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An audio interface is an important part of any modern studio. But, picking the right type can be a bit confusing for you. There are different input and output numbers, formats, and connection types. Let us know how to pick the best as per the use.  

An audio interface is a device that connects your mic or other things to your computer. A standard model will convert the analogue signal to digital that your computer receives and processes. Further, the same will do that reverse task for you. It simply converts the digital signals received from the computer to the analogue. Through this, you can hear the output through studio monitors. Hence, choosing an audio interface can be confusing, though. In addition, there are many things to keep in mind, such as features, budget, and, most importantly, the use. On this page, we will tell you more things about them so that you can choose the best audio interface for guitar and other musical instruments or devices.  

Things to know about audio interface

It is a device for two-way conversion- analogue to digital and reverse. These are available in a wide array of options. They may have different inputs and outputs and different preamps. They may even differ in the way they connect to the computer and more. Further, some can be best for guitar players, whereas others can be ideal for producers. There are many other kinds of suiting different uses. If you make music on your computer, then it is important to have a quality audio interface. You will be able to plug in many devices ranging from the microphone and electric guitar to studio monitors. Hence, read on to explore some of the models in detail to find the best ones for beginners and experts.

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen

This USB interface is popular for combining excellent sonics and audio quality at low prices. It is a great and cheap option with plenty of connectivity. All the versions have received certain technical and physical upgrades. You will be able to spot better preamps that are now up to 56 dB gain. Along with that, what you will get is balanced connectivity. The 4i4 supports the control application. Hence, this means that several settings are possible in the software. As one can expect from this brand, the drivers are reliable, and sonics are neutral.  

Apollo Twin MkII

Apollo Twin MkII is a basic redesign of the popular and professional desktop recording interface for Mac and Windows. It is popular for delivering better audio conversion with the flow and tone of analogue recording. Further, this device has two Unison-enabled mic preamps that help you track through exacting mic preamp emulations from Neve, SSL, API, and Universal Audio. It offers a range of emulation plug-ins. Apart from that, this device lets you access the full library UAD Powered Plug-Ins, including EQs, Tape Machines etc. Hence, you can go for this.

Akai EIE Pro

The Akai EIE Pro is a tabletop USB 2.0 audio interface. It has been framed for your portable studio setup needs. Also, this is a four-in, four-out (4×4) device. It comprises low latency Asio drivers letting the player record up to 24-bit resolution and sample rates of 44.1 kHz/48 kHz/88.2 kHz/96 kHz into any performance software on Mac or other PC. In addition, this model is there to satisfy the needs of customers who need all inputs together at high sample rates. Hence, the case appears solid, and at the same time, the controls feel positive. The material and colour are coordinated as per the current trends in computer design.

Tips on how to buy Audio Interfaces online in Dubai

By now, you must have grabbed that they come in a wide assortment of options. So, while you shop for one, it is natural to feel a bit confused. Although, if you keep certain factors in mind, this shopping journey will become effortless for you. So, here are a few guiding tips that would help you buy an audio interface online in the UAE.

  • Consider inputs required – This should be your first consideration while choosing one. You should know how many simultaneous inputs you will require. For example, if you want to sing and record your guitar simultaneously, you will need two inputs.
  • Consider outputs required – Sometimes, you need multiple outputs. Not just on studio monitor but also additional outputs to create extra monitor mixes. Hence, the number of outputs make an important consideration too.
  • Consider future reliability – If you think you want to grow or want some change in the future, it is best to go for the model that allows future expandability. Maybe you need two inputs right now, but in future, you may have different requirements.
  • Consider sound quality – Another thing to consider is the quality of the device. Cheaper devices have more noise than higher quality ones. Make sure you go for the quality product to receive quality outputs.

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Question & Answer

What does an audio interface do?

It is an essential part of recording studios nowadays. This is a device that connects your microphone or other equipment to your computer. This device converts the analogue signal to digital information that your computer can receive and process. It also does the reverse job. It also converts the digital signals received from the computer to analogue so that you can hear the output through studio monitors or headphones. While choosing an audio interface, there are many things to keep in mind, such as features, budget, and, most importantly, application.

Why is the audio interface important?

It is an important device for the two-way conversion- analogue to digital and digital to analogue. The computer sound card is not enough even if you have limited recording plans like recording your voice and guitar. A sound typically has just the consumer-grade stereo line-level input with which you can use audio players and similar gear. For further connections like microphones, guitars and more, you may require an audio interface.

Where to buy an audio interface online in the UAE?

If you are searching for the best models online in the UAE, you are in the right place. On, you can find hundreds of trusted online stores that sell the best devices at affordable prices. You can compare the features and costs of different models to find the one that suits your requirements and budget. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, you can also narrow them down with the help of filters. So, go ahead and start your browsing journey.

What audio interface do I need?

It depends upon your requirements and brand preferences. Your selection will rely on factors like the number of inputs and outputs required, whether you need future expandability or not, and your budget as well. Choose the model that requires several inputs and outputs. You can go for top brands like Motu, M Audio, RME, Apogee, and Tascam if you search for the best brands. The best thing is that you can find all these brands right here on our website.

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