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One of the first things we do in the morning, after hitting the snooze on our alarm, is to put on a fresh pair of underpants. Well, indeed, they are the backbone of any good wardrobe. However, we put more careful thought into buying bras but selecting what goes on at the bottom warrants equal consideration. Each occasion calls for a different kind of panty. Today we’re shifting our focus towards string underwear, commonly known as the thongs. Love it, hate it, but you certainly cannot ignore it. 

By definition, strings or the thong is typically a piece of lingerie that’s made of large front and smaller back triangles. It’s usually connected by a band or a string, whether thing or wide, or with little to no cheek coverage. In fact, they’re one of the skimpiest skimpy underwear out there. Therefore, you can effortlessly wear them beneath any tight dress, and the string doesn’t get seen through. Moreover, they make a great inner addition for those women who love to add a little bit of cheekiness to their outfits. Of course, like any other outfit, the thongs had their humble beginning in the early twenty-first century. However, they’ve been evolving since then, and you can today find numerous kinds of strings out there in the market. That said, let’s look at some stylish thongs that every woman must have in her lingerie closet to be ready to go. 

The most comfortable thongs to add to your top drawer 

As expected, our butts come in just as many shapes and sizes as breasts do. Therefore, it is imperative to put in the same amount of effort to select underwear that you would put into while picking your bra type. Innovation in types of thongs has come a long way, and this string underwear is a fantastic development in terms of fashion. These days, there are so many options to choose from; it is hard to know which type is for what. Here we’ve enlisted a few of them and their qualities. This will help you choose the best ones for what you are looking for. 

The organic cotton thongs for breathability

When it comes to being so intimate and close to the skin clothing, we all prefer something that’s breathable, natural, comfortable that’s free of toxic chemicals. Well, what better way to get this than getting eco-friendly, organic cotton string underwear. Sure, as material, the cotton fabrics are both breathable and comfortable to have on your body all day. However, when it’s paired with a thongs seamless silhouette, it creates a soft feeling underneath your skin. Some of the best cotton thong underwear that you can buy include stretch cotton thongs from Aerie, Hanky Panky low rise strings, modern cotton thongs from Calvin Klein, and many more as such. 

The silk & lace naughty thongs for some sophistication

Lace, silk and string underwear might be three words that do not necessarily equate to comfort. But they certainly come with that sex appeal that’ll light up your night. Thanks to its extra stretch and the luxurious silk it’s been made from, it’s as comfortable as knickers. Plus, they look pretty great on anybody structure, provided you pick the right size. Better yet, you’ll find them in sophisticated colours like black, white, red, purple more. If you’re looking out for some stylish and naughty string underwear, then do give a try at the G-string thongs from Intimissimi. There’s always some unexpected detailing on the product to get excited about. 

The classic & cute thongs for each day

Thong underwear has recently become a popular choice for everyday wear for many women. This is because they not just avoid your visible panty lines but are surely your go-to briefs under a tight pencil skirt or any fitted pants. The original thong has a front patch, a significantly thinner rear patch of fabric and a seamless waistband. These classic string underpants are the finest choice if you want to avoid panty lines. Fashionably, the thongs change their mood every few years and represent something new. This is because wearing them can mean a multitude of deviant actions. Today, you’ll find thongs for running, parties, work, and more. 

The nude fancy thongs to wear under your bridal robe

Although not the sexiest, these undetectable bride-to-be’s saving grace. Sure, pure-white wedding gowns might not be your thing, but even if you choose to wear a hue other than white for any of your bridal moments, nude string underwear can make a huge difference. The nude underwear simplifies the getting-ready process by helping you to eliminate the stress of colour showing. That said, you’ll find so many styles of undetectable thongs out there. Just because they aren’t shown doesn’t mean you get to buy only the dull types. Some popular thongs for wedding dresses include laser-cut thong from Auden, the no show thong from Lively, the comfort stretch thong from ThirdLove, and more. 

