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About Melodicas

The melodica is a free-reed instrument similar to the harmonica. You will find them in different names, including the Blow Organ, Main Harmonica, Melodyhorn, and Pianica. Even then, there are many things that are unique to this instrument.

At first, a melodica might look almost like an accordion. It has a mouthpiece or an extended tube, which you can blow through, and play notes using the keyboard. The reed that helps to generate the melodica’s sound is built into the mouthpiece. A typical melodica can play notes that are two or three octaves long. After playing, you need to clean out any spit or dust that reaches the instrument, just like a harmonic or an accordion. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Four best melodicas to buy online

The first thing you’ll want to do before buying a melodica is to determine what you’re going to use the melodica for exactly. It can be for learning to play it, playing as a hobby, or playing with a band. Performance may be less of a problem for studying or playing for fun while it can be of great importance while playing with a band. The best choice is to look for an entry-level melodica from a well-known brand if you are just starting out. Buying the cheapest melodica instrument, however, is not the right way to do it. Usually, people who do so regret this decision as they are later stuck with an inferior instrument with issues.

Hohner 32B

When it comes to high-quality musical instruments, Hohner is an established brand name. However, the Hohner 32B melodica is a budget-friendly option from the company. This instrument will give you decent quality sound and nice built quality. The construction of the keys is smooth and does not clack when you play. What is even better is that this instrument covers two and hale octaves as well. So, that is a really good bank for the bucks. The attractive price range and the decent sound quality make this instrument a good option for beginners as well as a backup instrument for professional players.

Yamaha P37D

Yamaha produces a whole variety of musical instruments, speakers, preamps, amplifiers and all kinds of audio equipment. Therefore, it is pretty much a guarantee that you are getting a good quality instrument when you are buying this melodica from Yamaha. Moreover, this is not an expensive instrument. While it is definitely costlier than Hohner 32B, it is not priced like a really high-end professional model. However, this model will give you a bit more flexibility with the additional features and more stable tuning. As the built quality of this model is better, you don’t have to worry about costly repairs.

D’Luca M37-BK

There are quite a lot of things that make the D’Luca M37-BK a great option for beginner players of melodica. Firstly, the price of this model is really low. But does that mean that you are getting a really cheap sounding and cheap-looking instrument? Well, not quite. While it is true that the built material of this model is plastic, it is really strong and durable. Even though it is not as sturdy as the wooden casing in higher-end models, the plastic casing on the D’Luca instrument can take a bit of beating. Also, the sound quality of this model is decent enough for beginners. The flexible mouthpiece of this model is easier for newer players to adjust to.

Suzuki M-37C

This melodica comes from a brand that is popular for its educational resources. It features a metal body that looks like vinyl, and a comfortable handle makes playing easier. Along with this instrument, you also get a gig bag for transporting the melodica safely. Moreover, it contains two mouthpieces and two options for tube length. You can either play the instrument with one hand or with two hands. According to many musicians, this melodica delivers a great sound. However, many people might be put down by the high price of instruments.

Tips on how to buy Melodicas Online

Trying to find the right type of melodica can be harder than you might think. This is because of the sheer variety of models that exist within them. Also, it gets even harder if you are a beginner player of the instruments. However, it can be easier if you know what criteria to consider in them. Having at least a basic idea about them can be a great advantage. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for them.

  • Size – Both the size and the number of keys on the melodicas are not the same for all models. There are basic melodicas with thirty-two keys and professional ones with thirty-seven keys. This difference is similar to the difference in the number of keys in keyboards and pianos. While models with thirty-seven keys can play more octaves, they also require much more skill and training.
  • Octaves – You can find melodicas that can play two octaves to those that can play three octaves. Then, there are other models that fall between two and three. Models that can play three octaves are considered professional instruments. Beginner models, on the other hand, will have two or two and a half octaves.
  • Voice range – The highest range of the tone that a melodica can play is called the Soprano. Not all melodica models can play the Soprano. Models that can play the Soprano tend to have more keys and will require the use of both hands.
  • Material – Consider the material of the instrument while you are buying. The quality and strength of the material will, in turn, determine the durability of the instrument. The most common materials for melodicas are plastic and wood. Affordable beginner models tend to use plastic, while higher-end models use wood or plywood.

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Question & Answer

What melodica should you buy?

As there are so many different Melodica models in a wide variety of price ranges and with different sets of features, it can be really confusing to decide which one of them is the right choice for you. It primarily depends on what sort of player you are and how you want to use the instrument. Firstly, you have to consider your skill level. If you are a beginner, you might need to start with a two or two and a half octaves model. Secondly, cost matters. The cost of the instrument goes up with built quality and features. So, if you plan on getting a professional instrument, you will have to shell out more money.

How to store a melodica?

The safest place to store a melodica is in its case. The case will help you keep the instrument from dirt, dust and other mechanical damages. Most instruments come with a soft carrying case. However, if you want better protection, it is better to get a hard-carrying case. Such a case will protect the instruments. Also, make sure you store the instrument in a dry place. The temperature shouldn’t be too high or too low so that the material of the instrument does not get damaged. Being a wind instrument, melodicas are very sensitive to temperature changes.

Where to buy melodicas online in the UAE?

Melodicas are really important in country and folk music. Some people also use it as a replacement for some other wind instruments like the bugle thanks to the versatility of melodicas. Luckily, there are plenty of great places where you can find them. But one of the best places to find them online is by using our retail search engine. Here, you can check out more than 500 shops and brands, such as Suzuki, Yamaha, Mini, Roland, Supreme, Walther, and Bontempi. So, start your online shopping journey with us today!