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About Capos

A capo is one of the most common music accessories that musicians use to play certain musical instruments. It is a small tool that lies on the neck of any musical instrument with strings and typically frets. This tool is popular to change the instrument’s pitch by shortening the playable length of the strings.

The word capo derives from the Italian word “head of the fretboard”. The use of capos is common in different musical styles. They are popular in blues, folk, flamenco, traditional Irish guitar music, alongside many rock and pop songs. The main benefit of using a capo is that it lets a musician play a song in different keys whilst still using the same fingerings as playing open (i.e. without a capo). They are in use for altering the pitch of open strings without making changes using the tuning keys. As a result, the notes’ pitch does not change, only the pitch of the open, unfretted strings. As a result, not only the pitch but also the timbre of the strings are affected. Let’s see below some of the main types of capos and the key distinctions between them.

An essential musical accessory

They are one of the most common musical accessories for musicians playing stringed instruments. Players use them for guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and bouzoukis. There are many different types of capos, but most commercial types consist of a clamped bar to the neck of whichever instrument you are using to hold down the strings. They are, most often, a screw, clamp, spring, or strap made from elastic or fabric. More recently, we have seen the introduction of the partial capo. Unlike the traditional options, you can apply it to any number of strings instead of all six strings. The benefit of this is that you can get many different tones on your instrument without changing the tuning in any way.

Things you need to know before buying a guitar capo

Many people seeking to buy such musical instruments are guitar players looking for guitar capos. Guitars are the most popular type of stringed instrument worldwide, and there are many variations on this instrument. They are one of the most basic but useful guitar accessories; whichever type of guitar you play, there are options for acoustic guitars and capos for electric guitars. Even if you are a bass guitar player, it is possible to buy a bass capo. Depending on the type of guitar you have, there are so many options to choose from. If you are just a beginner, you might want to start trying some of the good cheap options on the market. An example of this is the Kyser capo, which is relatively inexpensive and a favourite of acoustic guitar players worldwide!

About a ukulele capo

One of the most common types of capo is a ukulele capo. These use the same methods as traditional guitar accessories but adjust to suit the ukulele fretboard’s particular size and shape. It is not recommended you could use a guitar capo on the ukulele. An acoustic guitar capo would undoubtedly cause damage to your ukulele strings, as it would place too much tension between the strings and the fret it is placed on. Although electric and classical guitar capos offer less tension, it is still likely that the ukulele’s strings would become damaged. Even if they did not cause any damage to the string, they would more than likely be too heavy on the neck of the ukulele and may also obstruct your fretting hand when playing. Therefore, it is much better to check out some choices of the best ukulele types here.

The banjo capo or the mandolin capo

For players of the banjo or mandolin, there are various options for your specific needs. Despite these instruments looking very different in appearance, there are many similarities between the two. The banjo and mandolin’s overall structure are generally quite alike, with many basic parts between them, such as the neck and body, the bridge, tuning heads, and of course, the strings. Therefore, many effective options can be used on both instruments and are made specifically to go with the more narrow neck of your banjo or mandolin. Head to our product search engine to see some of the best picks. However, there are also differences, the most obvious being the shape of the body and necks and the number of strings. Most banjos either have four or five strings, whereas the mandolin usually has eight strings.

Guitar capo price vs quality

Many people wonder whether the price of the capo has any effect on quality. Is it necessary to spend more and buy an expensive capo? Here we will find out the answer to that question. It is often a topic of discussion that a more expensive one will give a better tone than a less expensive one. However, this is not actually the case. Of course, the quality of your capo matters, but not for this reason. A high-quality instrument may give you more tension on the strings. It also may be more convenient to use and be made of more durable material. Of course, this is beneficial as it means your capo will last longer, and you won’t have to replace it as often.

Tips on how to buy Capos Online in the UAE 

Now that you have explored the various types of capos and which ones are most suitable for you, it is time to consider which factors to consider when making the final decision on which capo you want to buy. This process can be overwhelming, as there are many options available to you in stores and online. This can be not easy to navigate if you are looking for a capo for multiple instruments. Many attributes need to be taken into account before making your decision here on Shops. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, which is why we are sharing the following tips with you before you start your buying journey.