Tips on how to buy Strings underwear online in the UAE

We often forget that our lingerie and underwear are as crucial as our outerwear. We need to pay close and equal attention to our underpants ‘ closets to feel comfortable in whatever we wear. It is not cool to be oblivious to these things. You need to understand how to buy them to get the perfect one for yourself. So, ladies, listen up; we’ve listed here a few thong buying tips that’ll help you buy thongs online in UAE effortlessly. Let us look at them.

  • Know your size — Size is a critical factor when it comes to choosing your innerwear, and it is especially true when it comes to selecting string underwear. This is because they offer a little coverage, and you certainly do not want them to be uncomfortable when you head wearing them. Measure your hip and waist size before you go shopping. Note that every brand has a different size, and they change with type too. So, this is paramount.
  • Know what type to buy — Not all panties suit all personalities. And different string underwear will certainly not suit all body types. Therefore, you need to carefully assess the pros and cons of each of their models and then select one for yourself. Also, consider the occasion you are wearing them for. For example, do not wear the strings when you are at home or out for a leisurely walk unless you want to feel all cramped up in a pair of string underwear.
  • Assess the fabric — Before the purchase, you need to be well aware of how each fabric feels on your skin. This is because these are garments that stay close to your body throughout the day. String underwear is considered the most comfortable one, especially when you wear them beneath your form-fitting dresses. However, the wrong choice of their fabric might spoil your entire cosiness. They are usually available in silk, lace and satin. Select one that makes you feel the best inside out.
  • Experiment with colours — Of course, they are inner wears which you cannot see outside. But that doesn’t mean that you stay oblivious to their colour options. The colours are important because you will be wearing these underneath tight dresses. And trust us, you do not want your white panties to be visibly awkward underneath that transparent beautiful white gown.
  • Consider the cost — Different styles of thongs come at different price tags. This is why you’ll find both expensive and cheap thong sets out there on the market. The price usually depends on the brand, the place from where you purchase, and the type of thongs you buy. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you begin your search online. Several brands also offer different thongs on sale during promotional offers.

When it comes to women’s underwear styles, we can and should have all types of underwear in our wardrobe and be ready for any outfit we decide to rock. The strings are certainly not an exception, and now you know why. The odds are that these strings aren’t at the top of your underwear pile, but after this article, we might convince you to buy your thongs collection because they are indeed an iconic fashion element that you should own.

Question & Answer

What thong is the most comfortable?

The comfort factor of any underpants depends on the size, material, and style. Only the right size, style, and material will make you feel comfortable while wearing this string underwear. The quality too plays a vital role in this. Only the best quality thongs offer you adequate comfort during different occasions. Brands like Victoria’s Secret, Diesel, Rhinestone, Aerie, Armani, Marks & Spencer, & La Senza bring you an extensive collection of chic and comfy thongs out there on the market.

How to fold thong underwear?

Thongs might seem impossible to fold, as they’re extremely small. However, it’s important to keep them neatly folded to stack them easily in your drawer. You can try the tri-fold method. If you prefer a tighter fold, then tuck the string underwear into itself at the end. This creates a small compact bundle, helping you arrange and organise them inside your drawer neatly. This will help you neatly organise it in the drawer with other underpants. Tri-fold method is common, though you can also go for other methods for more compact folding.

What is the purpose of thong underwear?

Like any other underpants, the main goal of string underwear is to provide the required coverage and protection between your body and the clothing without showing too much through. Several women prefer form-fitting models to wear inside work pants and tight clothing. Besides, these string underwear are also an excellent choice to wear with skirts and dresses. Moreover, their compact and unique style gives every woman added confidence for intimate occasions.

Where to buy thong underwear online in the UAE?

Strings or thongs are one of the finest and most versatile pieces of undergarments. They’re stylish and comfortable at the same time. Fortunately, today several online stores bring you a plethora of these string underpants from popular brands. If you’re vigorously searching for one, then do have a look at the options on Our superfast shopping search engine offers you a wide range of thongs collections to choose from. Better yet, you get to buy them from your favourite online stores as well.