed buying decision. At, you can find products from top brands like 3M, Scotch, Velcro, Gorilla, Sellotape, Nitto, Tombow, Lineco, Hypafix and many more. Here you can also take advantage of the unique price comparison tool to find cheap options in just a few clicks.

How does adhesive tape work?

An adhesive or sticky tape is made of viscoelastic material that behaves both as a solid and liquid. So, when you apply pressure, it will flow like a liquid and find its way to the teeny tiny gaps in the surface it is being stuck. Once you leave the pressure, it will turn back to solid. This way, it locks into the smaller gaps of any surface like a jigsaw puzzle. As a result of this locking, the tape stays in its place and keeps everything it is attached to.

For what purpose can adhesive tape be used?

Adhesive tape is a unique combination of material and adhesive film used to bond or join objects. It is used as a replacement for screws, fasteners, and welding methods. Applying adhesive instead of mechanical fasteners enables you to use lower temperature applications to simplify the manufacturing process. At times, this tape is also used for protecting surface areas and protecting the surface from damages caused by screws and fasteners.

Is adhesive tape waterproof?

Not all types of adhesive tapes are waterproof. Some special items are available for use on a surface that is in direct or indirect contact with the water. Some of the bestselling waterproof adhesive tapes are IPG Silver Waterproofing Repair Tape, ER Self-Fusing Tape, SolutioNerd Self Fusing Rubberized Leak Tape, the Tape Ninja Waterproof Gaffer Tape and T-REX Ferociously Strong Duct Tape. Other considerable options used by professionals are X-Treme Tape Self Fusing Tape, Gorilla Clear Duct and Scotch’s Waterproof Colored Tape.

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