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About Guitar Straps

A guitar strap is a strip of material with a special attachment mechanism at both ends of the strip. These special attachment systems help hold a guitar via shoulders at any desired length.

Modern guitars have varying modifications for attaching a strap. However, the most common one is strap buttons. Another common name is the strap pins. These are flanged steel posts fixed in a guitar with screws. Normally two strap buttons come pre-attached to all-electric guitars and many steel-string acoustic guitars. You can also replace these strap buttons with the strap locks that offer a more secure connection between strap and guitar. In traditional styles, the lower sash is located at the guitar’s lower bottom or bridge end, while the upper strap is near the neck end. These straps have both functional and aesthetic roles to play. They are available in various colours, styles, sizes and materials.

Material types in guitar straps

If you want to get out in the open and rock, you will surely want to do it in style. It should be so because looks play a big part in your success and how you influence people. A guitar belt is such a useful accessory that can add comfort and perfection to your performance and add value to your look and personality overall. However, the belt’s functionality always remains top on the list and therefore, there is a different material to serve the varying needs of the guitarists. From nylon to leather guitar straps, the guitar belts are available in various material options. Here are some of the common options you can find in the market.

Leather guitar straps

This is the most common material in mid to high-end straps. It enhances both looks and durability. Leather is undoubtedly a luxury. As it is a natural material, it comes with higher price tags. However, it is worth investing in its exceptional strength that can withstand any wear and tear. Also, for durability, leather is a part of the straps. Here the leather is must-have in stress points of the strap or the strap buttons. As leather is relatively easy to source, we can find a wide range of colours, styles, widths and other customizations on leather belts.

Nylon guitar straps

Arguably it is the most common material in guitar straps. It makes the cheapest, synthetic and easy to dye belts. With such properties, you can easily find many options in appearance. Another reason for its popularity is that nylon is considerably strong and difficult to rip or stretch. Additionally, it is smooth that adds more aesthetic value to the belt. Such a combination makes nylon belts smooth and easy to adjust. To touch, nylon belts are the same as car seatbelts. However, these belts might cause skin irritation or bruises for heavy guitars and use them for long hours.

Polyester guitar straps

These straps are at the lowest end when we speak of the price. However, still, they can provide plenty of durabilities. One of the major advantages of these straps is that they are easier to dye and print onto. Therefore you can widely find them in the customized guitar strap range. They are widely available in patterned and stylized designs for the same reason. So do you like to have eye-catching accessories or want something unique for your musical brand? If so, a polyester guitar strap is probably what you need.

Cotton Guitar Straps

They are made of natural materials. Plus, they are quite affordable compared to options you can find in the market. These straps have a somewhat rougher feel. They will not slip over your cotton clothing like nylon, and some types of leather do. So if you are willing to have your guitar stay put when you are playing, these straps can be the best option. Also, if your guitar is a heavy imbalance, pick a high fraction cotton strap. It can help you keep the balance and weight manageable while playing the guitar.

Tips on how to buy Guitar Straps online in the UAE

Are you looking for the best guitar strap locks or custom leather guitar straps? Go online. Explore a retail search engine to find all the possible material, sizes, look and added features options. With the advancement in online marketing, dozens of brands sell the best guitar straps to buy online in the UAE. But for a successful purchase of any music accessories, you need to know what and why you need to buy a particular item. and when it comes to purchasing or finding the best classical guitar strap price online in the UAE, here are some tips to help you through the process.

  • The attachment – Remember that two small strap buttons support the entire weight of the guitar. In cheaper belts, this is the most problematic area. A reliable belt is one where the strap button areas are made of leather. It is also a sign of quality and reliability. So look for a belt either in leather or at least the one with leather strap locks.
  • The strap material – As said earlier, leather is the most reliable option to hold the guitar’s weight and offer you complete comfort during use. You can also look for economical yet reliable options like synthetic or natural fibres. In the least, you can look for nylon belts; however, they are not stable and will not last long compared to other mentioned material choices.
  • Look at the width of the belt – If you are using a heavy guitar, look for greater shoulder support. A standard guitar strap is between 5 to 8 centimetres in widths. The narrower you go in the width of these belts, the lesser the comfort will be while using them. However, you can attach a wiser shoulder pad, but it can also lead to issues at times.
  • The length of the strap – Most of the straps are adjustable in length. Therefore it is recommended to measure the approximate distance along the shoulder. It should be from one strap button to the other. Also, if you are about to play your guitar at a knee height, you should consider an extra-long version of the belt (in XXL strap length).
  • Brand and price – Luckily, these straps are economical, unless you are heading for sued or pure leather, treated or customized leather belts for your guitars. A standard item from any brand can cost you a mere amount. But if you are looking for exceptional items in your limited budget, explore more than one brand to find the possibilities.

In the end, we always recommend our consumers look into the customer reviews sections of every product and before making a final decision on the purchase. This is how you can come to know about the real-time performance of the product. You can also consider the consumer rating on brand and product to decide about the performance. Here a rule of thumb is to opt for a product with at least three out of five-star ratings.

Question & Answer

What are the best guitar straps to buy online in the UAE?

Some of the best-selling items that you can explore and buy online include; Fender broken-in leather guitar strap; KLIQ Aircell guitar strap; Ernie ball neoprene poly lock guitar strap; Coffin case ‘the count’ velvet guitar strap; and the Levy’s ms17aif suede guitar strap. Also, items like Fender monogrammed guitar strap; Taylor wings guitar strap; Levy’s deluxe amped grill cloth guitar strap, and the Revo straps cocobolo guitar strap are trusted by many for their unique make and optimum comfort.

Do guitar straps fit all guitars?

Yes, these straps can fit well on all types of guitars. You can use them on acoustic, electric, and bass guitars; however, the methods of attachment will vary from one type to another. There can be a slight design difference between electric and acoustic guitar strips, but both work the same way. So if you are in a rush, you can use the electric guitar strip on the bass or acoustic guitar.

Do guitar straps matter?

Yes, guitar strips are an important guitar accessory. Specifically, suppose the guitarist has to stand for hours while playing the guitar (for instance, during live performances) in such cases. In that case, it also helps to keep the guitar locked in a specific angle or position. It also helps to keep the body in perfect playing balance. For such benefits, these straps are a must to use with more than 4-kilo weight to the electric guitars with many instruments attached to them.

What is the most comfortable guitar strap to buy?

As most of the guitar accessories are unique choices to each musician, the look and feel of a guitar strap also go down to personal preferences. However, if you are looking for the most comfortable guitar strap, some professionals’ recommended products are best to avoid any strains or marks while wearing a guitar. These items include Kliq Aircell padded guitar strap, the Kliq Aircell guitar strap for bass & electric straps; Nanotech mega strap; the Phorcs guitar strap with genuine Leather End and the Gibson Montana comfort strap.

Where can I buy the best guitar straps online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying top quality musical instruments, you can head to a retail search engine. This is where you can find a wide range of quality products from top global brands and manufacturers. At you can find top-rated products from brands like Fender, Planet waves, Gibson, Dunlop, Dimarzio, Ernie ball, Ibanez, Martin, PRS or Gretsch. Here, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy top brands without exceeding your budget.

Always explore more than one brand and product before making a purchase. Make sure you are comparing products for both price and features before picking one.