  • Type of instrument – It is so important to consider the type of instrument you are playing. If you are playing the guitar, is it acoustic, electric, 12-string, or classical? Your choice may be different depending on the application and neck. It is recommended to research thoroughly each capo and how it fits each guitar. Also, if you are playing a ukulele or banjo, this should be considered due to the neck’s narrow size in these instruments.
  • Fretboard radiuses – When choosing a capo to buy, it will be precious to you to take a look at your fretboard and determine whether it’s flat or radiused. This will affect the capo you should pick. You must pick a capo that fits the flat or curve to clamp all the strings evenly. If not, you run the risk of the capo throwing the instrument out of tune.
  • Fit and comfort – You want the capo you choose to be comfortable to play. You must check the type of capo that will not interfere with your playing technique, as this will be very inconvenient and uncomfortable for you. You also want the capo to be comfortable on the instrument. If the capo bends your strings when you attach it, it will make your instrument out of tune. Also, you should notice where the capo and fretboard interact to avoid scratching.
  • How you play – The most basic type of capo comprises a rubber-coated bar to clamp the strings and a rubber or elastic band that wraps around the neck to hold it securely. These are small and not expensive to buy. However, a downside is that they require two hands to move around the neck and put on or take off. If when you play, you like to change capo positions often or add and remove the capo quickly between songs, you may want to consider a different type, such as a spring-loaded clamp style capo, which can be moved or removed with one hand.
  • Partial or full? – Depending on what you want to play, you will either want a full capo or a partial capo. A full capo covers all strings on the instrument, whereas a partial capo only covers some strings. If you like to play the kinds of music that benefit from altered tunings, you may want a partial capo. This is because they allow you to sound like you are in a new tuning while also playing “normal” sounding chords if you want to.

In the end, your needs and the type of instrument you have are the most important thing to consider when choosing a capo to purchase. Make sure to thoroughly investigate the benefits and downsides of each type before making a final decision. It is also an excellent idea to consider customer reviews to find out more information on the capo you intend to purchase and how it will fit with your instrument. Once you have considered all these things, you can use our shopping search engine to get started.

Question & Answer

Are capos universal?

While it is true that there are universal capos available, more often than not, universal capos are not as practical as they might seem. Capos come in different sizes and shapes for different instruments and fretboard curvatures. Factors that vary depending on the type of capo are ease of use, size, degree of interference with the player’s hands, and ability to hold down strings uniformly without affecting tuning. If you have several types of guitars, you will most likely need several different items. It is important to get a capo suited to your instrument as the tension needed for one instrument is different from another. The tension that is needed on an acoustic guitar is greater than that needed for an electric guitar. Another example is that a 12 string guitar will probably need more pressure on the strings than a classical guitar with nylon strings.

Can you use capos on ukuleles?

Yes, you can absolutely use them on ukuleles, and in fact, there are options made specifically for this use. You can use a guitar capo on the ukulele. It is recommended that you buy a ukulele capo to avoid damage to your instrument and discomfort whilst playing your ukulele. There are two main reasons why you might want to use a capo when playing the ukulele. Firstly, a capo is a way to raise the pitch of a song to a different key to match your vocal range when singing along. Secondly, sometimes if you transpose the song down, it changes the chords, making it easier to play. If you are looking to start your ukulele playing journey, head to to buy capos online in the UAE.

Where to buy capos online UAE?

There are so many different retailers online to purchase all kinds of capos for many different instruments. However, it is possible that they are costly and may lack quality. They may also fail to provide much information on the capo, which will lead to buying one totally unsuitable for your needs. Selecting the wrong place could lead to disappointment, more expenses, and a big waste of your time, especially if you are eager to start playing! So it is important if you are looking for capos for sale online in UAE that you buy from a platform with a great reputation. If that is what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to explore A shopping search engine provides the highest quality capo options for all musicians, from beginners to experts.

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