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A typical composer works with melodies, notes, chord progressions to create a song. But, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there’s always something learn about adding zing to your audio mix. And that’s precisely why a music producer’s toolbox consists of a creative device – the effect processors! Of course, as music producers, you need to understand the theory. However, the digital effects are the bread and butter when it comes to mixing music. In this guide, we take you through various kinds of effect processors. Plus, we also give you a few tips on how to successfully buy multi-effects processor online in UAE. So read on!

Let’s first answer the most obvious question – what is an effect processor? The effects unit or the effects pedal is an electronic device that allows you to alter the sound of various musical instruments . It also enables you to change other audio source through audio signal processing. Many audio engineers and musicians use the effect processors in their studio or during their live performances. They usually connect them with their electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, and more. Ideally, you use these units with electric or electronic instruments. However, modern units enables you to use them with acoustic instruments like drums and vocals. See, you can use them with so many instruments. However, each one requires a different processor. Let’s check out a few trending models of effect units that you can invest in.

The top-selling effect processors for various musical instruments

Indeed, you’ll find different types of effect processors out there. However, before we discover their types, let’s first understand the various kinds of effects that you can create with these devices. Some of the common effects you can produce with these units include distortion or overdrive, dynamic effect, filters, modulations, pitch effects, and time effect. Each of these effect are used with different music accessories or instruments. For example, electric guitars and rock music use distortion/overdrive effects. On the other hand, volume pedals and compressors utilise dynamic effect. Similarly, you’ll find different music instruments with different effect processors. Below we’ve compiled a few trending model of effect processors used with various instruments.

The Boss GT 1000 guitar effect processor

Sleek and modern this model effect unit is indeed a formidably beast. The model houses an array of inputs and outputs to the rear, including USB recording out. Besides, it also comes with an additional expression pedal plus jacks. This helps you to insert two mono pedals or one stereo external pedal. However, it’s not the most intuitive model when it comes to editing. Furthermore, sound wise the 32-bit, 96 kHz sampling makes the GT-1000 punch high above its weight. And when it comes to effect, you’ll find a wealth of modulations, delays, drives, and reverbs. In short, this beast is indeed the best guitar effect processor out there.

The Zoom G5n multi-effects pedal

Surely, the best multi-effects pedal from the FX veteran, this version effect processor doesn’t disappoint you a bit. This new generation model comes with heritage of cost-effective multi-effects unit. The product comes with 68 digital effects, 10 amp and cabinet emulator and stereo looper up to 80 seconds of looping time. Apart from that, the USB audio interface is a welcome addition. Although, a product that syncs with the MIDI would’ve been better. With all these features in place the Zoom G5n is a worthy option for beginners who wish to expand their effect processor options. Besides, their cost-effective nature is a boon for economic buyers.

The TC Helicon voice live, vocal reverb pedal effect processor

This vocal effect processor pedal tends to be sturdy, as it’s designed for stomping on with your foot. Therefore, it isn’t going to break easily. Further, the product has USB for software updates and tips. Apart from that, it also has an included app that’s helpful for pre-set management. The structure aside, when it comes functionality, this model allows you to add reverb and stuff. However, it really shines when it comes to harmonies. You can use it with a guitar or keyboard to match the harmonies of the chords you’re playing. Better yet, it also doubles your voice. With all these features in place, this is probably one of the best vocal effect processor that you can ever invest in.

The Yamaha SPX2000

This effect processor from Yamaha is truly a gem because it offers you superior functionality. It incorporates the most advanced technology with the high emphasis on tonal quality and usable effects. Some popular effects that you can carry out with this unit include Rev-X reverb algorithm and 96 kHz audio DSP. This product, in fact, enables you to create reverb and early reflection effects with micro-parameter controls. Furthermore, the versatile high-quality delays and echoes always allows you to spice up your soundtracks when needed. Above all, you can also carry out sophisticated pitch shifting alongside mixing your sounds. Indeed, they’re the best bass effects processor out there.

Tips on how to buy Effect Processors online

Effect processors are available in abundance. Several manufacturers have brought in models with unique interfaces and features that allow you create your desired track. However, this sheer options might also make you go crazy when you have to select a single piece from the lot. Fret not, we’ve got your back. Below, we’ve listed a few useful tips to help you get your perfect effect unit online without any hassle.

