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About Violin Shoulder Rests

Whether to use violin shoulder rest or not has remained a debated topic since its inception. However, beginners find it a lot helpful as it makes them hold the violin conveniently while playing. There is a wide range of shoulder rests one can choose from. Let us explore how to find the best one.

The shoulder rest is one of the useful music accessories for violins. It came into existence in the mid-20th century. However, its use has remained a debate since then. As the name depicts, it is an accessory that attaches to the violin body to support the musical instrument over the player’s shoulder. It makes holding the instrument a lot easier and also raises the instrument a bit above the body. It is not essential to use it, though. Some players might prefer it, whereas some do not. The players who played early music would not use it to keep following the older style of playing. However, it is slowly becoming a part of useful accessory for violinists. On this page, we will explore much more about them. The below guide will help you understand them better and buy violin shoulder rest online in the UAE.

Exploring some popular violin shoulder rests

Violin shoulder rests come in a wide assortment of options. They may vary depending on the material, size, shape, brands, and other factors. Wood, sponge, carbon fibre, foam, and aluminium are some of the construction materials. Speaking of their shape, most of them will come with a shape of a shoulder. However, the difference may be there in some models. Shoulder rests also vary in size, and some even have an option for height adjustment. The models offered by different brands can have different sizes and characteristics. It is a common accessory used by modern violin players. However, to avail yourself benefits of this excellent thing, you need to go for the right type and the best brand of violin shoulder rest. Let us explore some popular varieties in detail.

Everest shoulder rest

Everest should rest one of the popular names in the world of shoulder rests. It is popular for delivering the most beautiful and comfortable rests in the market. Everest flamed maple wood imprinted violin shoulder rest is the latest addition in its product line. It offers the same comfort and durability as the early models in Everest easy model series. However, it has been designed to complement high-end professional violins in design and functionality. You can find other models in the spring collection in many colours: Red, Neon Green, Light Pink, Purple, Blue, Hot Pink, and more.

Kun violin shoulder rest

Kun original and collapsible should rests are other popular models in the market. The original one is the best for beginners. It is made up of plastic, foam, and aluminium and comes with adjustable rubber feet so that you can attach them to the instrument. The shape has been contoured to fit the body perfectly. The collapsible model comes in a similar shape and size as above but has legs that fold into the body for convenient storage. This can be the best choice if you run out of space in your violin case. If it fits your shoulder well, then it can improve and ease your playing immensely.

Other popular varieties like Wittner & Pirastro shoulder rest

The Wittner should rest in a free-floating design linked to your chinrest. This type has no muting effects as it does not attach to the instrument as regular should rest. It is typically central mounting and comes with certain adjustment options to suit different preferences. You can find it in two models. One that sits with just Wittner chinrest and another one that can suit other chinrests as well. The good part is that you can dismantle it in small pieces for storage. Similarly, Pirastro rests are also popular for their ultimate comfort. They let the instrument sound free. Moreover, it would offer a personal adjustment for height, position, and tilt.

Tips on how to buy Violin Shoulder Rests in Dubai

Violin shoulder rests come in a wide range of options. The variety is so wide that it can be confusing to decide which one will be best for you. There is a wide assortment of materials, shapes, sizes and designs you can find in the market. Many of them might appeal to you at first glance but, not all of them can suit your requirements. So, here are some tips. These would help you narrow down the options and bring them to one.

  • Consider the size – Different brands may rest of different sizes. Many of them will also come with an option for height adjustment. This is particularly the best violin shoulder rest for long necks. You need to go for the size that best fits your instrument and position while playing.
  • Consider shape – Most of the models will come in the shape of the shoulder. However, they may vary in the amount of padding. Some models can have more padding than others. Going for bar style will mute the instrument’s sound less than foam or sponge rests.
  • Consider material – You can find it in a wide range of materials like wood, carbon fibre, plastic, foam, aluminium, leather, and sponge. However, your selection depends upon your personal preferences and also the budget. 
  • Go for the trusted brands – If you want a reliable thing in your hand, it is suggested to go for the trusted brands. The best brands you can find here are Pirastro, Wittner, Kun, Viva La Musica, Muco, Bon Musica, and Resonans.

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Question & Answer

Where to buy violin shoulder rest online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the perfect options online in the UAE, then look no further. You are already at your destination. Find a wide array of trusted stores here that offer the best varieties at affordable prices. You can even set your preferences here, such as your budget, preferred colours, sellers, brands etc. Moreover, compare prices to find cheap options if you have budget restrictions. You can also sort different products to search fast. So, make no delay and grab the best while stock lasts.

Which violin shoulder rest is the best?

No one violin should be best for everyone. The best rest for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. Some players like the one with more padding, whereas others find comfort in lesser pads. However, if you go for bar style, it will mute the instrument’s sound lesser than foam or sponge rests. If you search for the best brands, you should browse for the collections of brands like Pirastro, Wittner, Kun, and Viva La Musica. Find them all here on our website.

What size violin shoulder rest is right for me?

Different brands may rest of different sizes. Many of them will also come with an option for height adjustment. This is particularly good for people with long necks. You need to go for the size that best fits your instrument and position while playing. It should be suitable for your posture and the way you hold the violin while playing. Since there are a lot of options out there, it may confuse you. So, go for the right size as per your posture and requirements.

How to adjust violin shoulder rest?

They come in many styles, and all of them are not attached the same way. But many of them have a rest piece and two feet that you need to attach. After you figure out the right position to put the 2 feet, you need to start screwing them to the rest. Now, you can experiment with the placeholders and adjust them so that they fit the violin well. To attach the shoulder rest to your violin, hold it between your knees with its bottom facing upwards. If you have a clip-on rest, slide its feet onto the sides of the instrument. Different rests may attach in different ways, though. So, make sure to read the instructions that have come with it.

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