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A microphone stand is one of the essential music accessories for any stage or studio setup. There are a lot of varieties available in the market ranging from standard varieties to boom arm, desktop and low profile stands. Let us explore how to choose the best and most appropriate one.

A microphone refers to the free-standing mount on which you can set your microphone. It allows you to position it on stage, in the studio, or anywhere you want. The basic type is the standard stand that has either a dome-shaped base or tripod base. It is usually made up of two tubes that fit inside each other to offer height adjustment. However, today, you can find various options ranging from standard stands to boom stands, desk stands and low profile varieties. Further, each may suit different requirements and applications. For example, boom stands are similar to the standard ones, but they have an arm attached. Through this arm, you can set it at different angles. We will unveil many more things you need to know to choose the best microphone stand on this page.

Things you need to know about microphone stands

Microphone stands come in various options, varying in style, height, brands and many more factors. Standard stands are suitable for those who want to use them while standing. They are the cheapest and come in the simplest designs. You can find them on a tripod and on round bases. On the other hand, Boom stands have an arm to set the angle the way you want. Desk stands are smaller ones that you can keep on the desk. They are popular on podcasting stations and radio shows. Low profile stands are another variety that has short height and boom arms. Different varieties may suit different requirements. Read on to explore more. Towards the end of the page, you will also find some tips for buying the best microphone stand online in the UAE.

Regular stands, boom mic stands & other types

As you can fetch from the above details, one can choose many types of the mic stand. Standard stands, boom types, desk stands and low profile varieties are some of the common types. Regular stands come in a simple free-standing style. You must have spotted it in many live or recording studios. Use it if you remain in a standing position throughout the performance. You can easily adjust their height. If you want to adjust the angle, you can use the one with a boom arm. You can use it for both standing as well as sitting positions. Desktop stands are attached to the desk. Low profile stands are suited for kick drums and guitar cabs.

Characteristics of mic stands

Certain characteristics make a mic stand convenient to use. One of the features to look for is height adjustment. Almost all the stands offer height adjustment, but the range may vary from model to model. A low height stand will be suitable to hold a mic in front of a kick drum. You might need one to extend to around 10′ for choir or organ recordings in a tall room. Other contributing factors are portability and weight. You might think that lightweight options are more portable in comparison to heavy stands. However, thicker, more stable tubing and heavy-duty clutches are some things that add up to its weight. But it does not affect their portability.

Popular varieties like Ahuja mic stand & Neewer mic stand

There is a wide range of manufacturers and brands that offer microphone stands. However, not all of them will live up to your expectation and meet your requirements. Ahuja mic stands are one of those that come in quality and durable construction. It employs a sturdy mechanism that ensures trouble-free movement and also positioning. These are functional and resistant to rust. Neewer is another name popular for its studio equipment and accessories. From compact base microphone floor stand to suspension boom scissor arm stand, you can find many varieties. Blue Microphones, Rode, Shure, and Audio Technica are other popular brands that offer the best stands.

Tips on how to buy Microphone Stands online in Dubai

The microphone stand appears to be a straightforward purchase. However, when you step into the market or browse online, you will be overwhelmed with the number of options available. There is a classification based on type, brand, price, and more factors. However, if you keep some factors in mind, you will choose the right one for yourself. So, these are some guiding tips that will help you.

  • Understand its types – They come in various options ranging from regular straight stands to boom arm and low profile options. For example, with regular stands, you can adjust the height with boom stands; you can also set the angle. Desk stands, on the other hand, are small that you can keep on the desk.
  • Look for height & angle adjustments – These are two of the important characteristics to look for. Almost all the stands offer height adjustment, but the range may vary from model to model. If you want angle adjustment as well, you can go for boom arm or other similar varieties.
  • Consider ease of use – The stand you choose should be stable and able to support the microphone’s weight. It should also be portable for you to carry around. Thicker, more stable tubing and heavy-duty clutches are some things that add up to its weight. But it does not affect their portability.
  • Go for trusted brands – If you want a sturdy and reliable stand, you should go for trusted brands like Blue Microphones, Rode, Shure, and Audio Technica. The good thing about is that you can find all of them right here.

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Question & Answer

What microphone stand is best?

The best microphone will be the one that best suits your requirements and applications. They come in a wide assortment of options. The basic type is the standard stand that offers height adjustment. If you want to angle adjustment as well, then it should have the boom arm. For desktop use, you can go for desktop stands. Low profile stands are another variety that has short height and boom arms. So, you need to choose one as per your needs. Go for trusted brands to get the best.

How much is a microphone stand?

A quality stand may range from $10 to several hundred dollars depending upon the type and brand you go for. Some brands come up with affordable stands, but some can be heavy on your pocket. However, the high-cost model is not necessarily the best option for you. Find the one that is best under your budget. If you want to compare prices, you can do it right here on We are a retail search engine where you can find many sellers and brands offering the best products at affordable prices.

Where to buy a microphone stand online in the UAE?

If you search for the best microphone stand online in the UAE, then you have arrived at the right place. On, you can find a vast collection of stands offered by over 500 trusted online stores in the industry. Moreover, you can use features like filters, sorting, and direct search to quicken your browsing. Compare prices to find the models that suit your budget. You can find plenty of options here offered by the best brands. So, go ahead and do not miss the latest collection.

How to use a microphone stand?

It depends upon the stand type you have. For example, if you have a stand with a tripod base. You should start by setting up its base. In some models, you have to stretch the legs as much as possible to make a stable base. Now, use the knob to release the rod out of the base. Place it on the floor and make sure it is stable. With the help of a lever provided, you should be able to adjust the height. Use another level to adjust the boom arm. These are the basic steps. However, your stand can have a different style, and hence, different steps to set up.

Keep the above details in mind while you shop for stands online. On, you can access many options offered by hundreds of trusted stores. You can set your preference over filters for price, brand, and sellers to narrow down the options. Whether you are searching for stands with microphone arms, blue snowball stands, regular stands or the best microphone stand for singing, you can find many varieties here. Moreover, you can compare features and costs offered by different sellers to find the best product falling under your budget. So, go ahead! It’s time to embark on your journey!