  • Know your required effect – What kind of effect are you planning to add to your sound track? This is something you must ask yourself before you begin your search online. We did see earlier that each effect unit enables you to produce different effect. Thus, it’s best to know your requirements first. This way your buying process becomes much easier.
  • Do a bit of research – Nothing is possible without a proper research about the subject you intend to buy. It’s always important to have enough knowledge about the product you’re about to buy online. The more knowledge you have the better it is, as a better understanding about the product facilitates an informed purchase decision.
  • Explore your options – As mentioned many times before, effect processors come in various types and offer you various effects. Therefore, its best explore different options before settling in for something. Try and check out the specifications, technical features, and the places from where you can buy your ideal processors.
  • Evaluate the control interface – Every other effect processor has a different control interface. Some have pedals while others come with switches and knobs. The versatility and complexity of the models require longer learning curves. But, thankfully the manufacturers today have been continually working towards improving the control interface to make them user-friendly and less complex.
  • Keep an eye on the connectivity – For most applications you’ll see an input and an output that you can plug to an amplifier. Still you can also check out processors that come with extra input/output connectivity options. Some common input and output connectivity include XLR input or an AUX input and headphone out or stereo out respectively.
  • Look at the size and weight – The more the features in the processors the more the components. Which is why you should look at the portability, size and weight of the effect units. Ideally, a good processors requires stronger chassis. However, this does adds up to the weight. Make sure you pick a processor that’s easy to handle or carry around during your live performance.
  • Pick one with a carry bag – We highly recommend you to get an effect unit that comes with a carry bag. Having a bag helps you can lift and put the effect processors Besides, it also make sure that your units remain protected from various external elements. In short, they add overall convenience, especially if they custom fit to your needs.
  • Look out for extra features – Adding to their already good value is an amazing thing. In fact, many processors today come with a couple of added technical features. They help you multi-task with one single processor. Which is why a few built-in technical features are always better than the single function processors. Therefore, try and pick a unit that offers you additional features.
  • Assess the quality – Nothing is as important as the quality of the effect units. Only the best quality processor allows you to perform desired effects on your sound track. Besides, a quality processor offers you high performance and durability. Therefore, make sure to purchase a model that portrays efficiency and quality.
  • Consider the price – Every processor is different, has different features, and performs in a certain way. Hence, they come at different price ranges too. You’ll find both expensive and cheap effect processors out there on the market. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget before you start your online search for effect units. This helps you narrow down your choices. By the way, you could also effect processors for sale online in UAE on several online stores.
All the effect processors that we’ve looked at today are slightly different from each other in terms functionality and appearance. But beware these options are just the tip of an iceberg. You’ll face a lot more choices when you’re browsing online. Therefore, make sure to keep these tips handy while evaluating your effect pedals online. They’ll not only guide you in the right direction, but will also help you make an informed decision.

Question & Answer

How to connect effect processor to mixer?

For an effect unit to work on your sound source or mixer, you must connect the processor properly. Regardless of what type of signal processor or recording system you’re using, you can connect the processor with a channel strip. Or you could also route it through your aux bus.

How to connect effect processor to audio interface?

Do you want to record your entire pedalboard? Or are you planning to add your favourite pedals combined with an amp simulator? Either way, you should connect your effect units to your audio interferface properly to get the desired result. Typically, you use a ¼ jack connect the units to your audio interface. Once you do that check the input signals by playing some chords. Next check the input levels and adjust your effect units thoroughly. Conduct a final tone and level adjust before the performance.

Which is the best effect processor?

A best effect unit is the one that offers you the desired results. It not only is durable but also allows you to perform various effects on your audio tracks. One of the easiest ways to get the best processors online is to pick them from well-known brands. Brands like Digitech, Behringer, Korg, Alesis, Yamaha, Roland, and Mooer offer premium-quality effect units.

Where to buy effect processor online in UAE?

Several online platforms and manufacturers offer top-notch effect processors today. You can surely buy from them. While searching for the best models, do also check out the options on Our product search engine brings you a comprehensive range of effect processors that allow you to perform different effects on your soundtracks. Better yet, you can purchase them from your favourite online stores, all under a single roof. Audio effects are essential tool in any form of music production. The effects can transform a sound, add spice to a boring track and turn it into something exciting. However, by now you must’ve figured out that, this cannot be done without the right effect processors. So why wait? Get started and explore you options right here on!

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