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About Gripmasters

Gripmaster is one of the essential tools for any musician who wants to develop hand strength and endurance. If your hands and arms get a little tired after the practise sessions, then this is the thing you need. Let us understand in detail and get aware of the varieties they come in.

While you learn any new instrument, your hands will function in a way they never did before. Even if you have been playing it for years, your hands and arms feel slightly tired after sessions. This is the reason why you should indulge in hand and finger exercises. One of the perfect tools to do that is a grip master. It develops not only the required strength but also endurance that helps you play for long. You can find them in medium, heavy, and extra-heavy tension as per your requirements. It is a useful tool for not just musicians but also athletes, sports trainers, and athletes. It is portable and fits your palm while you press it. On this page, we will explore much more about them to choose the best grip master.

Things to know about grip master hand exerciser

A grip master generally comes in three layered shapes with many coils between them. It allows you to press down on one lever at a time, any combination in between, or all levers at once. It may come in a variety of tensions as per your requirements. You can also find them in different sizes as per the size of your hand. Its ergonomic base adds comfort and stability while using. If you play instruments like piano, guitar, violin, and percussion, it is important to develop strength in arms. It helps you prevent pain ailments like tendonitis and inflammation. Some grip strengthener works with a squeeze motion, whereas others want you to extend your fingers. Read on to know more about them.

Exploring the popular Prohands grip master

Prohands is a well-known name in the world of grip masters. It comes in the form of the original spring-loaded finger-piston system. Some of its common users are athletes, world-class musicians, and even an important rehabilitation tool. Prohands comes up with a range of models and resistance levels to suit individual needs. These models are made as per the manufacturing standards using quality components ABS plastic, stainless steel springs, and FDA-approved Santoprene. Relying on old school strengtheners or v grips does not give many results like Prohands that isolate units to make every finger exercise individually.

Using the grip master hand strengthener

One of the most important things to look for is the right resistance per your requirements and abilities. You should start with the beginner resistance level. If you have been already practising for a long, then you can choose a higher resistance. But make sure to not over-exert pressure on your arms and fingers. Many models offer ways to increase and decrease resistance. Since instrument playing can stress each finger individually, grip masters offer a way to balance out the capabilities of different fingers. However, consistency is the key with not just this but all types of exercises. So, keep them with yourself to keep the strength alive in your arms.

The need for Gripmaster for guitar & other instruments

Gripmaster is an essential tool for instruments like piano, guitar, violin, or any instrument requiring arm or finger movement. It is a great way to supplement your practice. Having more strength and endurance in fingers makes it effortless to play any instrument. Greater strength simply means you have to put less effort into executing certain movements while playing. Needing fewer efforts causes more relaxation in your arms while playing. Stronger arms and fingers lead to faster and smoother fingerpicking.

Tips on how to buy Grip Master online in UAE

This may seem to be a simple purchase to you, but you might get confused when it comes to choosing one from a wide range of options. The list is not just restricted to grip masters but also to different types of grip strengtheners. Different models may be appropriate for different requirements. So, it is essential to choose the right one. If you have a hard time deciding which one will work for you, here are some tips to help you.

  • Understand types of strengthened – You can find them in a variety of constructions. For example, the coil type is made around a coil where the spring-based type handles each side separated by a hinge. Articulated strengtheners are another type that allows each finger to be squeezed individually. The Grip master series generally comprises of this type. Grip masters are popular among musicians, though.
  • Fixed vs adjustable models – As the name suggest, the fixed one work for a particular resistance level. When you outgrow it, you have to purchase another device. An adjustable model, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to adjust the tension.
  • Check the resistance level – A light to medium tension will be fine for beginners. However, once you develop enough strength, you can move to higher tension models. Go for the adjustable device if you are in confusion.
  • Go for trusted brands – One way of getting a reliable product in hand is to go for trusted brands. Some of the best grip master brands are CanDo, ProHands, and D’Addario. The best is that you can find their collection right here.

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Question & Answer

What grip master should I get?

The best grip master for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. CanDo, ProHands, and D’Addario are some of the best and most reliable brands that offer quality products. However, each may come with different characteristics. For example, Prohands comes up with a range of models and resistance levels to suit individual needs. These models are made as per the manufacturing standards using quality components. So, each may come with different features. Go for the one that matches your needs.

Where to buy grip master online in the UAE?

If you have been searching for the best options online in the UAE, then your search ends here! You are at your destination now. At, you can find a wide assortment of grip masters offered by trusted stores in the industry. We have more than 500 reliable online stores on our product search engine . So, you will have a lot to choose from. From basic models to advanced options, you can find many varieties here. So, go ahead and embark on your browsing journey!

How to use Prohands gripmaster?

One can perform a wide range of exercises using grip masters like hook grasp, tripod pinch, thumb pinch, power pinch, and more. You should begin these exercises slowly and use low resistance initially. Different exercises are performed differently. For example, in hook grasp, you need to place fingertips on individual buttons. Position the palm bar in the palm. Now, bent the fingertips a bit and flexed all fingers toward the centre. On the other hand, if you do a thumb pinch, you need to place the hook of the bar on the inside of the bent index finger and flex the thumb on the first button.

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